"Thanks for the ride." Irvine said as he jumped off from Kenan's jetpack. He was the last to be airlifted down from the second floor. Kenan threw off the jetpack and joined up with a crowd of students in the main hall. "Calm down." Quistis told the students. "I'm sure it's only temporarily." Irvine peered over the pack of students. He saw Quistis and Selphie standing in the center of them. "What's wrong here?" Kenan asked, gently pushing his way towards Quistis. She shook her head. "There seem to be power malfunctions on this floor as well." -"At least the lights are still on." Irvine said, looking around. A young student, probably no older than ten, pulled Kenan's cape. "Uhm…Commander?" The boy called. Kenan smiled and got down on one knee. "What can I help you with?" The boy's eyes started tearing a bit. He quickly wiped them. "Me, and my friends were just at the Training Center…" -"Go on." Kenan assured him. "Well, we decided to go to the Cafeteria, but when I got out, the door closed up behind me!" The boy told him. He was clearly not joking around. "So, your friends trapped?" Irvine asked, having also listened to the young student. -"Yes Sir." He replied with a sad tone of voice. Kenan turned to Irvine. "We don't have time for this." He whispered. -"True, but we gotta help 'em." Irvine replied, also whispering. Upon jumping on a bench, Kenan could overlook the whole crowd. "Listen up," He practically shouted. The students quieted down. "I have a mission for five strong students…" Five people were probably too many just to open one door, but Kenan figured it couldn't hurt to get more muscle into it. Those young students' lives could be at stake. At least ten students stepped up to volunteer. "Okay, you five," Kenan said, pointing to the first row of five students from left to right. "Go to the Training Center. This young student here will tell you what needs to be done." The boy beamed. He felt honored to be put in command of five older students by the Commander himself. -"Sir." The five students saluted and ran to the Training Center with the young student. "What was that about?" Selphie asked Kenan as he got off the bench. He replied with a never-mind gesture. "Just come on…" Selphie patted Quistis on her shoulder. "Let's go." She quickly said goodbye to the students she was conversing with and followed Selphie. The students all turned to complain to Doctor Kadowaki as she approached. Quistis met up with Kenan and Irvine in front of the Balamb Garden map, in the middle of the main hall. "Where's Zell?" Irvine wondered, scanning around. -"Hey!" Selphie sarcastically pouted. "You didn't forget to fly him down, did ya Kenan?" She smiled. "Kudos if you did." -"I heard that!" A voice yelled from the gates. The SeeDs looked up ahead and noticed Zell was waiting for them. "Wow." Irvine gasped. "Don't normally see that." -"Welcome to the zone where normal things don't happen…very often." Kenan grinned, approaching Zell. Zell leaned against the booth at the gates. "About time you guys got here." Walking right past Zell, Kenan got a better view of Fisherman's Horizon. As before, the big crane served as an excellent docking platform, connected to the 2nd floor deck. But from down at the front gate, it was a bit harder to reach FH. "Oh no!" Selphie exclaimed, staring at the nearest dock that would lead up to the main street. -"What? What?!" Zell wondered. He caught up with Kenan. "We'll have to cross some water." Kenan told the others, noticing there wasn't any direct connection to the town. -"In other words…swim." Zell uttered, scratching the back of his head. "Not necessarily." Quistis said, not feeling much for getting wet either. "Balamb Garden has rafts." -"Right. Zell, Quistis, get one over here." Kenan ordered them. "And fast, we've wasted enough time already." Quistis nodded and ran off. Zell followed, heavily moaning. Why did he always have to do all the work? "Hey Kenan." Irvine called, doing a few stretching exercises next to him. -"Yeah?" "How's Tia?" Irvine asked with a sincere face of concern. "Has she recovered yet?" -"Yeah!" Selphie exclaimed. "I haven't seen your sis in a while. Is she okay?" Kenan shrugged. "Yesterday she was still resting. I don't know how she is now." -"But I'll see her later." He quickly added. "Now we've got another Sorceress to worry about." "Why don't ya check that tracking thing?" Irvine suggested. "Maybe she has left FH already, it's possible." Reaching for the tracking device in his pocket, Kenan grew a worried look. Irvine was right, the Sorceress could have gotten away in the mean time. Those transports are wicked fast… Upon carefully inspecting the display on the device, Kenan smirked. "She's close by, still here in FH." Selphie leaned over Kenan's shoulder. She could clearly see the device, but couldn't make much of the display. There where several dots, lines, circles and stuff. It was way too technical for her to understand. "Great!" Irvine said, clapping his hands together. "We'll have her in no time."


