"Great landing Miss Tilmitt." The man from the Ragnarok III said, excited. "Meet you on the ground." Irvine rose to his feet, slowly, since he still felt pretty shook up from the landing. Smiling, Quistis looked out the window. Balamb Garden was hovering low above the ground not far away. She noticed a group of people stood waiting for them on the ground. A sort of welcoming committee? "Ah. They seem to be expecting us." Kiros said in a joyful tone of voice. "Mustn't keep them waiting." Selphie shut off the Einlanzer's engine and jumped up in excitement. "Well, let's go!" They got on the elevator and met up with the group from the passenger room. Everyone but Kenan. "Where is the Commander?" Quistis asked. -"I..uh..think he went to get some air." Zell answered with a guess. Ellone and Skye chuckled. Squall just walked past and headed down the stairs towards the exit. "He doesn't say much," Laguna noticed. "But sure has some great ideas." "Just like a certain big guy I know." He added, exchanging looks with Kiros. They all followed him down one by one. Their footsteps echoed strangely throughout the empty Bay. "We'll use the cargo exit." Kiros told them. Laguna frowned. "Yeah, good idea. That way we know Ward will fit through." The big guy rolled his eyes. Laguna's jokes were getting very old, if not bothersome too. Squall waited just a few steps inside the Cargo hold for the rest to catch up with him. Selphie and Irvine were first to join him. They had to shield their eyes from the bright light coming from other end. "Have the storms ended?" Irvine wondered. -"I don't think so." Kiros said as he caught up too. "Most likely this is the eye of the storms." Quistis seemed confused. "But Sir? Shouldn't it already be dark outside? It is in the evening, isn't it?" It didn't take that long for them all to get used to the light. Now it wasn't as bright as they first thought. Laguna scratched the back of his head. "Guess it isn't exactly summer after all." -"Are you people gonna get a move on or what?" Kenan remarked from way further in the Cargo bay. Apparently he was the one who had opened up the doors already. Everyone headed outside except for Quistis and Skye. "Uh…Skye," Quistis started and let go of the Sorceress' shoulder. "The Headmaster is probably waiting for us, and I don't know what will happen when he sees you." -"I know." She said and reluctantly held out her hands. "If you wanna cuff me, you know, so you can pretend that you caught me, that's okay." "No, no." Quistis assured her she wouldn't do that. Not again. "I just said it to warn you. But don't worry, we won't imprison you. Trust me, I won't let that happen." Skye let her hands fall. "Okay. I trust you." Laguna had stopped some feet up ahead and turned around. "Skye, Miss Trepe? Is something wrong?" They smiled politely but said nothing. There was nothing wrong.     <<------------------------------------------>>     As everyone exited the Airship, they were met by two groups of Esthar soldiers, and one small group of Balamb students. Headmaster Cid stood in of the three groups front and waved. "Welcome." A dark-haired girl stood next to him and nervously glared at the approaching SeeDs. Squall noticed her purple-colored eyes in particular. He couldn't recall ever seeing that girl before, but there was a certain sense of familiarity in those eyes. The girl ran up to Kenan once he got closer. "I was so worried about you!" He gave her a hug. "You really didn't need to Ti, I was fine." -"That's his sister Tia." Selphie whispered to Squall and Skye. Headmaster Cid and an Esthar officer walked up to Laguna and shook hands. "Welcome Mr. President." Cid greeted. "A pleasure to meet you, although I wish the circumstances were different." -"Sir!" Captain Nagoya saluted. He was a man with a rather loud and bombastic voice. It fitted perfectly with the way he looked; Large and bearded. Quistis, Selphie, Irvine and Zell lined up and saluted both Headmaster Cid and the Captain properly, as they'd always been taught to do. Even though formalities seemed something they could do without in these troubled times. "Talk to ya in a minute." Kenan told his Sis and took place next to Quistis. This was all rather strange to Squall. He wondered if he should join the rest of the SeeDs, or stay behind them with Skye. He chose the latter. Firstly, Headmaster Cid welcomed the other new guests; Kiros, Ward and Ellone. "It must have been pretty rough in Esthar." He assumed with a sad voice. "I'm glad you got out safely." -"Yes." Kiros sighed. "We were lucky to escape. Unfortunately now Sorceress Adel has taken over our city." Captain Nagoya watched the Ragnarok III land perfectly next to the Einlanzer and Ragnarok II. "Sir, according to Captain Ran Fong, the battle in Esthar still isn't over just yet." Laguna looked down. "Let's hope for the