"And that's when they threw me in here." Squall finished, shoulders dropping a bit. He had explained the whole story again, this time to Skye. She had listened to him patiently, at some parts she had been confused, but she let Squall talk without interrupting him even once. She gasped. "Incredible…" Squall turned to Skye questioningly. She sat next to him on the prison bunk. -"You actually believe me?" He asked. "Yeah, I guess so. This story is too weird to just make up." Skye said, smiling. From one moment to the next, students could be heard running in the hall. Squall wondered what the commotion was about but didn't dwell on it. -"So what are you going to do?" Skye asked. "First I'll need to get out of here. Then I think I'll try and find Ellone." He answered. "She might know what's going on, or even be the cause of it all." -"Hmm…Ellone?" Skye mumbled. "That name sounds familiar, but I can't recall where I heard it before…" Squall sighed. "She was the one I told you about just now, you know, with the time-compression and all.." Laughing, she nudged Squall. "I may have amnesia, but I'm not THAT oblivious. I meant some time before my…uh…accident." They heard the intercom rang. The sound of it was muffled, as it came from the other side of the brig door. "…Everyone," Cid spoke through the intercom. "Galbadia Garden is heading this way. They will most likely attack our Garden again. As you should know, we plan to counter-attack this time. Those who are assigned to the counter-force squads; make sure to repel the first wave quickly and head over to the main entrance of Galbadia Garden and follow Commander Gantt's lead. Those on the defense; make sure all the junior classmen, civilians, injured, and other non-combatant personnel are okay. Good luck!" Squall jumped off from his bunk. -"Counter-attack this time?" Skye mumbled. "According to you--" "We DID counter-attack!" He yelled. "Galbadia Garden was incapacitated!" Standing up, Skye moved to Squall and laid her hand on his shoulder. "Please, calm down." She said. "Things are different, you knew that." Is this what would have happened if I weren't around? They didn't counter-attack earlier?! He thought. He banged his fists against the door. "Let me out!" Those idiots, didn't they know he could help them in their fight? "Squall," She said. "There is nothing we can do. They're not just going to let us go."     <<------------------------------------------>>     "Sir?" The student behind the Garden controls said, turning to Cid. He glanced in the direction of the approaching Galbadia Garden. -"Hold it steady. Let them head for us." He ordered. "Yes Sir!" Both Headmaster Cid and Kenan watched the enemy Garden closing in on them. They were sure to launch their first wave any second now. But they were prepared, and this time, they would take to battle to their Garden. "This is it. You better go down now. Godspeed." Cid told Kenan. He saluted and stepped on the small elevator and headed for his squads in the main hall.     Seifer overlooked the rows of soldiers standing in front of him. He pushed a button next to him and a huge door opened. From the side entrance of Galbadia Garden that had opened, he saw Balamb Garden getting closer and closer, and waited for just the right time to give the signal. "Ready," Seifer said. "GO!" On his commands the Galbadian soldiers jumped on their bikes and drove it up the slopes at tremendous speed. Dozens of bikes came flying through the air towards Balamb Garden leaving a trail of smoke. History was repeating itself… Grinning, Seifer reached for his communicator. "Raijin, are the Para-troopers ready?" He said. -"Roger, ya know." Raijin answered. He gave his squad of green-uniformed soldiers the lift-off signal. They strapped themselves in the jetpacks and flew them straight at Balamb Garden. "Fujin," Seifer said through his communicator. "As soon as we're close enough, move your squads in!" -"AFFIRMATIVE." She told him.     "Here they come!!" Zell yelled from Balamb Garden's main hall. He pointed at the bikes landing near the Garden entrance. Selphie gestured for her squad to move in. "Let's kick ass!" Shots of Blizzaga were fired at the Galbadian soldiers. Most of them missed their target completely and the Galbadians droves their bikes right through Zell and Selphie's squads at the front gate, forcing them to break their formation. Para-troopers landed right on top of them, guns firing rapidly. A fierce battle ensued. Irvine and Kenan rushed in the scene with guns drawn. A Para-trooper had flown jetpack straight into Selphie and sent her falling to the ground. Avoiding a few Galbadian soldiers engaged in close combat with Balamb-students, Irvine ran to her aid. He aimed for the Para-trooper, and fired two or three quick shots. Hitting the jetpack's engine, Irvine caused it to explode just as it hovered over two Galbadian soldiers. "A three-in-one shot!" Selphie exclaimed as she got up and hugged Irvine. -"Lieutenant Biggs! Are you okay, Sir?" One of the three wounded Galbadian soldiers asked. Biggs looked up and noticed two students and a SeeD had surrounded them. Kenan smirked and aimed his handgun right in Biggs' face. "Biggs and Wedge, I presume?" Wedge immediately raised his hands. "We give up! Don't hurt us!" -"They're coming out in full force!!" Zell yelled as he saw Fujin lead several squads of Galbadian soldiers onto Balamb Garden. He grinned as he noticed a hoverboard parked near him. "Get outta here you two!" Kenan said to Biggs, and focused his attention on the ensuing battle at the front gate. Nobody could tell for sure which side had the numeric advantage. Stepping on his hoverboard, Zell flew right through the Galbadian squads, knocking down many soldiers all at once. If they can break our formation, why couldn't I do the same to them? He had thought. Left and right, students now engaged in one-on-one battles with the Galbadian soldiers. Fujin watched the fighting from a safe distance. "BAD!" She yelled, seeing how her squads were getting their asses kicked.   -"Whoo-hoo!" Selphie exclaimed after knocking down another Galbadian. "We're winning this time!" Reaching in his baggy coat, Kenan grabbed a flare-gun. "Okay, we're going in!" He said as he fired a flare up in the sky. -"We will handle things here, good luck!" Selphie said. Upon seeing the flare a great amount of students disengaged from their fights and followed Irvine and Commander Gantt towards Galbadia Garden. Selphie and Zell's squads took on the remaining Galbadian soldiers.      <<------------------------------------------>>     Seifer flew his jetpack through a Balamb Garden classroom window together with two Para-troopers. As expected, the classroom was empty, and nobody had noticed them enter. "All right," Seifer said, throwing the jetpack off. "Follow me." The two Para-troopers strapped themselves loose from their jetpacks. "Yes Sir!" Seifer pressed a few buttons on a wall-panel and managed to unlock the classroom door. Glaring around the corner, Seifer noticed the hallway was deserted. "This way." He told his men. They ran across the second floor hallway. The sounds of the battle at the front-gate could be heard faintly -"HEY YOU!" A student yelled, coming up from behind them. Seifer turned around. It was just another young fool with an attitude. This Garden was full of 'em… "You take him, I'll get the Sorceress." He ordered his men. The student drew his sword and attacked the two Para-troopers. Seifer ran further down the hall and noticed a guard stationed up ahead. He grinned and rushed up towards him, charging up a Firaga shot. The guard gasped in surprise and before he could reach for his blade, Seifer's Firaga shot knocked him out. Seifer walked up to the brig door. It looked sturdy enough to withstand blasts of magic. With a quick slash Seifer destroyed the door panel next to it. He yanked out the main board, and reached for the wires behind it. Upon connecting two severed wires, a light blinked for a moment and then short-circuited. The door slid open a few inches and stopped. "I'm in front of the brig." Seifer spoke into his communicator. "How goes the battle?" -"BAD." Fujin replied. "COUNTER-ATTACKED!" Seifer slammed his fist against the wall. "Dammit!" He had hoped his forces could eliminate Balamb Garden for good this time, but he knew that wasn't the purpose of this mission. It's just too bad things turned out just like in Esthar. "Retreat!" Seifer ordered through his communicator. -"Impossible, ya know!" Raijin replied. "They