"Wow." Skye gasped in astonishment. "Impressive, uh…stuff here." She examined what appeared to be a row of boats, in dry dock inside the cavern. They didn't look like normal boats; machine guns were attached on most of them. Each of the boats was held up a few feet above the ground with some sort of contraption. Squinting, she counted five boats that were docked. A whole bunch of tools and equipment was lying around them. Crates, no doubt filled with ammunition and supplies, were stacked along the cavern wall. -"These are Balamb Garden's armored transports." Squall told her. "If they're not docked in Balamb, they're here." Slowly, Skye approached the nearest boat. She noticed the smooth lines of the boat. It was clearly designed for high-speeds. "Can you pilot it?" She asked, amazed by the good state the vessel she stood by was in. It looked brand new, she could even see her own reflection in it. Squall nodded and investigated the stack of crates. He opened one of them, and picked up some sort of can from it. 'Rations' was printed on it with big white letters. Squall looked dirty at it for a second, then raised his shoulders and placed it on the ground. -"It should be practically automatic." He said, reaching for more cans of rations. "We just need to pack some supplies now, and we're off." She smiled. "Is there anything I should do?" -"Yeah, you could start the engine of that vessel you're standing by. It might take a few minutes to fully warm-up." Skye imitated a SeeD salute as she'd seen before, and moved along the vessel's hull. "Uhm.." She mumbled, shrugging. "Where is the door?" Squall quickly grabbed a few more cans, and packed them all together in a cardboard box. He sighed, picked up the box and walked towards Skye. "There," He said as he threw the box on the ground just in front of Skye. "Hit that button." Grinning sheepishly, she turned to the little red button she had overlooked and bashed it in with her fist. She heard a click, and a door in the vessel slid open to the ground, at the same time providing a stair to climb in with its backside. "Gosh," She laughed as she stepped up. "Modern technology…" She stood in the vessel's opening, and turned to Squall. Laughing at the fact she was now taller than he was. He carefully handed her the cardboard box of cans. "Put it in the back somewhere." As Squall released his grip on the box, Skye nearly fell back. "Hey," She said, trying to maintain balanced, "What kinda food is this? This is heavy!" -"Rations. It doesn't taste good, but has everything you need in it." He explained. She walked inside the transport and quickly dropped the box on one of the two benches inside. "Wow." Skye said, inspecting the interior of the vessel. She wouldn't find it at all hard to believe if ten people could fit on the two benches alone. In between the benches stood a small table. A high-tech map covered most if, some touch-panels and buttons the rest. -"Go to the control panel." Squall told her, as he was busy sifting through the supplies. "Press start, it should work." "Oh-kay," She replied and moved up to the front. "I'm there." The cockpit of the vessel was very narrow compared to the rest. She guessed only one 'pilot' was needed. "Let's see now," She said moving her hand across the panel in search for the ignition. Many buttons, levers and view-screens made up the entire panel. Maybe she'd be better of reading the manual first… "Uhm…Squall?" Skye called. She heard a thud behind her and saw Squall walking up after dropping off another box and his gunblade on the bench. "Move over," He said, slightly annoyed. "I'll take care of everything, just take a seat." Skye looked down. "I'm sorry, I'm not any help…" Squall sighed, and immediately found the right button to start up the system. As he pressed it, all kinds of lights suddenly blinked on in the small cockpit. Several status screens flashed green. It looked like they were all ready to go. Skye was about to take a seat, as she peered through the one of the small windows. "Squall, shouldn't we push this vessel to sea first?" She asked, realizing a boat is no good on dry land. "There's no water in this cave."  -"Don't worry." He assured her from the cockpit. "The dry-dock this vessel is on has wheels. It'll drive us in the water." "Oh…okay." She said as she sat down and buckled up. It could get pretty rough for all she knew. The vessel began slightly trembling, the cans of food were shaking about in their boxes. Skye heard the faint sound of a starting rotor.     