best." After feeling a shot of pain, Ellone reached for her forehead. Ward threw his arm around her, just to make sure she wouldn't fall to the ground if she should faint. Headmaster Cid looked concerned. "Perhaps I'd best let someone show you to your quarters." Ellone smiled at her uncle Laguna, assuring it wasn't anything severe. Yet naturally Laguna was still worried. "Yeah, I think we'd best get some rest. Especially you Ellone." The Headmaster summoned a student from the pack of students still standing behind him. "Sir?" The girl called. -"Could you escort these people to their quarters please?" She smiled widely as if honored she got that duty. "Yes Sir." Slowly Ward let go of Ellone, but remained close by just in case the headache or whatever it was would return. "If you'll follow me please." The girl told them kindly. Headmaster Cid turned back to President Loire. "We will talk in the morning if that is okay with you, Sir." "I agree." He stated and glanced over his shoulders at the team of SeeDs. "Well, goodnight everyone." -"Goodnight Sir Laguna. Tee-hee" The newly arrived guests from Esthar entered Balamb Garden. And since most of the Esthar soldiers were relieved of active duty for the remainder of the day they headed inside as well. A few were assigned to guard duty outside however. Now the Headmaster walked up to Commander Gantt's team. "Ah, Commander. It's good to see you again." -"Likewise Sir." He told him. Cid folded his hands on his back. "You're probably tired as well. I'll let you have some free time then. I'll hear your report tomorrow morning at 07:00, unless you have anything urgent to report now?" "Whoa!" Zell exclaimed, at first not sure if he heard correctly. "Free time? For real?" -"Yes Zell." The headmaster affirmed, grinning slightly. "And I believe the Cafeteria just started serving meals for the soldiers from Esthar. You're welcome to join." "…Hotdogs?" -"It's possible." Cid replied. Zell bolted off shouting "See ya later." He even left a trail of dust. Didn't he eat in Esthar or something? Irvine wondered. Squall turned to Skye. "You should head inside as well. The Headmaster hasn't noticed you yet and I think it's best it stays that way until we found out more." She agreed and managed to follow a group Esthar soldiers inside without being spotted by Cid. However, the rest did see it. "N-no Sir." Kenan blurted out. "Nothing urgent to report, well besides the news you've already received…" Selphie smiled sadly. The headmaster saw this and placed his hand on her shoulder. "It's all right. I don't blame anyone for what happened in Esthar. In fact I think escaping was the best course of action you could follow. It wasn't until now that he looked behind the lined-up SeeDs. Squall stepped up. "Sir." He smiled. "Mr. Leonhart. I'm glad you decided to come back. I…must apologize for my behavior earlier…" "I understand why you did what you did Sir." Squall said. "I had no idea the situation was this bad back then." Irvine sneezed. This standing outside was all nice and well but it was getting kinda cold. Headmaster Cid laughed. "Oh forgive me for making you wait. Like I said, you're all excused until tomorrow morning." Selphie yawned. "Great, I think I'll get some sleep then." "Not a bad idea." Irvine muttered, rubbing his eyes. "At least around here I won't have guard duty." He scolded Kenan, whom in turn just stared back. "Oh, Selphie?" The headmaster called. -"Yes Sir?" She responded. "Could you please show Squall his quarters?" He asked. "I'm sure you can find an empty one." Before Squall knew it Selphie was practically dragging him inside. Irvine tagging along, of course. "Sir." Kenan whispered before joining up with Tia. "Squall was telling the truth after all." Before Cid could ask how the Commander had learned this he walked off. Oh well, the next morning lots of things would have to be explained. The issue Leonhart would be just one of those. Then there was the Sorceress problem… He shrugged. Whatever happened to Sorceress Skye? Was she killed in Esthar? Somehow he hoped so. That would be a lot better than letting her fall in Galbadian hands. Quistis had stopped at the Garden's front gate. "Uhm, Sir? Are you coming inside?" The Headmaster looked up and realized he'd been emerged in thought for a few moments. "Ah, Quistis." He spoke rejoiced. "I want to ask you something. About Sorceress Skye." She looked like she'd been caught off guard, but then her face straightened. "Sir, I believe she is no longer of any danger to us." "I see." The headmaster mumbled, thinking he understood what Quistis meant with that. "Thank you."     <<------------------------------------------>>     "This way." Zell told her. "C'mon, I can smell them!" -"The soldiers or the hotdogs?" Skye wondered. He smacked himself on his forehead. "Duh, the hotdogs!" She grinned. "Never mind." He said hastily, as if he had a plane to catch. "It's chow time." He led her to the Cafeteria. It was really crowded inside given the time. There were Esthar soldiers sitting at almost every table. "What's this?" Zell asked rhetorically. "The Esthar happy-hour?" He grabbed two food plates from the stack, handed one to Skye, and joined the shortest queue. "Ding-dong." Zell rang like an automated message. "There are four Esthar soldiers waiting in front of you. Please hold." The soldier in front of Zell turned around, displaying an annoyed look. "Sorry buddy, you'll have ta wait in line, like us." "Patience is a virtue." Skye pointed out. Zell grumbled and held his food plate tight. "If the hotdogs are gone when I reach the counter, someone's gonna pay." The soldiers that heard this laughed. "How can you really be hungry Zell?" Skye asked. "We had a grand meal in Esthar not even an hour ago." He peered over a few shoulders and saw a guy taking away two of the most delicious looking hotdogs he'd ever seen in his entire life. His body sagged and he turned to Skye. "Well…you're standing here too…aren't you?" She grinned. "Good point. But I'm just thirsty actually. I didn't like the wine in Esthar." "Although I will have a sandwich if they have any here." She added. He pointed at the last empty table in the Cafeteria. "Take a seat, I'll bring the food 'n drinks." -"Thanks!" She chirped happily and took a seat at the table in the corner. With her blue dress, she blended in perfectly with the soldiers, since most were wearing a regular blue uniform. The line shortened and Zell moved forward a few steps. He turned around to make sure Skye was still sitting at the table, only to see an Esthar soldier taking a seat next to her. It was a young man…of the flirting kind. After spending some time with Irvine, it isn't hard to recognize them. Zell moved forward a step or two again. Only two more soldiers in front. He followed the soldier that had just gotten his meal with his eyes and to his amazement that guy took a seat at Skye's table too! Aahh! His jaw dropped. Not a minute later he finally he made it to the counter, only to see the two soldiers previously ahead of him sitting down at Skye's table as well!! They were even joined by a green-unformed commander or something! Aaah! "Yeah? What ya want kiddo?" The lunch lady asked. -"H-hotdogs." Zell said as if his throat was suddenly dry as a bone. "Oh. And a sandwich." The lady moved somewhere to the back. Wow, there are still some left! He thought to himself. "Here you go kid." The lunch lady said and dropped six hotdogs and a cheese sandwich on his platter. "Next!" Zell already started drooling but first grabbed two cans of soda from the dispensing machine. Cherry flavored. The best it had to offer! He dashed towards Skye's table and landed on the last empty seat at the table. Perhaps in the entire Cafeteria. "Here." He said and gave Skye her cheese sandwich and soda, at the same time glaring at the others around the table. -"Hey, I'm Zieg." A green-uniformed soldier introduced himself. "I'm with Omega Squad." He said it like that would mean anything to Zell. "Uhm…you know…Special Forces?" Zieg tried to explain. "Sort of like SeeD is Garden's special force, you know?" Zell picked up a hotdog from his plate and devoured it rather grossly. He didn't exactly chew with his mouth closed so spit and grease flew everywhere. -"I'm Blank." Another soldier said. They didn't seemed to know Zell couldn't care less who they were, as long as they just got lost. "The name is Coral." A slender looking guy told him. Three down…two to go…Zell thought to himself. "Hey yas. They call me Belzack." A significantly less slender looking guy said. Significantly less brain power too… -"I'm Ryogo." The last said; the flirty one. "Although most everyone calls me Rice for some reason." Two more hotdogs 'mysteriously disappeared' from Zell's plate. "Mmshfh. Hi. Zell Dincht." Skye popped open her can of soda. "Don't be so rude Zell…" Zieg grinned. "Naw, that's okay. Most students dislike us hanging around." -"I'm a SeeD." Zell sighed. "Not a student." Belzack crossed his arms. "Suppose that explains the attitude, eh?" -"Now you're being rude." Ryogo laughed, casually looking around the room for fellow squad members. Preferably female ones. Zell ate the last hotdogs without looking up from his plate. "Hmpfh. So, like, you all from this Omega Squad?" "Nope." Zieg replied, making it clear to Zell who the leader of the bunch was. "Coral and Ryogo and from the other one, Beta Squad." -"I see…" Zell muttered, his voice thick with uninterest. Coral had finished his meal and stood up. "Sorry guys, I have to report to Fong." "That's Captain Ran Fong to you." Zieg reminded him. -"Yeah, yeah." He laughed. "It's practically the same." Ryogo quickly ate his meal and jumped