are takin' control of Galbadia Garden, we're losin'!" "Damn. Go to plan B." Seifer told him and switched off the communicator. Bracing himself, Seifer manually slid open the door. To his surprise the brig was completely empty. He stepped inside. Suddenly out of the corner if his eye, he saw a young man rushing up towards him. Seifer gripped his gunblade tighter and pointed it towards him. The man stopped. Seifer pressed the tip of his gunblade against his throat. "Where is the Sorceress?" A sudden bang on his head knocked Seifer down, releasing his gunblade. -"Right behind you." Skye grinned, holding a metal plate in her hands. "Hold out your hands." Squall said, grabbing Seifer's gunblade. Skye nodded and stretch her arms as far apart as the cuffs would permit. Squall cut through the chain fairly easy with the sharp gunblade. "Okay," He said. "Now you free me." -"I'm not very good with weapons…" Skye said, taking the gunblade from Squall. "But I'll try." She raised it high above her head, and swung it down right through Squall's chains. "What about the Odine's bangle?" Skye asked, trying to get if off her neck with both hands. -"I can't cut it." Squall told her. "It's too strong." He took over the gunblade from her and nudged Seifer with the sharp edge of it. Looking at Seifer's forehead, Squall noticed the scar he had made during their 'training session' was gone. "Is he dead?" Skye asked, noticing the man didn't move a muscle. -"Not yet." Squall said, ready to finish Seifer off permanently. "But--" "Don't move!" A Para-trooper yelled as he walked in. "Commander Almasy? Why you!!" The trooper aimed his gun at Squall. "Step back, now!" Will they ever learn? Skye thought, as she smacked him from aside with her plate. -"AH! That hurt!" He cried out, falling to the ground with a loud thud. Grabbing him by his collar, Squall pulled him up. "What are you doing here?" The trooper was wounded. Blood flowed down from the wound on his forehead. -"...Sorceress…Skye…" He uttered before passing out. Skye looked at Squall. "They were here to get me?" -"Yeah." He replied, letting go of the trooper. He wondered why Skye could be so important to them they would risk losing Galbadia Garden. And Seifer personally tried to capture her. Skye stepped in the hallway, relieved she finally got out the dark brig. "Where to now?" The sounds of the raging battles still echoed. "Let's get out of here first," Squall said. "We'll figure something out later." The best choice would be to head for the emergency exit Squall figured. They had to avoid both Balamb Garden's forces and the Galbadians. Again Squall didn't know what he was involved in, but he wasn't about to be imprisoned by either side again…or worse… -"Wait," Skye said, pointing to Seifer. "What about that guy?" She couldn't stand the thought of killing a human being, but if that was the same Seifer she heard Squall talk about, he could be dangerous. Squall was about to reply as he heard a moan from behind him. Not far from them, a Balamb student slowly got up from the floor, and picked up his sword lying nearby. A Para-trooper lay badly injured beside it. "The Sorceress is escaping!" The student yelled. -"Never mind Seifer, let's go!" Squall shouted. He grabbed Skye's arm and together they rushed off. "Where are we going?" Skye asked, yanking her arm loose from Squall's grip. The proceeded down the hallway, running past the injured student. Suddenly Squall stopped in front of the classroom where Seifer had entered. He noticed three jetpacks lying in the corner, just under the broken windows. He moved towards one of the packs. "Like I said, we're getting out of here." Skye followed him with a worried look on her face. "I don't know how to work those things…" She sighed. "Don't worry." Squall assured her. He sheathed his gunblade and strapped himself in the jetpack. "Just hold on to me. I've done this before." She firmly gripped Squall. Slowly, the jetpack's engine began to rumble and they ascended. -"Here we go." Carefully Squall navigated them through the window. He turned to the classroom and saw an angry Seifer standing in the door opening. "WAIT!" Seifer ordered them. "You won't get away!" Skye stuck out her tongue at him as Squall flew the jetpack towards the