Not far from the seaside cave, a group of five Balamb students stood carefully scanning around. In the distance they saw a group of retreating Galbadian soldiers, but they weren't important right now. -"So where is she?" A student asked her squad leader. The oldest student turned to Nida. "Well?" Nida held up the tracking device. "Close by. Can't tell exactly, something is blocking the signal." His eyes widened. "The transports!" He yelled. "She's trying to get away!" The students sprung into action and ran towards the cave, their leader following close behind. Pressing their bodies against the rock wall, they carefully proceeded until they were next to the entrance. -"Sir?" The female student called, noticing the net that normally covered up the Garden's secret cave had been thrown on the ground. Gesturing his squad to wait, the leader peered around the corner, into to dark cavern. The sound of a starting engine echoed. He grabbed his sword. "Let's go in!"     Squall took a seat in the pilot's chair and fastened his seatbelt. He glanced across the control panel. All he needed to do was punch in a few coordinates, but that was easier said than done. "Squall!" Skye yelled from behind him. "They found us!" He looked up through the front window and saw several figures carefully moving towards them. It was too dark to tell from which Garden they were, but Squall could clearly see they were armed; their swords reflected the sun light. Squall quickly closed the vessel's door. Glancing over on the engine's status screen, it still displayed a time of 2 minutes before it was warmed-up. "We don't have that much time!" He yelled at the device and switched it to manual. A warning screen appeared. Squall ignored it and throttled up. The engine roared and the vessel began to drive down the cave with tremendous speed, the small wheels of its dry-dock heavily screeching along the way. -"Get out of the way!" The leader warned his squad, quickly jumping aside. The students threw down their swords and pressed themselves against the cavern wall. With a gust the transport craft drove by them, leaving at trail of dust along its way. As the dust settled, the leader quickly ran towards the sea. But all he could see was the dry dock, half-emerged, and a trail in the water left by the vessel's rotor. Nida slowly opened his eyes, amazed he had remained unharmed. If he were just a few seconds slower, the vessel would have surely rammed him. "Dammit!" Nida's squad leader cursed as he walked back to his team. "We failed." -"Shouldn't we go after her Sir?" He shook his head. "It's almost impossible to catch up with them now." -"At least we will know where they're headed." Nida said, handing the tracking device to his leader. The blink on its tiny radar appeared to be going to the south east.      <<------------------------------------------>>     Seifer stood at the edge of Balamb harbor. He watched the waves of water moving up and down. One day, when all this was over, he would have to go fish here once. "Uh, Seifer?" Raijin called as Fujin nudged him. "I..uh…I don't think they're here, ya know?" Apart from them and a lowly old fisherman, the dock area of Balamb was deserted. There was only one boat docked and it looked like it needed a good work over. Raijin was surprised it managed to stay afloat in the first place. -"Damn." Seifer replied. He followed a small spot on the horizon with his eyes. Fujin and Raijin squinted. A plane? No…wait…a boat? "That's them." He said with an annoyed look. "The Sorceress and that guy." -"How can ya tell?" Raijin asked. By now the boat had disappeared over the horizon. He smirked. "Just trust me on this." "So, what we gonna do now?" Raijin asked. Straightening his jacket a bit, Seifer stepped over to the fisherman. The old man, surprised by the sudden shadow over him, released his grip on the fishing pole. "Dang sonny," He said looking up at Seifer. "Don't scare me like that, it's bad for the old heart." Grabbing his fishing pole from the ground, the old man threw out his line and waited for a bite again. -"That boat, is it yours?" Seifer asked. The old man nodded. "Yep, but it aint for sale." Fujin and Raijin walked up. They wondered what Seifer was on about. -"Shouldn't we get back to the Lunatic Pandora, ya know?" "No." Seifer replied, looking over the fisherman's boat. It was a small boat, the cabin was hardly big enough for even two people to fit in, but it would have to do. Gesturing Fujin and Raijin to jump on, Seifer turned to the old fisherman. "We'll be back." Furious, the old man got up, ready to whack the young lads with his fishing pole. "Git orf me boat, scum!" Seifer grinned and stepped on the boat. "Start her up, Fujin." -"You'll git what's coming to ya, sonny!" The fisherman yelled with his pole waving in the air, as he ran off to get help. As Fujin turned the ignition switch, a crummy