Possible Security Problem (Heartbleed Bug)

I recommend that all registered users on this site change their password. I'm not sure whether or not the server my websites are hosted on was affected, but you can't be too careful, right? I've checked my webhost's main site with the Qualys SSL Server Test and it has checked out as secure (now), so I feel confident in giving everyone this advice.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I recommend that you read the article found here and CNET has a list of top websites and their current status.

--Goku Girl on 04-13-14 4:27 am ()
Site Move Completed
The site move has been completed. Thanks for your patience. If you get any errors, though, please contact me.
--Goku Girl on 04-01-13 8:26 pm ()
Site Move
First of all, sorry the site was in maintenance mode for so long. I was going to switch web hosts the first week of March but changed my mind and forgot to turn it off. March 29th-April 1st is now the new host-switching time. It should only take a few days.
--Goku Girl on 03-17-13 6:36 pm ()
I think the previous SQL error problem has been fixed. As always, if you have a problem using the site please contact me.
--Goku Girl on 08-08-09 1:13 am ()
SQL error when updating a story
I have no idea how to fix this problem. While there is an update to the script, I'm afraid to use it because they tend to create even more problems.

Getting an SQL error after adding a new chapter seems to create no real problems, but getting one after editing story information might. If it does, feel free to contact me.

--Goku Girl on 04-25-09 6:34 am ()
The server move went perfectly around the beginning of August and I finally updated the site script five minutes ago. More goodies are coming soon. I promise.
--Goku Girl on 08-23-08 5:54 am ()
Server Change Part 2.5

The entire process is going to take awhile. I asked customer support how long it would take since they have to do it instead of me, and I didn't receive definite answer. So, I'm going to re-open submissions. I make weekly backups of everything so, in the event of a data loss, it won't be too bad.

--Goku Girl on 03-15-08 11:14 pm ()
Server Change Part 2

Yes, everything's still in limbo. I have to make a manual backup of everything (not that I don't usually do it) so PLEASE don't add/change anything after 8pm EST.

For updates, please see the archive of my mailing list. It's a lot easier to post there than to post on three different sites. You don't have to join the ML; the archive is accessible to everyone.

--Goku Girl on 02-21-08 11:44 pm ()
Server Change

This is pretty much a plea for you NOT to add or change anything on the site until February 16th. I have to change over to a new server and it might take awhile for the URLs to switch over to it. This means that whatever you add/change might be lost after my domain is pointing to the new server. Actually, it's probably better for everyone to wait until I give the "all clear."

--Goku Girl on 02-15-08 6:08 pm ()
OI Update

The archive's running a new version of eFiction finally. I'm a few months behind on the updates.

New Features:

  1. You can now easily find beta readers. There is a link on the left under "Institution Services" as well as a link on the "Registered Otaku" page in a dropdown menu. I'm trying to find a way to display what they're willing to beta.

  2. There is an option to save an addiction (both short and long ones) as a Microsoft Word document for offline reading.

  3. Registered otaku can now recommend fanfics that aren't in this archive using a URL. They still must fit the theme of OI, however. Yes, you can recommend something that you, yourself, have written and just don't feel like uploading. Only choose this option for a multi-part if it has an index/table of contents page or if it's in an automated archive like this one.

--Goku Girl on 11-03-07 3:43 pm ()
The Submission Rules

I want everyone to know that the submission rules for this site are not identical to the ones found on The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library and The Otaku Institute Same-Sex Archive even though the three sites do share some of the same rules. Each site has rules that are specific to that particular archive since they all have different focuses. So you need to read the rules on each site in their entirety so that you won't accidentally break any of them.

Here is a list of the universal archive rules:

  1. You can add fanfics, songs, lists, etc. to an archive as long as they match the theme of the archive. You can't add incomplete chapters, author's notes as separate entries, advertisements, etc. Also, your author's notes must be less than 5% of the total text of your submission.

  2. You can submit fanfics that don't match the theme of the archive but they have to be e-mailed to me with via attachment (HTML or plain text) with all of the submission's information.

  3. It is recommended that you have your work edited by someone else as you may miss mistakes. Spellcheck is also recommended.

  4. Plagiarism is very serious and is not allowed. Those who are found to be plagiarists will be deleted and banned from the site.

  5. Fanfics that contain sexual content must be marked with an M (R) or AO (NC-17) rating depending on the level of detail.

  6. Story titles and summaries must be no higher than PT (PG) level.

  7. You are not allowed to submit part of your fanfic and then link to the rest on another site.

If I missed any, or if you have one that you think should be included, feel free to add a comment.
--Goku Girl on 06-23-07 11:47 pm ()
Site E-mails

Previously, if you tried to send an e-mail to an author via the "contact" link on their author page you received an error. This was also the case if you tried to use the "Contact the Director" form. Another error prevented me from receiving an e-mail when someone submitted something to the archive. I doubted that the story/review alerts were working, either. Everything should finally be fixed now. Contact me if there are any additional problems either by using the "contact the director" link, the "contact" button on my author page, or via e-mail.

--Goku Girl on 03-20-07 8:48 pm ()
Grand Opening

I decided I would open the site to submissions today. All I have left to add from the DBFL are Final Fantasy fanfics and a few particular Dragon Ball ones (along with the reviews from the transferred fanfics). Feel free to add fanfics or suggest divisions for fandoms that aren't on the site. If you want to do the latter, please visit the psychiatry department and read my division submission rules.

One more thing: When I added fanfics with multiple chapters, a bug in the script lists me as the author of every chapter after #1 on the story index page. I am not the author of those chapters, I just added them to the site. Maybe someday that bug will be fixed.

--Goku Girl on 01-04-07 5:03 pm ()