<<------------------------------------------>>   "Squall." …. "Squall!" Skye called again, more forcefully this time. It took Squall a few seconds to realize where he was as he opened his eyes. He got up and swung his feet over the side of the bed. Still feeling sleepy, he gathered his stuff from under the bed. Skye sat down next to him. "Sorry I had to wake you so soon, but I have a feeling we'd better go now." Squall put on his boots, and looked at Skye. "Are the Galbadians here?" She shook her head. "…Balamb Garden…" He noticed the room's door was wide open. Balamb Garden…here? Docked in FH? Putting on his jacket, Squall stood up. "Okay, we'd best hurry." "Right." Skye agreed, moving to the doorway. She had already grabbed her backpack and seemed ready to go. -"Did you even sleep?" Squall asked, quickly grabbing his gunblade and backpack. She smiled. "Not really, but it's okay. Someone has gotta stand watch." Squall looked around the room, making sure he hadn't forgotten anything. As he walked to the hotel hall, Skye shut the room's door, handing the key to Squall. "The Garden arrived a few minutes ago." She explained. "I haven't seen anyone come out though." -"They're probably after us." Squall said as they walked down the hall. She looked thoughtful for a second, then shook her head. "No, after me."


The hotel manager politely smiled as the two young ones walked by. Squall threw the room key in the manager's hands. "We're checking out." "Of course." He replied, grabbing a small book from behind his counter. He looked at the clock hanging on the wall behind him and made a note in the book. The manger looked up and smiled. "Have a nice day, and please, come again." Squall and Skye walked outside. Almost everyone in the town seemed gathered up ahead. They were waiting expectantly. Balamb Garden was docked a bit further away. At the usual place, beside the huge crane. "So, you didn't see any come out there?" Squall asked, pointing to the 2nd floor deck of Balamb Garden. -"No. Not anywhere else either." She stated, intensively staring at the Garden. Squall patted her on the shoulder, she nodded and they both ran in the opposite direction. "This way." Squall told her, choosing the road leading up. He looked back. Nobody was following them. Climbing up the old railway bridge, they had a great view of Fisherman's Horizon. "Uhm…" Skye mumbled, glaring up ahead and back. "Where is the train?" The tracks seemed to go on forever. She couldn't see any mainland in either direction. Just the railway bridge suspended above the ocean. -"There is no train." Squall said, wondering whether or not he had told her this before. "We have to walk." Skye sighed, looking down at her shoes. It wouldn't be comfortable walking with those old discarded student shoes. "I've done it before. It's far, but I don't see any other way." Squall said, eyeing Balamb Garden. "We can't go back now, they'd jump us before we could get to the transport." Skye reluctantly put on a smile and started walking towards the horizon. She stopped as she realized Squall was moving in the other direction. "Hey, wait for me!" He kept walking, knowing there was no time to waste. They'd have to reach Esthar before getting caught up by whoever was after them this time. "Hey, is this the only way to Esthar?" Skye asked as soon as she caught up with Squall. -"Either this way, or by air." He replied. "Although the Garden can't fly high enough." The sun was beginning to set. An orange glow spread across the skies. It was reflected in the ocean. "It'll be dark soon." Skye concluded. -"Yeah, seems so. But that will make us harder to spot for them." Squall assured her, still eyeing Balamb Garden. It got smaller and smaller as they proceeded towards Esthar. Eventually it disappeared out of sight completely, along with FH. In both directions, all they could see were the train tracks. "I must be really important to them, huh?" Skye pondered, breaking the silence. She had heard about Sorceress Ultimecia from Squall. If Ultimecia were really that dangerous, SeeD would go after her instead of Skye. But now that they'd moved the whole Garden to follow her, she was proven wrong. -"I don't understand it." Squall said, thinking out loud. "You are not an evil Sorceress, what do they want with you?" "I've lost my memory Squall," She reminded him. "I could have done terrible things, but just not recall them." He looked aside. "I doubt it. You don't seem that kind of person." She studied him. Squall was actually a lot friendlier than he would let people believe, at least, that was her theory. Rolling her eyes, she wondered why she always had to analyze people. Is that her power? She grinned. The power to analyze people, whoo-hoo, what a dangerous Sorceress she was. Squall silently watched the setting sun as they trudged further towards Esthar. It was going to be a long night…