old engine was activated. Black smoke came from the rear of the boat. Strange sounds could be heard coming from somewhere below deck. Raijin quickly grabbed hold of the railing, his legs shaking out of control. -"It's just an old engine Raijin, relax." Seifer told him. Gaining a bit of speed, Fujin steered the boat out of Balamb harbor. "DESTINATION?" Seifer stared across the ocean. "They were heading south…I'd say Fisherman's Horizon." -"It'll take ages to get there with this boat, ya know." Raijin said, already hanging over the railing. The gentle up and downward movements of the boat were messing with his stomach. Seifer sat down on a chair at the rear of the deck. He rested his elbows on the railing, and casually sat back. Somehow, he actually enjoyed the ride.     <<------------------------------------------>>     "So, FH it is?" Skye asked, stepping up to the cockpit doorway. She noticed the screen displaying the world map. A course was plotted out; it led south to Fisherman's Horizon. Squall sat, observing a few screens. The autopilot appeared to have been engaged, as Squall wasn't steering. -"I guess so." Squall replied. He unfastened his seatbelt and moved to take a seat on the bench in the main compartment. Maybe he was a little claustrophobic, but he'd prefer sitting out the ride there. As he was about to sit down, the transport vessel hit a high wave. The boat edged towards the right and Squall fell down in the seat. Skye had also lost her balance and landed on Squall's lap. She laughed, but took the seat next to Squall as she noticed he had a worried look on his face. -"Maybe I should go to Timber, and find Rinoa." He said, shaking his head. The same sensation he felt earlier engulfed him again. He had no idea what to do, no idea what was going on. How could he possibly know he had down the right thing by escaping from Balamb Garden? "But what if Rinoa doesn't know who you are either?" Skye offered. He sighed. "Yeah…." But still Squall felt concerned over Rinoa. "So, where are you going?" Squall asked, wondering about the mysterious Sorceress Skye. She combed her hair back with her hands. "I still need to get this thing off." Skye pointed to the Odine's bangle around her neck. Squall inspected it. "Like I said before, I don't think I can get it off with a gunblade." She yanked the bangle, and sighed. "Perhaps only the Headmaster knows how to get it off…" -"No, I'm sure Doctor Odine can as well." He assured her. "After all, he designed it." "Isn't he in Esthar?" Skye asked. "Aren't you going there as well now?" -"Yeah, but I'm going there to see Ellone." He told her. "Although I can't even be sure if she will be there." "We'll just have to see when we get there." She said, cheery. Squall reached grabbed two cans from the cardboard box he had filled. He pulled their lids open and handed one can to Skye. -"Ew…what's this brown stuff…cat food?" She said with a disgusted face. Squall moved the can to his mouth and ate one of the food chunks. "I told you," He said. "They're rations. It's not great, but it will have to do." -"No thanks." She sighed, placing the can beside her. "I'll pass." Skye nudged Squall with her elbow, causing him to drop a few chunks on the floor. -"We do make a great team though, huh?" She smiled. "Escaping Balamb and all…"  "Actually I did all the work…" He mumbled under his breath. She raised an eyebrow. "What was that?" "Nothing…" He replied getting up and moving to the cockpit doorway. "We're almost there." Squall told her, as he saw FH in the distance. They were closing fast. With great curiosity, Skye turned to examine the second box Squall had brought with them. They already had enough food and water in all those other cans, what could be in there? "Something wrong?" Squall asked her, noticing the curious look. -"What ya got in that box?" She wondered. "Ammo for my gunblade and some potions." He told her. "Could come in handy." -"Ah, okay." Squall yawned and leaned against the vessel's hull. Perhaps it was best to rest up a bit soon… A beeping sound came from the cockpit. Squall turned around and took a seat on the driver's chair. He switched off the autopilot. Now came the hard part. -"We there?" Skye asked from her seat. "Yeah, I just need to dock." Squall replied from the driver's chair. Carefully Squall lowered speed and maneuvered the vessel in one of the many docks at FH. He docked the vessel beside a huge crane. With luck, they would hardly be noticed by anyone. "All right," Squall said as the came to a full stop. "Let's go." He opened up the vessel's side entrance and switched off the main control panel. Skye walked down the steps and took a deep breath. As she stared around, she