up as well. "Yeah, later guys. Gotta go to the Fongster too." Both of 'em exited the Cafeteria. "It's strange though." Zieg thought out loud, continuing with eating his food. "There are hardly any woman in the Esthar military besides Cap'n Ran Fong." Zell frowned. "Oh? I didn't know he was a she." Belzack chuckled. His stomach bopping up and down not unlike Ward could do. "He a she? Ha ha, good one." Skye rolled her eyes. Selphie really wasn't kidding when she called Zell a goofball. "Yup." Blank affirmed. "Ran Fong is a lady alright. Quite a breed apart…" -"The only female Captain in Esthar." Zieg told them matter-of-factly. Skye grinned, seeing as how Zell's face turned sour whilst the Esthar soldiers kept talking about stuff he couldn't care less about. She knew he wanted them to just disappear, but actually she didn't mind the company. From time to time, she still thought back to her stay in the brig. Never again did she want to be that alone and scared of not knowing what would happen to her next. -"Unless Meru's gonna become Captain some day." Belzack offered. Zieg laughed with disbelief. "Meru? Ha, are you kidding? She's way too hyper." Ah…there you have it. Zell thought. The Esthar equivalent of Selphie. He looked up. And Belzack did look a lot like Ward. Blank then…Esthar's reply to Kenan? He even had a red bandanna as well. Strange coincidence… Hmm, and Zieg. Somehow that guy reminded Zell of Seifer. But perhaps it was just due to his blonde hair. Zieg stretched and patted himself on his stomach. "Aah! That was a great meal. The best I've had in weeks. My compliments to the Chef here." "Indeed, it was gooood." Belzack seconded. Blank's face lit up. "Let's hit the Training Center! Nothing like a good work out after a good meal." -"If you'll excuse us then." Zieg told Skye and Zell. She smiled. "Sure. And good luck to you." Blank waged his finger. "Luck? No, no, no. We don't need THAT!" He received a nudge from Belzack. "Oh really? And aren't you lucky to be alive after being turned to stone like that?" "A nasty petrify spell that was." Zieg sighed, then shook his head. "Anyway, let's go!" -"FINALLY." Zell exclaimed after they left the Cafeteria. "..Gone.." Skye drank her soda can empty, eyeing him. He didn't notice until after he'd burped and crushed his can with his hands. She looked impressed and tried compressing hers too. No such luck though. "Allow me." Zell told her and grabbed the tiny aluminum thing. "Now watch closely." He held it in with two hands in front of him, then suddenly smacked it against his head, effectively reducing it's size until it just wouldn't compress any further. She glared at him. "Wow. I didn't know you could do that." Zell beamed with pride. "Oh, it's nothing really. Just requires a hard head." Skye laughed briefly. But then her face turned more serious. "You, didn't like those guys, did you?" She asked. He leaned against the table with arms crossed. "I just don't like so many new characte--uh, I mean, people hanging around here. That and I just wanted to be--" "Oh, don't look now." Skye suddenly grinned again, looking at something over his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow. "Uh, okay. I won't." -"I knew I would find you here Dincht." Zell cringed. That voice…no! It could only be…! Kenan sat down at the table. Quistis joined them too. "Did the Headmaster see you?" She immediately asked Skye, her face lined with sincere concern. Skye shook her head. "I don't think so. Not yet anyway." Zell looked at Kenan with narrowed eyes. "Aren't you supposed to be with Tia now? Or somewhere else?" His face lit up. "That reminds me. Skye, you can stay in my sister's quarters for the time being." "When we talk to the Headmaster tomorrow, we'll arrange your own room." Quistis added. -"Thanks." She said, smiling with profound gratitude. "Don't mention it." Both Quistis and Kenan said simultaneously. Kenan tossed her a charming grin. "Isn't that cute?" Zell said sarcastically after licking his plate clean. Quistis looked at him, then at his empty plate. "I can't believe you can just keep eating." "Do you ever stop?" Kenan asked. "Seriously, is there any limit you can reach?" Zell stood up. "Yeah." -"Oh? Is that so?" "Whenever I see your ugly face my appetite just goes away." He scoffed and walked away. Kenan rubbed his chin. "Gee, I never heard that before." Quistis followed Zell with her eyes. He was in a rush to leave the Cafeteria, even pushed aside a few soldiers standing in his way. Clearly agitated…very agitated… "I think he just needed to let out some steam." Skye concluded, perhaps aided by her senses. Kenan tilted his head, considering this. "Suppose so. But still, that's no way to treat your superior." "Maybe if you didn't act so superior all the time." Quistis offered, speaking softly so he wouldn't think of it as an