"YOU again!" The mayor scolded as a team of five SeeDs arrived with a raft on the docks of his town. He recognized Commander Gantt, as they had spoken before. The SeeDs carefully stepped off the raft one by one, and tied up the raft to a nearby pole with a sturdy piece of rope. Kenan raised an eyebrow in surprise by the amount of people standing around them. He had always thought FH was a quiet town with not many inhabitants. There were so many people, they blocked the path to the main street. Zell stepped up to the crowd. "SeeD business, let us through!" Irvine walked up next to Zell. "Uhm…buddy, I think you should let Kenan handle this." The mayor stood triumphantly in front of his townsmen. "Commander," He called, trying to keep his voice down. Respectable people like him didn't need to yell to prove their point. "I thought you agreed to stay away from Fisherman's Horizon?" Kenan sighed. The last thing he needed right now was to get into a debate with this peace-loving guy. -"Our Garden needs more repairs." Kenan explained. "And me and my team are on a mission." "Oi!" A man, wearing a technician's uniform yelled. "We already repaired it." Quistis crossed her arms. "You didn't do a good job last time. The damage from the battle with Galbadia Garden still clearly shows." The man scratched the back of his head. "Well,…uh, we focused mainly on getting it operational again. All the structural damage wasn't the main concern. But we DID repair half of it!" "Now now," The mayor said, trying to calm down the technician. "You and your team did an excellent job, don't be bothered by these barbarians." Quistis and Kenan looked at each other and shook their heads. It was pointless trying to convince the mayor otherwise. According to him, Garden just was a purely aggressive military unit. One that would cause more harm than resolve it. "Listen chum, we're gonna save the world, so don't stand in our way." Selphie exclaimed, slightly dancing around. -"Yeah!" Zell backed her up, taking a fighting stance. "Boo!--yaka." "SELPHIE, ZELL!" Kenan called furiously. They were just going to get themselves into trouble with that attitude. He turned to the mayor again. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could assist our Garden's repair teams again." The crowd looked questioningly at the mayor as he paced back and forth in front of them. "Very well," He finally said. "But I want you to leave here as soon as the repairs are complete." After all, he wasn't a fool. He may not like their methods, but they might just save the world from that evil Sorceress. Commander Gantt saluted the mayor, and the other SeeDs followed his example. Quistis motioned Zell, Irvine and Selphie to walk up ahead as Kenan remained behind to discuss a few other issues with the mayor of FH. They waited for him in front of a hotel called 'The Golden Pavilion'. From what they could see, it appeared to be a nice hotel, although nothing really fancy. "Hey…" Zell yawned. "Maybe we could go for a little nap." Irvine shook his head. "Don't have the time…" He turned to Kenan. "Right, so just talk to the Headmaster." He said, trying to end his conversation with the mayor. The mayor and the townsmen still didn't like the idea of the Garden being parked beside their town, but they agreed to help them once more. In the end, everyone hoped the SeeDs would soon stop the Sorceress, and restore peace to the land, so to speak. Kenan joined up with his team. "Gawd, that mayor's a major pain in the--" Quistis coughed. "Let's just get on with the mission, shall we?" Resting her nunchakus on her shoulder, Selphie scanned around. "Don't see any Sorceress here." -"Well DUH." Zell exclaimed. "I doubt she'd just be walking in plain sight dummy." Selphie scowled at him and he quickly hid behind Irvine. "Don't hurt me, again." Kenan and Quistis briefly exchanged looks. Kids, that's what those two they were sometimes. So immature… "I'll just use the tracking device." Kenan stated, grabbing it from his pocket. As he switched it on, his eyes widened. Selphie and Zell peered over the Commander's shoulders at the screen. The blinking light was moving! "What does this mean?" Irvine wondered, even though he could guess. Staring ahead, then back at the screen again, Kenan began to move forward. "She's getting away." He started to run, the others followed. "Where's she now?" Selphie asked, already starting to sweat. She could never maintain this speed for long. Swiftly, the SeeDs climbed up to the railway bridge. Like Kenan had guessed, the Sorceress must be headed for Esthar. "Dead ahead." Kenan informed them. "But she has quite a lead on us." Irvine squinted. "Are you sure? I don't see anyone." By now, the entire sky was colored dark-purple. In a few moments, night would fall. Visibility would drop even more. Body sagging, Zell was about to complain, when Selphie jumped up in stead. "We're not going to walk that whole stretch AGAIN, are we?!" Quistis ran her hand through her hair. "Do we have another choice?" -"Go back to the Garden and get a vehicle up here?" Irvine suggested, somehow proud he came up with a solid idea before Mr. Leader could. "That could waste even more precious time. What if the Parking Lot doors won't open." Kenan argued, seeing no other choice but to pursue, on foot. Everyone sighed heavily, but followed their Commander as he walked off. "I should have brought my hoverboard." Zell mumbled, kicking nearly every small stone that lay in his path. He made up the rear of the team. Selphie and Irvine walked in front of him, probably getting all mushy seeing as how they were both giggling about something. Kenan and Quistis took point. Again, they walked side by side ahead of them. Could there be something between those two? Zell pondered about this shortly, but eventually concluded this wasn't very likely. It wasn't a secret that Kenan liked Rinoa. Zell sighed. One day, he really had to gather up the nerve to talk to that girl in the library.


