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The Ally Universe by Arishia-chan Rated: T [Reviews - -35]
Summary: Alicia always dreamt of joining the Dragon Ball Z from the moment she saw the show. And when a certain Eternal Dragon hears her wish, she finds herself crash-landed on Namek. During the Freize Saga...

Now Alicia's found a whole new way of living; soaring on Flying Nimbus, laughing with her new friends, loving her new family, and learning to use her new powers.

But every gift comes with a price...

Alicia, now called Ally, constantly struggles to understand where she really belongs: anime, the world she crashed into, or riaru, the world she left behind... And besides that, how to explain to the DBZ people what she changed about their world...
Recommended by: Goku Girl
Recommender's comments: A fanfic from the non-automated DBFL.
Categories: Anime > Dragon Ball Division
Characters: OFC(s), Vegeta
Genres: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Mary Sue
Completed: Yes
[Report This] Added: 11-17-07