insult. He now noticed a group of Balamb students glaring at him from another table. They turned around as soon as they knew the Commander had spotted them looking. Suddenly the room seemed dead quiet, with the exception of a storm raging outside. This was something Kenan really need to process. Him, a jerk? Did everyone think that? When did that happen? Quistis turned to Skye. "Would you like a tour of the Garden? A proper one this time, I'll make sure to skip the brig." She smiled. "Yes, I think I would." She then looked around. "Well, I think the Cafeteria is already covered now." Quistis stood up. "I'll show you the Quad then. It's quite lovely." "Quite damaged." Kenan corrected. Not surprisingly, Quistis ignored that little comment and walked off with Skye, leaving Kenan alone at the table. He casually looked around the room once more, just to be sure students weren't glaring at him anymore. But it appeared most had pretty much finished their meals already and were about to leave. Kenan let out a yawn and looked at his wristwatch. Normally, the Cafeteria should already be close. Of course the arrival of those many Esthar soldiers upset the normal closing times a bit. The other facilities were probably opened a little longer as well now. "Maybe…just maybe…" He mumbled to himself, trying to figure out his next course of action. For a few moments he stared curiously at two compressed soda cans lying on the table. His thoughts drifted too easily sometimes, he sadly concluded. He supported the back of his head with his hands and stared up at the ceiling. No distractions there… Hmm? The repair crew fixed the holes. He noticed. Damn…get a grip…think THINK. It was like he had to force his own brain to get in motion. Okay, what do we have here? Sorceress Skye…Squall Leonhart…Sorceress Ultimecia. The three things he worried about the most. If only he could just figure out how those three were connected. He felt a breeze go past his cheeks. Some students might have just walked, but dammit, that didn't matter. He knew he wouldn't sleep well before he could solve at least a part of the mysteries at hand. Well…Squall was telling the truth. So he really must have killed Sorceress Ultimecia in his past. That was the easiest connection. He'd seen indisputable proof on that. Then again. He began to ponder. I didn't actually see him kill Ultimecia. Although the whole falling through the ground thing was true. Maybe…I should stop doubting him? Kenan decided to let Squall of the hook for the time being. As his father used to say, there were bigger fish to fry. Sorceress Skye then. He really hadn't heard of her anywhere before. Who the hell is she? He wondered. Where did she come from? Why does Sorceress Ultimecia want her so badly she was willing to sacrifice Galbadia Garden in a diversionary attack? And that weren't even all the question one could ask, but he stopped there. "Maybe…just maybe…" He repeated, the same thought as earlier crossing his mind. Yeah, his mind was set. So he headed for the library to do some research. After all, information was ammunition!     <<------------------------------------------>>     Kenan still being half-emerged in thoughts barely avoided an Esthar soldier exiting the library, as he entered that facility at the same time. Wow. It was quite busy in there. Not really crowded or anything, the library never was, but still more lively then Kenan had ever seen. When was that last time he'd been at the library anyway? He couldn't recall. It must have been a while ago then… A few Esthar soldiers and Balamb students were trying to find books to their liking and some were sitting at the desk in the back, obviously having already found whatever they were looking for. "I'm sorry." A librarian apologized to a student. "All books on combat tactics have been checked out." Kenan shrugged. Books on combat tactics? Is that the kind of literature soldiers read during war? He made note to read one of those books himself, one day. -"Commander, can I help you?" The pig-tailed girl inquired. That girl again. Wasn't that the girl Zell had a crush on? No matter how hard Kenan thought, she still remained nameless to him. Seems she was doomed forever to be called just like she looked 'the pig-tailed girl'. 