"So," Kenan said, casually trying to start a conversation with Quistis. "Read any good books lately?" She smiled. "Actually, no. Not since the whole thing with Ultimecia started." "Uh-oh." He uttered, seeing the sun set completely. "I forgot to bring a flashlight." Some seconds later, a row of light on both sides of the railway switched on. Chuckling, Quistis watched Kenan gasp in surprise. "I guess someone must have heard you." The lights enabled them to look further ahead than before, but still there was no sign of the Sorceress. Or Leonhart for that matter. "Whoo-hoo!" Zell called from behind. "Go Irvine!" Both Quistis and Kenan turned around. Selphie and Irvine had stopped just under a lamppost and were…kissing? Wow. They knew there could be something starting between the two, but still this came as sort of a surprise. Actually all they could see was Irvine and his hat, which he cleverly used to cover his and Selphie's face. Kenan looked at his watch. "Uhm, Pineapple," He called. "How long is this gonna take?" Irvine put his hat on again and turned to Kenan, smiling widely. "Sorry. Heat of the moment thing…you know?" Selphie's cheeks glowed red. "Hey..what? Never seen two people kiss before?" Quistis laughed. "Not recently." Beaming, Irvine jogged up to Kenan as they moved on. "Stick around me and you might just learn a thing or two…" Selphie joined up with Quistis. Zell trudged behind, solo, as before. Glancing over at Selphie and Irvine, Kenan grinned. "So, it's official now. You're in a relationship Pineapple." -"Would you stop calling me that? It's Kinneas!" Irvine reminded him with an annoyed look. "Kinneas and Pineapple are two totally different names! How on earth did you…ah…forget it!" Kenan threw his hands on his back. "You know what this means though, right?" -"Uh..w-what?" Irvine hesitantly asked. He smirked. "Now she owns you Pine-uh, Irv. It's over. No more flirting, heck, even looking at other girls is a no-no." Silently Irvine whimpered, wondering what he'd gotten himself into. "Yup. You've just given up the things you are best at." Kenan stated again. "Did you know you can't even burp anymore without being whacked or yelled at now?" His eyes widened. "No, she can't take that away from me. I live to burp!" -"Afraid so buddy. You aint single no more. Hmm, there's a song in that, I'm sure." Irvine remained strangely silent for a while. "Too bad about that world record attempt though," Kenan grinned. "Never seen anyone burp the entire alphabet before, I was so sure you could do it with a little more practice." He sighed. "Thanks for the pep-talk there Commander." Kenan rubbed his chin and looked over his shoulder. "Perhaps Zell could do it in stead, he has great talent you know." -"ZELL? Oh no, that record attempt is mine, mine!" Irvine exclaimed, tapping himself on the chest. "What was that about me?" Zell asked from a few feet behind. Kenan supportively patted Irvine on the back. "Too bad, I doubt Selphie would allow such things." "You see, women don't understand the delicate art of burping like we men do. They think it's vulgar, obnoxious and sorts. We KNOW it is." -"And that's why we love it…" Irvine whimpered, pretending to wipe a tear away. Casually, he looked over his shoulder at smiled at his girlfriend, Selphie. Wow…girlfriend. He DID like the sound of that. "C'mon man," Irvine reasoned, eyes on the railway ahead. "It's not like she'll be around me 24/7." -"Oh really?" Kenan smirked, knowingly. "She'll be all over ya. Wanting to know about everything you do." Irvine shivered. "No, you're just saying that. Ha, you're jealous man!" He shook his head and pointed Irvine towards Zell. "See him? Now THAT's a free man. He can do practically whatever he wants. You can not buddy. Your life as you knew it…" "Noooo…" Irvine whimpered. "It's over, all over?" -"Hey, but good going Pineapple!" Kenan exclaimed cheerfully, loud enough for everyone to hear. He shook his head, smiling widely again. "Kay Commander, let's drop the act already. You're jealous I got me a girl." Throwing an arm around Irvine in a best bud kinda way, Kenan laughed out loud. "Yeah. Who knows?" Smiling mischievously, Irvine glanced over at Quistis, then turned to Kenan. "Don't worry my good man, I can help…" Kenan raised an eyebrow. "Hey, don't you even dare setting ME up. I don't need your help." "Right!" Irvine responded sarcastically. "Girls are just waiting in a line for you." He frowned and supported the back of his head with his hands. "Well, no, they're not waiting in a line." "Actually in three lines." He added with a serious look. -"Sure…whatever ya say Sir."