ground. "Damn!" Seifer cursed and rushed to the window. Whoever that guy was, Seifer swore to himself he would get even with him. He reached for the back of his head, a surge of pain came over him. "Ah hell!" He yelled out. "That witch!" A student stumbled in the classroom, sword held high. "You…are…not…getting away!" -"I may not have my gunblade," Seifer said as he stretched out his arms. "But that doesn't mean I'm unarmed." He smirked, and hit the student with a bolt of Thundaga. He sighed and picked up his jetpack before the student could recover from his bolt, and quickly escaped through the window, cutting his shoulder against a glass shard. As he flew further away from Balamb Garden, he reached for his communicator. "Mission failed. The Sorceress has escaped." He said. "Raijin, Fujin, I'll be in the fields near Balamb." -"Uh," Raijin replied. "What 'bout the others, ya know??" Seifer grabbed a remote-detonator from his pocket and grinned evilly. "Just get out of there, now!"     Quistis and a team of students had heard the fighting on the second floor and rushed to check it out. She helped the student Seifer had shot get up. "What happened?" She asked. The student coughed. "You're…too late. The prisoners…escaped. Seifer went out after them." Rushing to the window, Quistis could see Seifer fly away. The Sorceress was all they were after?      <<------------------------------------------>>     Fujin, Raijin and what was left of their squads reached Galbadia Garden's emergency exits. A few men were left behind to stall Balamb's forces. As far as they knew, no hostile forces had followed them. They rushed outside, most without looking back. "CLOSE." Fujin ordered one of the lasts that escaped the Garden. -"Yes ma'am." The soldier said. He pressed a few buttons and the exit doors closed up tight. Raijin plopped down on the ground. "Phew…" Glaring at him angrily, Fujin walked over to and picked him up by his ear. -"MOVE." She ordered the lazy, good for nothing sub-commander.   <<------------------------------------------>>      Kenan and Irvine's squads rushed down Galbadia Garden's hallways. They were surprise at how little resistance they encountered but considered Galbadia Garden had also lost many soldiers in the previous battle. -"In here!" Irvine yelled as he stopped in front of the control room doors. The doors flew open and Balamb forces poured in. -"Huh? Where are they?" Irvine asked, noticing the room was deserted. Kenan glanced around and chuckled. "They must have abandoned this Garden. It's ours now!" "Right," He continued, rubbing his hands together in childish delight. "Split up in three groups. One will remain here, the other two will search for Galbadians." -"Yes Sir!" A senior student yelled. He did as Kenan ordered and divided the forces. The smallest group stayed to defend the control room, in case the Galbadians would try to get it back, whilst the other two searched through the Garden for any remaining enemies. Irvine walked up to Galbadia Garden's controls and randomly pushed a few buttons. "I wish Zell was here. He's more into the mechanical stuff…" Kenan moved to the rudder. The screens displayed a total lock down of helm-control. "We'll definitely have to get some mechanics up here to get this baby going again." He sighed. -"It doesn't look like anything is working." Irvine said as he glared at the control panels in front of him. "Even communications?" Kenan asked. -"Yeah." Irvine confirmed as he saw the smashed up com panel. "You," Kenan said, pointing at one of the remaining students. "Inform the Headmaster of our status." The student saluted and ran off. Regrettably a message boy was necessary, as in all the commotion Kenan had forgotten his communicator. An eerie feeling came over Irvine. "Something's wrong…" He said. -"What?" Kenan asked, looking at him questioningly. Shrugging, Irvine paced around the control room. "Do you hear that?" Wondering what he was on about, Kenan tried to listen for anything out of the ordinary. Apart from a conversation between students guarding the control room entrance, he didn't hear a thing. "There," Irvine said as he ducked down and opened a floor panel. "Oh shit!" Kenan rushed over and looked down at the opening. "Damn!" A small black box had