'T was sad, if not disturbing even… "Uhm, Sir?" She inquired again. "Is there any book you'd like to read?" Kenan shook his head, stopping the little voice inside his head from ranting. "Yeah." She smiled. "Which one, Sir?" "I don't know yet." He replied as if that were perfectly normal. The pig-tailed girl grinned nervously. "You…don't know?" His eyes hit the librarian's desk. "I will in a minute or so." "S-sir? If you tell me what you're looking for, I can find it for you." She offered, hoping that would keep him away from her console. Nobody but the librarians were allowed to use that, normally speaking. It didn't work, he just seemed completely in a world of his own and took place behind the desk with console. She guessed it was okay for the Commander to work with it. As long as the students didn't take up that habit as well. They'd probably upset her whole filing system in no time. He looked up. The girl turned to help a student find a book, leaving Kenan with the console and the means to look up any information he wanted without anyone ever knowing. Perhaps this secrecy wasn't needed at all. Yet who knows what he could stumble upon? Something Headmaster might not want anyone to see? It was a possibility. He sighed and finally actually switched on the damn thing, then almost immediately received a screen with the words 'Insert Search Parameters' flashing on it. Here goes. He thought, then typed 'Sorceress Skye'." He had wait a few seconds while the computer processed the input. The computer in front of him probably packed the most information one could find on short notice. And not just data on the books that Balamb Garden happened to have. Information from the other two Gardens and various other libraries in Dollet, Esthar and Timber should also be stored there. It just had to be able to come up with something. The screen showed there were four pages with search results. Kenan read the first result out loud. "A Sorceress's Knight." A fiction novel. Not exactly what he was looking for. To his surprise the rest of page one, and even page two and three were all just fiction books with Sorceress in the title. "Sorceress Matilda meets Berry the bear? Sorceress Matilda and the magical oak tree?" Kenan laughed. "Kids stuff." He sighed. Perhaps it won't work out quite as he thought it would. Unexpectedly, page four showed some more hope. First was a file on exactly what the title Sorceress entails…ya da ya da…first grade stuff basically. Secondly a report on Sorceress Edea. Kenan rolled his eyes and checked the date on the report. Great, it was months old. Edea wasn't a Sorceress any longer, but apparently nobody bother to remove that report. His optimism now at an all-time low, he quickly read the titles of the other results found. There were five more 'help' files, as Kenan just called them, for students who hadn't paid attention in class and needed to learn more about a Sorceress and the powers she could possess. Utterly useless. And really boring material too. Then a file marked "Current situation; update." caught his attention. Yet that wasn't what he was looking for either. It was just a short note explaining the recent events that had taken place to anyone who would like to know what exactly happened. It lacked thoroughness and eye for detail as it only mentioned a few things such as the failed assassination attempt on the Sorceress, missile strike on Trabia Garden, and several other main events from the past few weeks. The file would probably only be helpful to people living in a cave during the times described, since everyone was sure to already know of all this. Seems Kenan was looking in the wrong place, or so he concluded. He added 'find person:' to the search parameters. Hopefully the damn thing would check all databases this time, and not just Balamb Garden's files. If Skye used to be a registered citizen somewhere, she would be found easily by the search program. The words "Zero result(s)" appeared. Kenan cursed under his breath but still wasn't about to give up just yet. He deleted the title of Sorceress and entered Skye as a last name now instead of a first name. Again, the words "Zero result(s)" flashed on the screen. The only thing this showed was that the name Skye was unique. Which is to say nobody else in the entire world carried that name. Well, nobody at all according to the search thingy, but what did that really know? "Did you find what you were looking for, Sir?" The pig-tailed girl asked, suddenly creeping up from behind. -"No." Kenan said coldly. "I'm still trying." She nodded and walked away to help another student in need. Damn…there must a record somewhere! Kenan yelled inwardly. She exists, doesn't she?! With a sense of 'why the heck not?' he typed in the name Squall Leonhart. Seven results this time. ::Hairil Leonhart. Age: 64. Currently residing in: Dollet. [Further Info] :: Kenan rubbed his chin. No..that man probably had no connection to Squall what so ever. And neither did the six next results. Just six more people that had 'Leonhart' as a last name as well. Presumably all from the same family as Hairil. He shook his head. This isn't getting anywhere. Besides I came here to find something on Skye…not Squall… As he was about to clear the screen for another attempt at finding something about Sorceress Skye, the last name of the seven results suddenly rung a bell. :: Raine Loire-Leonhart. --Deceased-- :: Raine? This must be the Raine from Winhill I saw in those 'dreams'.   