saw two men sitting at a bench not far from them. They appeared to be having an intense debate and didn't notice the Balamb Garden transport that had arrived. … This town, it was so quiet, so peaceful. She wouldn't mind staying here for a while, but figured that wasn't gonna happen. Balamb Garden might still be after her, not to mention that Seifer guy. "Hey, catch." Squall said from inside the vessel. She turned and a backpack flew right in her arms. -"Whoa, what's this?" Skye asked as Squall stepped out and closed the entrance. He carried a backpack too. "I found those under the seats." He explained, moving his shoulders up a bit so his backpack wouldn't suddenly slip off. "It's better than carrying those boxes around." -"Hmph.." Skye uttered, putting on her backpack. "I still think we should just dump those awful cans. No way our we gonna eat that much." Reaching in his pockets, Squall managed to come up with a few hundred gil. "I think we'd better rest up here first." "It is rather a long walk towards Esthar." He added as an explanation. -"Yeah, that's not a bad idea." Skye agreed. "Oh, and I'll need some new clothes." She said, looking over her shabby uniform. -"I see." He replied, his voice thick with uninterest. They walked off to the main street.     The two men sitting at the seaside bench quieted down for a moment and watched them walk past. "Cute couple, don'tcha think?" One of them said.     <<------------------------------------------>>     Commander Gantt and the rest of the gang had joined up in Cid's office again after a short break. Irvine, Selphie and Zell had to be woken up by Quistis, as they were emerged in a deep sleep in their quarters. The late night training sessions of the past week combined with the battle earlier this day had exhausted them more than Kenan expected. He too could use some sleep, but knew that now was not the time. Kenan looked aside. Zell and Irvine were leaning against each other. A sleepy-looking Selphie standing up straight a few feet away. The excess energy she usually possesses seemed drained. Quistis, whom stood aside her, appeared the least effected by exhaustion of all. She examined Kenan's bandage around his arm. He smiled, assuring her he was fine. "Irvine, Zell, get it together." Kenan ordered, thinking by now those two knew he liked a disciplined squad. Moaning, Irvine scratched his back and stood at attention. Zell rubbed his eyes, looking aside. "H-ey, and what about Selphie?" "At least she's standing straight." Quistis replied. Selphie was about to say something, then they heard the small elevator descended. "Ah, you're all here." Headmaster smiled. The elevator reached the floor and he stepped off. Zell grumbled but managed to keep from complaining. Headmaster Cid smiled. "Sorry to wake some of you, but it's rather important." -"What's the matter, Sir?" Quistis asked. His smile faded. Kenan studied the Headmaster's expression. "The Sorceress?" "Indeed Commander," Cid replied. "She managed to escape in one of our transports." -"Where to?" Irvine wondered. Selphie patted him on the back. "Hey, you're awake!" "Fisherman's Horizon." Cid told them, studying a small black object he held in one hand. -"I knew it," Kenan concluded. "You should have let us SeeDs handle it." He didn't believe a bunch of students were up to the task. He was proven to be right. Putting his hands behind his back, the Headmaster started pacing back and forth in his office. "It seems Mr. Leonhart really is a SeeD." He explained. "That's how he knew about the cave with our transports." -"Wow…so he IS one of us…" Selphie mumbled. Quistis shrugged. "But, why is helping Sorceress Skye then?" Suddenly stopping with pacing about, the Headmaster turned to Quistis. "Perhaps he isn't aware of the threat she poses." Selphie thought back to the picture she'd seen. That Sorceress looked like just an average girl, perhaps even about her own age. She knew better than to question the Headmaster, but still, what threat could she possibly pose? The others appeared to be thinking the same. Well, except Zell of course. Selphie could just imagine all he thought about were hotdogs. Then again, she'd rather not think about what goes on inside Zell's mind. -"Everything's ready, Sir." A woman's voice said. They turned and noticed Xu walked in, closing the door behind her. "Ready for what?" Zell asked. -"We're heading to FH." Kenan explained. "Oh, hey everyone." Xu greeted with a warm smile. "You guys all right?" -"No…" Zell moaned. Quistis giggled. "They're fine. Just a little tired." -"A LITTLE?" Zell exclaimed with eyes wide. "Man, I could sleep for hundred years right now!" Kenan cleared his throat. A sure sign for Zell