been placed just under the center floor panel. A few wires stuck out the box, connected to a digital timer of some sort. It was counting down, ticking faintly as a seconds went by. The screen displayed there were about three minutes left… "A bomb!" Irvine yelled. The students guarding the control room turned to Irvine. "S-sir?" -"Tell everyone to get out, now!" Kenan ordered them. Irvine sighed. "They won't all make it out in three minutes, and 10 seconds…9…8…7-" -"I know!" Kenan yelled. "That's why we have to do something." Kenan bent over and reached for a small knife he kept in his boot. Nodding, Irvine grabbed the knife from him. He used it to quickly remove a few screws from the top of the small box. Kenan noticed Irvine's hands were trembling. Cautiously he removed the top cover from the box. A red package covered most of the inside. It had three wires sticking out of it; yellow, green and blue. All appeared to be connected to the timer. "What now?" Irvine asked, wiping the sweat from his forehead. -"One of the wires should be the right one. Cut it and it'll stop counting down…" "And the other two?" -"Boom…" Kenan replied. A cold sweat drop rolled down his face. "So which one do we cut?!" Irvine asked panicky. He glanced at the timer. Only two minutes and change left. Kenan lay himself on the floor and examined the bomb. "Maybe all three are wrong. We're dealing with Seifer here." "And this might not even be the only bomb here," He continued. "This doesn't look good…" Irvine sighed. "Great. We're doomed." -"Maybe not. I have an idea," Kenan said as he stood up. "Keep you fingers crossed." A bright glow emanated around his hand as he held it up high. "Blizzaga!" Irvine jumped back and an icicle appeared around the bomb and timer, covering it up whole. -"Great thinking." He said, getting up to his feet. "Yeah, but did it work?" Kenan replied as he peered through the icicle. Water drops were forming all around the icicle. Irvine stepped back. "Well?" -"The timer has stopped!" Kenan joyously said. "Great, I'd do a victory dance right now, but the ice is melting!!" Irvine yelled, motioning Kenan to get the hell outta there. -"Right," He replied as he joined up with Irvine. "But we might have just bought enough time." The two SeeDs bolted off towards the exit.     <<------------------------------------------>>     "Thanks for the smooth landing." Skye said, stepping out of the bushes. "I'm aching all-over…" Leaving the jetpack covered up in the bush, Squall sighed and looked up at the sky. "I don't think we were followed." -"Well yeah, that's probably because you engaged the turbo or something," She offered. "Aren't you supposed to throttle down upon landing?" "At least we escaped." He replied. He gripped his gunblade and looked around again. In the distance he could make out Zell standing at Balamb Garden's front gate. A lot of Balamb students stood around him, Squall concluded they won the battle. The counter-attack must have succeeded. Skye frowned. "What now? They'll be lookin' for us soon." -"Follow me." Squall said and he walked off in the opposite direction of the Garden. "Where we going?" She asked as she ran up to Squall. "Hey, wait up! Not so fast." He suddenly stopped, and Skye bumped into him. -"Not so slow either…" She said, rubbing her forehead. Up until now she hadn't noticed how tall Squall was compared to her. She considered it must be cold with his head all the way up there.  -"Get down." He told her as he ducked behind a bush, trying to minimize the sound of the leaves brushing against each other. Luckily he remained undetected. Skye narrowed her eyes and saw three figures standing up ahead. She recognized Seifer, but the other two she'd never seen before. They were looking around, probably in search of her and Squall. "Seifer and his lackeys…" Squall whispered. "Don't let them see you. I'm not sure I can take on all three."     -"So where are they?" Raijin asked. Seifer glared around with an annoyed look. "They can't be far away. Fujin, see anything?" "NEGATIVE." She replied. -"Damn guy took my gunblade…he'll pay." Seifer said, balling his fist. "We have to get goin', Kenan and the SeeDs will be lookin' for us, ya know?" Raijin said, nervously staring back at the two Gardens hovering close to each other. Fujin slowly walked towards Raijin and kicked him in the shine. "COWARD." -"OUCH! Ah!!