Just a few feet behind, Selphie was really beginning to get tired. She found it extremely hard to even keep her eyes open. Having Quistis walk next to her was actually quite comfortable, if she'd get too tired, Selphie would just lean against her. On the other hand, Quistis did have a way of boring her like every teacher is able to do to her. Then again, she isn't an Instructor anymore of course. Woo-hoo though! Irvine is her boyfriend! She just couldn't wait to tell all her friends at Trabia Garden. He's so cute! Like a teddy bear, only slightly less hairy! Tee-hee! Quistis chuckled, closely observing Selphie. "Don't let it get to your head Selphie." She beamed. "You're just jealous Quisty." Quistis shook her head. "No, I'm happy for you. But don't think too much of it, after all, Irvine is quite a--" Selphie's eyebrows furrowed, turning to Quistis. "Oh..never mind." She quickly said. "But, please, don't call me Quisty."  -"AH, come ON." Selphie pouted. "It's such a cute name! What else am I gonna call you for short, Q?" "How about just plain Quistis?" She offered with a slightly annoyed look on her face. Selphie considered it, but couldn't see the cuteness in just her normal name. Everyone should have a short, cute name. Like, Irvine is Irvy, Kenan is..uh..Ken? Yeah, and Zell would be... She shrugged. Ah, who cares about Zell anyway? Nobody ever calls his name unless he's getting into trouble. But Quisty, oh, that is a great name!


Quistis stared back at FH. Well, there wasn't any FH to see anymore. Perhaps they'd traveled a considerable distance already. Or, it could just be the overall darkness that prevented her from seeing the town. She sighed. The journey has just begun. Surely they would have to walk all night to reach Esthar. Fatigue would soon set in, Zell and Selphie would really have a hard time. At least it would all be worth it. That Squall, he would help them defeat Ultimecia, and then all this hardship would be over. A happy ending, definitely.






"It's getting really dark, not to mention cold, we'd best get back inside now." -"Oh, you worry too much Uncle." She grinned. But she quieted down as she saw the part of the city where the battles had taken place. Even though most fires were extinguished days -if not some weeks- ago, smoke still covered up a great amount of the sky above Esthar. Everyone fought so bravely…all for her? So many young men had sacrificed their lives. People, whom never even met her, but were willing to pay the ultimate price. And for what? Just to make sure the Sorceress wouldn't capture her? Her uncle threw his arm around her, comfortingly. He knew exactly what she was thinking about. "It's not because of you Ellone. They all fought for their loved ones, for freedom. They will not soon be forgotten." A tear rolled down Ellone's cheek. "But it was all for nothing. All they did was force Ultimecia to retreat. She will back Uncle, I know it. Soon…" "Everything is going to be fine. Trust me." Laguna told her. "I won't let anything happen to you." She rested her head against his shoulder. Uncle Laguna…she could always trust him. Never did she doubt this, even when Sorceress Adel had captured her those many years ago. He would never let her down. They overlooked most of Esthar from the presidential balcony. Despite the damage from the battle with the Lunatic Pandora, the city looked as beautiful and majestic as ever. It could always give Laguna a lump in his throat just by looking at it. And to think he was even President of such a city. Ellone closed her eyes, just as a cold breeze passed by her face. "Is something wrong?" Laguna asked, releasing Ellone from his hug. He knew that she would only close her eyes either to sleep…or to use her powers. -"A Sorceress is approaching." She stated, opening her eyes. "It's neither Ultimecia nor Adel." His eyes widened. "Is she…evil?" Ellone shook her head and walked back inside. Laguna followed, closing the balcony doors behind him. "I can't sense any evil." She said. "But these sense are still new to me. I could be wrong." Putting his hands in his pockets, he nervously paced back and forth in his office. "So, where is she coming from?" Ellone shrugged. "I think the same way the SeeDs entered earlier. The rail