to shut his trap. Xu smiled and stepped on the small elevator. "Well, I'm glad you're all okay." "See ya later." She said as she went up to the Garden's controls. Running his hand through his hair, Kenan looked at Cid questioningly. "So, are WE going after Skye this time, Sir?" "Always straight to the point, Commander." He replied. "But, you are correct." "Your mission is to recapture her and bring her back here." -"And Squall?" Selphie wondered. "Do we have to capture him as well?" Cid shrugged. "I'd rather it didn't have to come to that. And don't harm him either." "Tell Mr. Leonhart I want to talk to him." He added. "He could be vital to winning this battle…" -"I think we understand." Quistis told Cid. "We persuade him to help us." Zell sighed. "Can't someone else do all that? We already have one Sorceress to take one." "Ultimecia hasn't made a move for days," Kenan offered. "Plus others weren't up to the task, we are." -"Yeah…we kick ass…" Selphie yawned and then quickly covered her mouth, not wanting to be inappropriate in front of the Headmaster. Or being inappropriate in company of the Commander for that matter. Quistis stared up at the sky. Suddenly, it turned around. She realized it was in the fact the Garden that turned. The room vibrated, and the Garden slowly started picking up speed. "You'll be dropped off in FH." The Headmaster explained. "We will remain there until you return and repairs to the Garden are completed." "Are they going to Esthar?" Kenan asked studying a small print of the world map. He figured that was the only logical choice. No Sorceress or SeeD could ever have much business in a town like Fisherman's Horizon. Cid smiled. "That's what I assume Commander. Possibly to visit Doctor Odine, to remove the Odine's bangle." Zell started punching the air. "Hey, we can't let that happen!" Irvine rested his shotgun on his shoulder. "Don't worry Zell, it aint gonna happen."  -"We should warn President Loire." Quistis suggested. "I'm sure they'll be able to detain the Sorceress."  "Yes. But the communication panels was damaged during the battle." Cid told them. "We're unable to contact anyone on the outside." "Bummer." Zell mumbled. Headmaster Cid handed a small device to Kenan. "With this you can locate Sorceress Skye." Kenan carefully put the device in the inside pocket of his black cape. "It shouldn't be hard then." "We'll reach FH in a few minutes." Cid informed them. "I suggest you go to the 2nd floor deck and move out as soon as we dock. I hope the mayor won't give you any trouble this time." Irvine agreed. "The sooner we complete this mission, the better." Zell and Irvine opened the office door. "After you." Irvine said, gesturing Zell with his hat to go through. -"Naw, you first." Zell replied, not quite trusting Irvine. Selphie patted Irvine on the back and walked through the door towards the elevator. Raising their shoulders, Zell and Irvine followed Selphie. Kenan and Quistis walked side by side right behind them. -"Oh, one more thing." The Headmaster spoke from his office doorway. Selphie pressed the button for the elevator and turned around. "Sir?" "The Galbadians could still be after Sorceress Skye." He said with a concerned look. "Be careful." A small light blinked and the elevator doors slid open. "We'll be right back Sir." Kenan assured the Headmaster as he and the others stepped inside the elevator. -"Ugh, I get the feeling it's kinda too small for all of us." Selphie mumbled, being pushed against one side. The doors closed. Quistis pushed the button for the 2nd floor and they descended. Apart from the elevator's engine, there was an eerie silence. The silence before the storm? Kenan wondered. Irvine laughed and patted Kenan on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Zell leaning against the wall panel with his cheek. His eyes were closed and his mouth hung open. "The excitement never stops with Zell around…" Selphie grinned. The elevator stopped and Quistis was first to step out as the doors slid open. Kenan and Irvine quickly followed. "Hey," Selphie exclaimed, hands on her hips. "Zell, wake UP!" He moaned something incoherent and hardly moved a muscle. She kicked him in the shin. "I said, WAKE UP!" -"OW! Aah! I'm up! I'm up!" Zell yelled as he stumbled out the elevator, jumping on one leg. "Is it just me, or does this look familiar?" Irvine asked. Kenan smirked. "Fujin and Raijin…" The group proceeded down the second floor hall towards the deck, Zell limping behind.     <<------------------------------------------>>     Squall turned the doorknob. The crummy wooden door swung open, heavily screeching. "This the best room you could get?" Skye asked, looking around the rather cramped hotel chamber. It was better than the brig she was in for a few days, but not by much. Two beds filled up the most of the hotel room. A colorful rug in between the beds added a bit of a cozy feeling, but not enough to compensate for the dull gray walls. There was one empty oak-wood closet, placed against the opposite wall. Next to it a small sink with a mirror. She noticed the room didn't even have a window. -"It's just to take a quick rest." Squall replied. He let Skye step in first and then followed, closing the door behind him. Skye threw off her backpack and plopped down on one of the beds. She laughed as she bounced up slightly. "Wow, these beds are great." Squall sat down on the edge of the other bed. He took off his boots and jacket, glad he could finally rest. Placing them other the bed together with his gunblade and the backpack, he lay down. Squall stared up at the ceiling. Rinoa…what happened to you? What happened to me? This is all so…weird Skye lay with her cheek on the pillow, facing Squall. "Hey Squall, can I ask you something?" He grinned. "Nothing stopped you from doing that before." She rested her head on one hand. "Why did you help me in the first place?" "You could have just run off without me after escaping Balamb Garden, that might have been easier." -"I don't know," Squall replied. "You looked like you could use some help." "I'd say we both need that." Skye laughed. "We're in a similar situation." She couldn't remember a thing, and he didn't wasn't even recognized by his friends and colleagues. Both alone in a messed up world. Squall yawned. "Yeah…" His eyes shut, and he was asleep not long after. Smiling, Skye watched him. He looked a lot better when he wasn't frowning. She crawled up and walked to the sink. In turning the valve, a stream of water poured out. She held her hands under it, rubbing off the smudges and stains. She just couldn't stand being all dirty. Bending forwards, she splashed some water in her face. Skye got up and stared into the mirror. "…Sorceress Skye…" She mumbled to herself. "That's me?" She had already gathered that being Sorceress was cause for many problems and hardships. Things weren't going to be easy. "Nice hair though." She joyously complimented herself as she took hold of a lock of her long, fiery hair. Yawning, Skye realized she'd best rest herself now. She crawled back into her bed and closed her eyes…     <<------------------------------------------>>     "What do you mean 'it's not opening'?" Zell asked, pushing Quistis aside. Much too Selphie's disgust, he spat on his hands and braced himself. "Good luck." Quistis sighed, doubting Zell could open it. -"We're rooting for ya." Kenan laughed. Zell took a deep breath and tried pushing the metal door open with all his might. -"Not opening so much as an inch there," Irvine observed. "Keep it up Dincht." "UGH!" Zell yelled as his face gradually turned red. Quistis shook her head and turned to examine the panel next to the door. She pushed the open button again but nothing happened. Not even an error indicator. Now that she looked at the panel more closely, it seemed completely shut off. How strange, a power failure? "Pooooof!" Zell uttered as he gasped for air. "It's not opening." -"I already came to that conclusion Zell." Quistis giggled. Selphie threw up her hands. "We can't get out now." "Hmm," Kenan mumbled, rubbing his unshaved chin. "Not here anyway." The second floor deck wasn't the only exit. Only the most convenient for entering FH… He looked aside. The panel next to the emergency exit didn't seem to function either. Quistis crossed her arms. "We'd better inform the technicians about this." "Let's just go to the front gate." Kenan suggested. "We'll probably have to climb up somewhere there…we'll see." -"Sir, yes, Si--OW!" Zell said, receiving an elbow in the stomach from Selphie. "I think I enjoy using Zell as a punching bag." Selphie grinned. She and Quistis walked down the hall, back to the elevator. Kenan, Zell and Irvine trudged behind.     