Gotcha! by Meghan (PT)
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(ReBoot) Boredom drives the sprites of Mainframe to a game thought up by Mouse.

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Story Notes:

Roeboot once said that accents are very hard to write. She ain’t kidding. The time scale isn’t exactly a picnic to figure out, either. I have a cycle set as a day, but the characters also say day or night instead of cycle; but since they do that on the show anyway, I figured it was okay. :) I would rate this somewhere between G and PG for some mild swearing and brief innuendo. Enjoy!

Time Scale Nanosecond: one second Microsecond: one minute Millisecond: one hour Cycle: one day Week: um, one week (Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better word) Minute: one month Hour: one year

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