---ya know?" Seifer pulled out a timer. "Hmm…that's odd. The bomb is supposed to have gone off already." They looked up at the hovering Galbadia Garden. Balamb students were practically pouring out of it at the front gate. They managed to get on Balamb Garden quite easily as it still hovered directly next to it. Sighing, Seifer threw his remote on the ground and crushed it with his boot. "Useless junk!" Just then, a great explosion emanated from within Galbadia Garden. They covered their eyes. Seifer's jacket flew back in the wind of the blast-wave, but surely the sudden gust died down. Raijin narrowed his eyes and looked up. The Garden was on fire, smoke filling the air around it. There were a series of smaller explosions and then the Garden came crashing down into the ground, momentarily creating a huge fireball To Seifer's surprise Balamb Garden didn't seem to have suffered any further damage from the blasts as it was clearly steered away from the scuttled Galbadia Garden. "SEIFER?" Fujin called. He stared at the pile of debris that used to be his Garden. The Garden Sorceress Ultimecia placed him in command of. -"Yeah…" He said. "Let's get out of here. The sorceress might have escaped to Balamb, we'll search there."     Squall made sure they were a good distance away before he stood up from the bushes. He stared silently at a burning pile of debris on the edge of an enormous crater. "Oh no!" Skye cried out from behind. "That murderer!" -"There weren't many people in there." Squall said, pointing at Balamb Garden. "See, I think most students made it out in time." She put on a smile. "I hope so." "I know this cave nearby, we'll be safe there for a while." Squall said. -"Lead the way." Skye sighed.       <<------------------------------------------>>     "Oh my!" Doctor Kadowaki called out, running towards Irvine, Kenan and their squads. "Is everyone okay?" -"We're fine Doctor." Kenan assured her. "Just a little shaken up, that's all." Zell arrived on his hoverboard, with Selphie behind him. "Whoa!" He uttered. "Man, that was some blast." Irvine stepped towards the edge of the Garden entrance and stared down at the huge crater. They were lucky they made it out alive. Selphie jumped off Zell's hoverboard. "Are you guys okay?" Irvine and Kenan nodded. "All in a day's work." -"And how are things here?" Kenan asked. He looked around and saw several wounded Galbadian soldiers lying around. Some were being cuffed and taken inside. Beaming, Zell got off his board. "We won. Totally booyakaded them." -"Booyakaded?" Selphie asked questioningly. "That's not even a word." Irvine glanced around. "Hey, where's Quist?" -"Oh, I think I saw her talking with the Headmaster in the main hall." Doctor Kadowaki answered as she was taking care of a student's wounds. Zell sighed. "Suppose you have to report to the Headmaster and all, huh?" -"Yeah." Kenan replied. "But it aint our fault Galbadia Garden blew up." "So what happened?" Selphie asked. -"They planted a bomb." Kenan replied. "But we'll tell you about it later. C'mon Irvine, let's talk to Cid."       "Ah, commander. A student just informed me what happened. Are you alright?" The headmaster said as Kenan and Irvine approached. He straightened his vest and looked full of concern. Quistis stood next to him, arms crossed and frowning. -"We're fine Sir." Irvine answered. Kenan turned to Quistis. "What's wrong?" She sighed. "The Sorceress escaped during the battle. They attacked us because of her. Seifer entered our Garden to capture her, but she got away together with Squall." "What Sorceress?" Irvine asked. Kenan frowned. "You don't know about her?" "No he doesn't." Cid answered. "The less that knew, the better." -"Anyway, what are we going to do?" Kenan said. Zell and Selphie joined up with them. "Wazzup." Zell said as he greeted the rest. Shaking his head, Irvine gave him the immediate impression something was wrong. "Trouble…" Selphie sighed. "What is it this time?" The Headmaster cleared his throat. "A Sorceress we kept prisoner here escaped, together with Mr. Leonhart." -"Whoa, wha?" Zell uttered. Reaching inside his vest, Cid came up with a small photograph