A student stood pacing back and forth in front of the elevator doors. "Sir," She said as the Commander and the other SeeDs approached her. "I think it's out of order." -"It was working fine just a minute ago." Quistis told the student. "Something very strange is going on here…." Irvine concluded. -"Great," Zell uttered, leaning over the railing like a sandbag. "We're stuck up here." "Well, we could always throw you down." Selphie chuckled. Kenan pressed the button to call the elevator, but to no avail. "Looks like we'll have to wait then." Zell plopped down on the floor. He crossed his legs and pulled out a deck of cards. "Triple Triad, anyone?' "Not THAT again…" Kenan mumbled covering his face with his hands. Zell looked up. "Quistis? How about it?" -"No thanks," She smiled. "Maybe later." Grinning, Kenan threw his arm around Quistis. "Ha, she hasn't played since I beat her." She shook off his arm. "You were just lucky." He tossed her a charming grin. "Oh really?" -"Uhm…guys?" Selphie interrupted. "We have to get to FH, the Sorceress might be getting away!" Kenan walked to the railing and stared down. "Right, we need some rope…" Irvine shrugged. "I doubt there is any on this floor." -"I know." Quistis said, her face lit up. "We should use the jetpack lying down the hall." "What jetpack?" Zell asked, putting his cards back in his pockets and standing up. -"Seifer entered this Garden in a jetpack, along with two Para-troopers." She explained. "He used one to escape, and Squall used one to escape. So," "There should be one left." Irvine deducted. -"Okay, bring it over here and I'll get you all down one by one." Kenan said, tightening the bandanna around his head.     Balamb Garden lowered speed and eventually came to a full stop in the dock. They had docked by the same big crane as they had before. Several nosy towns' people gathered in the main street and stared up at Balamb Garden. Even if they had seen it before, it was still a beautiful sight. But at the same time, a sense of worry spread among them. What if they would lead the evil Sorceress right to them? The mayor walked up to crowd of people. "Don't worry," He assured his citizens. "I'll handle this." Did those militaristic barbarians really expect they could just drop by like that? The nerve of those people…     <<------------------------------------------>>     Fujin judged they were about halfway to FH now. The crummy fisherman's boat wasn't exactly what one would call fast. She was bored out of her mind. All she needed to do was keep the boat steady, but even Raijin could do that. -"I'm bored, ya know?" Raijin uttered, leaning against the small cabin. "AFFIRMATIVE." A flock of seagulls flew over. Seifer followed them with his eyes until they disappeared over the horizon. "I have a feeling we'll get enough action soon," He told Raijin and Fujin. "Relax for now." He reached under his chair and found an old issue of Weapons Monthly. Seifer wondered why an old fisherman would have such a magazine, but dismissed the thought as he sifted through the pages. With much interest Seifer glared at the gunblade page. He didn't have one for the time being, so maybe he should get one in Fisherman's Horizon. That Flame Saber sure looked good. "Hey! Lemme see, lemme see!" Raijin cried out, noticing the Weapon's Monthly issue Seifer was holding. Seifer smirked and threw the magazine far out in the sea. "No weapons of any interest to you in it anyway…" Raijin's body sagged. "Hey…what if I want to try out a gunblade?" "HA HA!" Seifer laughed. "YOU? A gunblade? Heh, right." -"FOOL." Fujin said in agreement with Seifer. Only a few people can handle a gunblade, she very much doubted Raijin was one of those. Punching the wooden the cabin hard, he showed his fury. "I COULD! YA KNOW!" A tiny crack appeared in the wood. Raijin inspected his fist; it was bruised all over. Fujin sighed, unimpressed, and turned back to the steering wheel. "You just use your staff or whatever you call it." Seifer suggested, equally unimpressed by Raijin's little outburst. The day he would fear Raijin…naw…who was he kidding, that would never happen. As Raijin sat down on the deck, his stomach churned loudly. He looked up at Fujin, like a dog begging his master for food. She didn't respond. Then he turned to Seifer. He replied by throwing up his hands. "I don't have any food." "Ah! I'm gonna die of starvation!" Raijin cried out like a baby. Seifer walked past Raijin and joined up with Fujin in the small cabin. "Did Balamb Garden fly by a few minutes ago?" He asked. -"AFFIRMATIVE." Seifer crossed his arms. "Well, well, looks like we get to swat two flies with one blow..." She turned to Seifer questioningly. "SEED?" "Yeah, they're probably after Sorceress Skye as well." He replied, not at all sounding concerned. Raijin shook his attention from his stomach. "What's so important about her, ya know?" "I don't know." Seifer replied. "Ultimecia wants her captured, that's all I've been told." Scratching his head, Raijin thought back to his encounter with Kenan and the SeeDs in Balamb some time ago. They said Seifer was just an obedient dog to the Sorceress. Oh well, he was sure Seifer knew what he was doing. "Wake me up when we reach FH…" Seifer said as he yawned and moved back to his seat at the rear end of the boat. -"Roger, ya know."

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