Kenan intensively stared at the name on the screen. What odd coincidence. Raine Leonhart was her maiden name… "And this here is the library." Quistis said. Kenan looked up. Just as he could predict, Skye walked in behind her. He figured the library was just another stop in their 'tour of Balamb Garden'. After shutting off the console, he stepped away from the desk. -"Kenan?" Quistis called as she saw him approach from the corner of her eye. "What are you doing here?" "Oh, hi ya." Skye greeted then turned back to the bookshelf she was looking at.  He shrugged. "Oh, nothing much. Just wondered if 'Sorceress Matilda meets Berry the bear' was in." Quistis giggled. "Ah, I see." She combed back her blonde locks. "Uhm, do you know where Selphie and Irvine went?" "In either of their quarters, doing who knows what." He guessed offhandedly. She gave him a disturbed look. "Kenan, I don't think that's any of our business." He smirked. "You wanted to know where the were, didn't ya?" "Not what they were doing." Quistis gladly countered. He scratched the back of his head. "ANYway, bring Skye to my Sis's quarter once your done with the guided tour, okay? I'm gonna head there myself now. Knowing Tia, she probably wants to hear all about our last mission." -"Sure." She looked over her shoulder. Skye was reading a book she'd found on the shelf. She wasn't paying any attention to Kenan or Quistis. "What's wrong?" Kenan asked. He could tell by Quistis's face there was something bothering her. -"Do you think I should take Skye to the Training Center as well?" She asked, keeping her voice down as much as she could. "I mean, it might be a little dangerous there, and I don't know if she can fight--" Kenan raised an eyebrow. "Why not? If she's a Sorceress she should learn to fight someday anyways, right?" -"I suppose so." Quistis replied, still not too thrilled with it. He gave her a gently pat on the shoulder. "Oh come on, I couldn't think of a better teach. You can tell her all about GF's, magic, battle strategies and all that." "You could also ask someone to join you two." He added, already making his way to the hall, clearly indicating she could ask anyone to come along…anyone but him.     <<------------------------------------------>>     Irvine tapped against the glass of Selphie's little aquarium in her room. "Hello? Anyone home?" He called out. Not surprisingly, there was no reply. Yet slowly, but surely, a big old fish appeared from behind some green sea plants in the back of the aquarium. Irvine grinned. The fish had a mustache! That was…new… Selphie came out of the bathroom, her hair still partially wet after having washed it. "Oh, say hello to my pet fish." She said joyfully. "Isn't it just adorable? I found it on Balamb beach a few days ago. It must have washed up there." Irvine tapped against the glass again and the fish swam towards the point where his finger hit. "I think it wants to bite my finger off." He told Selphie. "Really cute…" Selphie walked up to Irvine and leaned against his firm shoulder, watching her new pet swim happily around in his little very own water world. "If you don't tease him, he's really nice." She pointed out. -"I still say I would eat my finger if it had the chance to." Irvine thickheadedly muttered. She picked up a small box with seaweed and chunked the contents in the aquarium. "Aw, poor thing hasn't been fed since yesterday. I bet it's hungry." "Which supports my theory of it wanting to eat my finger." Irvine remarked, seeing as how the big fish suddenly started swimming a lot faster as the bits of weed slowly sank to the bottom of the aquarium. Its mouth didn't close for even second. It was like an underwater vacuum cleaner of some sort. "What's it called anyway?" He asked. Selphie looked up at him. "Hmm? Oh! The fish? I haven't settled on any name just yet." "How about Killer?" He suggested. She chuckled. "That's not a very nice name. It has to be something…uhm…cute!" "Cute, huh?" Irvine repeated. "A cute name for a fish? So, we're talking about a fishy name here then?" He crossed his arms, appearing to be thinking deeply. "A name for Selphie's fish…Selphie's fish…Sel's fish…" His face lit up. "Sel's fish! Selfish!" Selphie laughed. "Selfish? Does that really count as a name?" He threw his arm around her, laughing. "Hush woman, of course it does. It's perfect." -"Selfish it is then." She agreed with Irvine and let out a sigh of relief. "It's good to be home again, isn't it?" Irvine had his head turned away from Selphie so he could look outside through her window. Dark storms were raging in the skies. Thunder seemed to strike randomly just over and beyond the nearby mountain range. "Yeah." He said with little conviction to it. "Good to be back…"

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