and handed it to Zell. "This photo was taken a few days ago when she was brought here. Her name is Skye; Sorceress Skye." Cid explained. "She is quite powerful and thus dangerous. We can't let her fall in Galbadian hands." Selphie stared at the girl's photo over Zell's shoulder. "She doesn't look it…" -"She has been in some sort of accident and is suffering from amnesia." Kenan told them. "Maybe she doesn't even know of her powers." "So how come we haven't heard of her?" Quistis asked. The Headmaster's face grew worried. "There was no need until now." -"Huh?" Irvine said, not quite sure he understood what Cid meant by that. "I'll inform you when you're in my office. But right now there are several other matters to attend to." He replied. An annoyed look came over Zell's face. "What? More work?! We just fought a battle!" -"Zell!"  "Hey, wait a minute." Kenan said, his face lit up. "If Squall escaped from Seifer, that means…" -"He isn't with the Galbadians, yes. And so he might have been telling the truth all along." Quistis said. Irvine and Selphie looked at Cid questioningly. -"Get some rest." He ordered them. "I'll take care of everything for now." This was all Zell wanted to hear, and he walked off to his dormitory. As he got past the Cafeteria he suddenly stopped. Maybe a quick snack He thought, and walked inside. The headmaster followed him with his eyes for a moment and then turned to Kenan. "We'll set course for Fisherman's Horizon soon. Repairs can be completed there." Irvine stood vaguely staring in front of him. Selphie sighed and pushed him in his back. "C'mon, I'll drag you to your quarters!" She exclaimed. With a quick goodbye they were on their way. "I can assist you as well Headmaster, I can't rest very well in the afternoons anyway..." Quistis told him. -"But Sir," Kenan said, thinking out loud. "If the Sorceress is truly is dangerous, shouldn't we go after her right away?" "I have already sent a team of students." He explained. "I put a tracking device in her necklace, she's not far from here…" Kenan sighed in relief. "That's good to know." A pack of wounded students slowly walk past them towards the Infirmary. They were hanging on each other's shoulders, looking utterly devastated. Doctor Kadowaki followed close behind, busy sifting through her clipboard pages. She smiled faintly as she walked past. Quistis gasped. She had heard they had won easily, she didn't know about the casualties. There were many, considering how fast the battle was over. It reminded her of the earlier battle with Galbadia Garden. The battle they had narrowly escaped. -"I should probably go to the Infirmary myself." Kenan said as he inspected his left arm. Blood was flowing from a small wound. He didn't even know where he got it…everything happened so fast… "I'll walk with you Commander." Cid said. "Quistis, why don't you check with Xu upstairs, I'm sure she'll find you something to do."     <<------------------------------------------>>     Squall lead Skye to a cave near the ocean, just past Balamb. As he expected, nobody was anywhere near it. He pulled down the net that covered up the entrance. -"This the one?" Skye asked, staring inside the dark cavern as far as she could. "Yeah." Squall replied. He turned to make sure they weren't seen, and headed inside. Skye reluctantly followed, not sure if the cave was really deserted. What if a monster suddenly showed it's ugly face? Then again, the guy did have a gunblade. He would protect her, wouldn't he? She shivered as they proceeded further in. A cold gust was coming from somewhere further down. -"I can hardly see a thing!" She complained. "Almost there." Squall assured her. Did he have night-vision or something? She heard a clicking sound, and a light just above her went on. Narrowing her eyes at first, she slowly got used to the intensity of the light. Squall had apparently pushed a button on the wall just up ahead. "What is this place?" She asked, trying to make out the ill-lit shapes up ahead. -"Hang on." Squall told her. He messed with another panel along the wall and a few more lights went on up ahead. She looked up ahead and was astonished by what she saw. "That's our way out of here." Squall explained.

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