Eien no Merodi by Sakura Chan
Summary: A Heero and Relena songfic that takes place after the events of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. Uses "Eien no Merodi" from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.
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1. Chapter 1 by Sakura Chan

Chapter 1 by Sakura Chan
Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. Wish I owned Heero & Duo though,and the Wing

Zero....but I don't. *Pouts* Also,"Eien no Merodi" is from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor

Moon,so I don't own that either.

Great. Now I'm depressed. Thanks a lot for making me do this stupid disclaimer. ^_^

Note: This fanfic is in Relena's POV. It takes place at a park during a picnic

that she & the Gundam Pilots have. This is about Relena's feelings for Heero.

It takes place after Endless Waltz(One of the best damned anime movies ever).^_^
Japanese lyrics in [these]

English translation in *these*


[Taiyou ni kazashita

Kokoro ni anata ga iru

Suki to ienakute mo

Anata ga kokoro ni iru]

*Shaded by the sunlight

In my heart you are here

Even without saying you love me

You are here in my heart*

It's nice to finally be able to relax. Lately,relaxation has seemed almost

impossible. Especially considering recent events.

I laugh as I watch Duo tease you about something again,&,as usual,

you threaten to kill him. Duo just shrugs it off & goes over to talk to Quatre

& Trowa.

[Nee yuuki wo arigatou

Hora umaretate no pawaa

Subete wo tsutsunde kagayaku]

*Say,thanks for your bravery

Look,the newly born power

Covering everything,shining brightly*

I wonder when it happened,exactly. When was it that I fell in love with you?

Although,a more important question would have to be,when did you fall

in love with me? But I doubt that you'll ever tell me. Oh well,it's not

like it really matters anyway.

But at the same time,I am suprised that you did. For Heaven's sake! You wanted

to kill me when we first met!

Still,I knew that there was something special about you from the start,& death

threats or not,I was determined to find out what it was.

[Sora ya umi no hirosa yori mo

Yume wa hateshi nai tte

Kidzuita no wa koi wo shite kara]

*Even more than the spacious sky & the sea

My dreams have no limits

I have realized that because I am in love*

You were definitely not like the other boys I knew. There was something mysterious

about you. I think that it was your mystery,more than anything,that led me to try

to get to know you better.

I invited you to my birthday party,hoping that would do the trick.

[Unmei no nagare wo

Issho ni oyogitai no

Donna dekigoto ni mo

Maketari shinai you ni]

*In the stream of destiny

I want to swim together with you

Whatever happens to us

I'll be sure not to give up*

I never expected you to tear my invitation in half. I admit,I was crushed when you

did that. Although,looking back on that day,I should have expected you to do something

like that.

You never did like large social gatherings.

I wonder how you'll handle the next one that comes along.

Of course,whether it happens or not depends on your answer to my question.

I hope it's 'yes'.

[Nee deaete yokatta

Sono atatakai kuuki

Kizu tsuita hibi ga toketeku]

*Say,I'm glad that we met each other

That warm atmosphere around us

The days of being hurt are melting away*

Thinking about all the time we spent together brings a smile to my face. I'm glad that

we met,& I know that you feel the same.

Even if you won't admit it out loud.

[Zutto suki datta shinu hodo

Kaze ni tadayou tane ga

Mebuku you na anata no egao]

*I love you so much that I could die

Drifting in the wind the seed

Will sprout like your smiling face*

As I watch you chase Duo,who is laughing about something,you see me & stop. You slowly

approach me,&,as I gaze into your eyes,I realize when it was,exactly,that I fell in love

with you.

It was the day you saved my life.

Needless to say,I was surprised. After all,you had threatened to kill me,after all.

But when you used your Gundam to stop that building from landing on me,I knew.

I knew that I loved you & that I wanted to be with you.

[Oto mo nai uchuu no sumi ni

Daremo ga hitori

Semete ai kanjiaetara

Ikite yukeru ashita e to]

*Where there is no sound in the corners of space

Everybody is alone

When at least our feelings of love meet

I can go on tomorrow*

"What is it Relena?"You ask softly. Oh,I love hearing my name come from your lips.

You gaze at me,wondering perhaps,why I was watching you,& I suddenly find that I can't speak.

"Relena?"You repeat,concern showing in your beautiful eyes,though I doubt that anyone else

would ever notice.

This is it.

The time has come.

This is the moment of truth.

"Heero?"I ask hesitantly,still unsure.

"Whatever it is,Relena,you can tell me,"you say,as if you can sense my shyness.

I screw up my courage & decide to just ask.

"Heero,will you marry me?"

You seem surprised. I'm suddenly worried. What if you say no? My heart will shatter if you do.

You then take something,I think it's a small box,out of your pocket.

Could it be what I think it is?

[Atsuku komiageru kodou wa

Towa ni dare no mune ni mo

Hibikiwataru mahou no merodi]

*The throbbing building up warmly

Eternally whoever's heart it is in

It will resound loudly,the magical melody*

It is!

Carefully,you get on 1 knee & open the box. Inside is a beautiful golden ring;set in the middle

is a stunning diamond,framed by sparkling emeralds.

"It seems that you beat me to the punch. I was going to ask you to marry me after the others went

home. I guess there's really no need for that now."You take the ring & place it on my finger.

You then stand & we kiss as the cherry blossoms swirl around us.

[Sora ya umi no aosa yori mo

Yume wa suki to otteru to

Anata no me ga oshiete kureta]

*Even more than the blue sky & the sea

I will chase after my dreams with love

Your deep eyes told me to do that*
End Notes:
Author's Notes: So,how'd I do? Keep in mind that this was my first Gundam Wing fanfic ever.

I know that Relena may seem OOC,& Heero is definitely OOC,but this does take

place after Endless Waltz. I just assumed that maybe he stopped being so distant after what had


Plus,hey this is fanfiction. It can go whatever way the author likes.

Also,if you really liked this fanfic,I can tell you right now that I'm gonna write a sequel,showing

Heero & Relena's wedding. That's probably gonna be a songfic too.

Finally,I didn't mention Wufei with the other Gundam Pilots,'cuz frankly,I don't like him. Now,all

you Wufei fans out there,don't get me wrong.

There are a few things I like about him,but overall,I kinda think he's a jerk. But hey,that's

just my opinion. After all,not everybody will like every character in an anime,right?

Ja ne minna!
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