Let me go by evilluna300
Summary: Bulma and ChiChi are close sisters and when ChiChi marries Goku Bulma meets Vegeta and her life changes.
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1. Chapter 1 by evilluna300

2. Chapter 2 by evilluna300

Chapter 1 by evilluna300

Chapter 1: Bulma

Every since we were little we were close. My sister and I were like twins even though I was two years younger. Whenever one of us is afraid to show emotion the other will do it for her. This sounds weird to you I’m sure but it is the truth. Our parents would yell at me and wonder why I wouldn’t cry and meanwhile Chichi would be curled in the corner of her room crying. Strange as it may sound I assure you it is true.

This closeness was taken away little by little. I knew everything about my sister back then, and she knew all there was to know about me. But the day she got married it all changed. That’s when everything I had started to fall apart little by little. I lost my innocence and my sister lost me.

Her wedding day was beautiful as I remember it. She married a man named Goku. He really wasn’t anything special but he was known for being a good fighter. Though he was nothing compared to us my parents let her marry him. Why wouldn’t they, he loved her and had been trying to get her for the past year.

I waited to see her afterwards, when everyone was making a fuss about them. She walked up to me and handed me a necklace and I gave her mine. This was our remembrance.

“Take care of yourself sister. If you need anything I will not hesitate to come find you,” Chichi said smiling.

We both had tears in our eyes, which made us laugh. “Chichi, don’t talk like I will never see you again. You take care sister you are the one who is going off.”

She nods and heads back to the crowd of people that are all waiting for her. Her new husband takes her in his arms and you can tell that they love each other. He whispers things to her and kisses her on the forehead as if no one is in the world but them. I would have liked to feel that way. I would have liked to be happy as she was.

At that moment my life changed forever, I saw him from the other side of the room. He was looking at me. I pretended not to notice but it did not work he was already coming over.

“You are Bulma right,” he said taking my hand and I looked down at the floor.

“Yes. Who are you?”

“My name’s Vegeta. I’m surprised you have not heard of me, I’ve heard of you.”

He continues on to tell me he is a prince and a little about himself. I do not know what to say to him but he asked all the questions anyway. Why was he talking to me though?

I was a little taken in by him at first. That day he proceeded to pull me into his trap and from that point on I was stuck. He said the nicest things to me, and at the time I thought he meant them. That was the weakness that I had, I believed him.

He pulled me away half way through the party. My sister had already left. Can you guess what he did? I had sex with him in another room. I was 14.

It hurt. I had this overwhelming feeling of hurt inside me that came with him. He didn’t seem to care or notice the tears running down my face, that right there should have been a sign. This hurt inside me would never go away as long as he was there. I couldn’t pull away and I couldn’t get him out. Everything felt lost as he pulled my legs tighter around his waist.

Chapter 2 by evilluna300

Chapter 2: Bulma

Things changed after that day. I thought that I would never see him again. It would have been better if I hadn’t. Everything seemed to take turns for the worst.

A month or so later a servant came in my room with some news. She told me my sister was with child and her and her husband were very happy. I was excited at this news. My sister was going to have a baby! Then she broke the bad news to me.

“Oh and your parents found someone to marry you, or rather someone found you.”

My expression switched to puzzled, “What do you mean? Who would want to marry me? I’m only fourteen.”

“Well I’m not sure hon. Um I think his name was…Vegeta. Oh you know that prince. He’s quite a bit older than you girl. He’s almost twenty and you’re almost fifteen. Good luck with that anyway.”

My breath was caught in my throat and for a moment I could not speak. My servant looked at me for a while, “Are you okay?”

“Yes. I just…I don’t understand. I guess I’m just shocked.”

“Well my dear, don’t be nervous you’ll be just fine. You’re a fine girl you know. He’ll love you.”

I smiled a little, “Yes. He’s very…um desirable himself.”

“Oh that’s what I heard too hon. I hear he’s been with a lot of girls but has never married any of them or stayed with them. You are so lucky.”

“Uh yes. Lucky.”

My thoughts push me back to that day two months prior. He was so nice to me, very flattering and proper, but when he had me in the other room he changed. Things just got different when he pulled me up to his waist. I felt really wrong like that, like I was doing something that I shouldn’t have. Well even though I know this was true I couldn’t stop him. It was not only the fact that I couldn’t but I didn’t want to. As he gets inside me I start to cry for the pain is to great to keep to myself. He is no longer anything he was before and he ignores my sobs of pain. Then I realize he really doesn’t care. My body shivers one last time against the cold wall as he pulls my skirts back down. Then he does something I never thought he would do, he puts me on the floor and leaves the room. I sit in the corner and sob because I let this man take advantage of me.

But then, how could I tell my parents no? I could not give them a reason for my decision. They would certainly make me marry him if I had told them. So I guess this was my fate and I would just have to accept it.

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