bridge." "Okay." Laguna said, moving to his intercom. "Kiros and Ward, please report to my office." Giggling, Ellone walked over to her Uncle and actually pushed the 'on' button of the intercom system. Laguna scratched the back of his head. "Kiros and Ward, please report to my office." "Great goobish goo, I'm no good with modern technology. Never even figured out how to flush the toilets here." He mumbled, smiling at his young niece. Ellone giggled again, and switched the intercom off. "The whole Presidential Palace heard that Uncle." He sighed heavily. He could still make a bigger fool out of himself than anyone else could ever do for him. The door to Laguna's office creaked open. His aid Kiros, walked in. "What is it now," He sighed. "Your highness?" Laguna beamed. "Ah, just call me Laguna will ya? And hey, how did you get here so fast?" Kiros smiled politely towards Ellone and crossed his arms. "My office is next to yours Laguna, remember?" "Oh. I thought that was the janitor's closet." Laguna laughed, turning to Ellone. "Kiros might looked like a neat guy, but man! Can he make a mess out of his office…" -"Actually, that was because Ward needed to see the dentist." He explained. "I chased him all around the room before I caught the big guy. That's probably the only thing Ward fears, seeing the dentist." Nervously grinning, Laguna took a seat behind his desk. Kiros leaned against the edge. "Oh, and you were practically crying when you had to go Laguna…" -"With the way I eat, I'm bound to have a million cavities." He admitted. "But you know what the old folks say, it's better to have ten cavities in your teeth, than one in your head." Both Ellone and Kiros stared questioningly at Laguna. "Better have ten cavities in your teeth…than one in your head?" "What? Is it something I said?" He asked. The doors to the office closed. Ward walked up and said something with the expression on his face. -"You're an idiot Laguna. But we wouldn't have it any other way." Kiros translated Ward's expression. "Heeey!" Laguna pouted. Ward chuckled, stomach bobbing up and down. But then his face grew serious, wondering why Laguna had called him. Noticing the look, Laguna stopped clowning around…for now… "Ellone just informed me that a Sorceress is heading towards us." He told his aids. "She doesn't know if the Sorceress is an evil or good one, so I want you to meet her. But be careful." Kiros nodded. "No problem. Anything else?" "Any news from Balamb Garden?" He asked. -"No." Kiros replied. "But we know they're docked in Fisherman's Horizon now." Ellone smiled. "Maybe they're bringing Tia then?" "Isn't that the girl that freed Adel?" Laguna asked. "I didn't know she was a Sorceress." -"Yes, that is her. She received Edea's powers." Ellone smiled sadly. Ward looked down. "Yeah, that's really sad." Kiros said. "But at least she's no longer under Ultimecia's control." -"Anyhoo, get down to the entrance and see who it is." Laguna told them, standing up. He tried his best to make it sound like a request instead of an order. Kiros and Ward walked out of his office. Ellone gazed outside through one of the big windows in Laguna's office. She wondered what lay waiting for them just beyond the horizon. Whistling cheerfully, Laguna peered over at the antique clock. "Whoa, time flies!" He exclaimed, surprised it was already that late. He stretched and yawned. "I think I'll be going to bed now." -"So will I, Uncle." Ellone said, giving Laguna a goodnight kiss.






"Uhm…Seifer…y-ya know?" His eyes popped open. Raijin was backing up towards him, away from a purple colored fog. Seifer stood up and halted him by taking hold of his shoulders. "Stop being such a chicken. It's only the Sorceress…" A cold sweat drop formed on Raijin's forehead. The Sorceress was exactly the person he feared the most. Even Fujin glared nervously at the purple fog as it thickened in the middle of the small deck. Only one lamp in the cabin provided a bit of light on the boat, but it was clear this was the Sorceress' doing. Seifer had seen this before in Timber. "Fujin," He called to the other side of fog. "Are we near FH yet?" -"AFFIRMATIVE." She replied, even though the town itself wasn't visible.

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