Terms of Service
In order to enter the Institute as a committed patron or merely a curious visitor, you must abide by the following regulations:

  1. Do not use a member name that is offensive or insults another member.

  2. Do not create multiple accounts. If you can't access your account even after you have your password e-mailed to you, please use the "Contact the Director" link on the Institution Services menu. If you also wish to submit fanfiction to the Same-Sex Archive, you don't need to sign up for another account on that site.

  3. Do not flame an author or their work. If you must leave a negative review, do so in a respectful manner. It also wouldn't hurt to explain exactly why you didn't like their fanfic.

  4. Do not review your own fanfiction (replying to another's review via the "reply" link is different). Do not review the same fanfic (or the same part of a multi-part fanfic) twice.

Following these simple regulations will help ensure a pleasant, problem-free stay for all.