Story Notes:
A quick Videl and Gohan one shot I excerpted from an older story. I was reading some Gohan and Videl doujinshi last night and thought about it. Also I was thinking of Celious' Videl and Gohan comic and figured I'd post this in support of it! This is dedicated to you and all others who love these two. Hope you like it! It's a bit rushed, but think of it taking place around the time after Majin Buu.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Videl and Gohan awaken after an all night study session.  But what do they discover about each other? This takes place after the Majin Buu saga, so Goku is alive and is living back with his famiily.
As Videl blinked awake, she shivered in fear, shaking the person next to her. Both of them lay curled up in Gohan's bed, wearing little else.  Textbooks lay scattered on the floor, while sheets of paper were strewn here and there.  A few pencils rolled off the bed as Videl realized where she was.  Last thing she remembered was them cramming for a biology exam, and Gohan had been extremely helpful. What she didn't remember was laying in his bed.

Next to her someone shifted, wrapping their arms around her chest. Videl gasped, realizing the muscular hard arm belonged to the equally hard body wrapped around her curled form.  Emitting comfortable heat, Gohan had pushed his face into her hair, fanning her ear with his soft breath.  

"Wake up… wake up!" she hissed.  She had to admit he looked cute with that one curl of spiky hair gracing his forhead. But now wasn't the time to admire the scenery.

"Uh oh," he gasped, blinking up at her scared face. "It's morning already?"

"Oh damn… my dad's gonna KILL me… I said I'd be comin' home today… and if he discovers I'm HERE…" she panicked, biting her nails. "What if your dad…"

"Calm down, just calm down," Son Gohan said, rubbing her shoulder. He leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss.  

Videl's heart pounded in her chest as she babbled, "Calm DOWN? We're not MARRIED and we just…"

"It's okay… I know he'll think of something to tell your dad…" Gohan reassured her.

"How can you be so calm when your parents could… walk in on us?" Videl demanded.

"Um… because the other day, Dad was telling us just WHY he didn't mind us slipping into Grandpa Gohan's little house…" Gohan blushed profusely, pushing a lock of her hair out of her face.

"What are you saying, buster?" she snorted, narrowing her blue eyes at him as her pixie face scrunched in an accusatory frown.

"Well, Dad kinda expected you and me to… um… you know… do what we just did?" he lifted a brow. "And I don't think he'd be MAD exactly if he put two and two together…"

"What?" Videl gasped. "You mean we've been sneaking around and your own dad doesn't care if you and I shack up?"

"Nope…" Gohan admitted, steeling himself as she punched his arm hard.

"You dummy!" she shrieked, jumping on him and attacking his ribs. They wrestled together, play hitting and punching till Videl twisted his arm behind his back and started sitting on him hard.

"Hey… oww! Not THERE!" he gasped, as she landed on the spot where his tail had once been. A loud growl escaped his lips, and she blinked hard.

"What was THAT?" she gasped, rolling off him.

"Um… that's a sensitive spot… I mean… you might not like the results if you… um…" he trailed off as she blinked at him.

"What is it with you people?" she shook her head. "I know you're not QUITE from this planet… but you're not some kind of wear wolf are you?"

"Remember that story that Dad always tells about the Great Ape and the moon?" he blinked. "Well… it really IS true…"

"Crap… I thought it was some joke!" she groaned. "I mean I heard this whole thing about Saiyans and I figured you guys were just some super strong aliens like… some outer space… and now I find out if I touch your back…"

"That's where my tail used to be," he said sheepishly. "That's why I um… was kinda… leery about…"

"Why you wanted the lights off?" she said with a sly grin. "What EXACTLY happens if I touch you… there?"

Gohan swallowed hard as her hand ran up his thigh. In his throat he growled as she reached around and brushed her hand over the place she'd touched before. Gasping deeply, he flipped her over and pinned her under him.

"Oh… THAT's what happens… I think this could be FUN!" Videl trailed off before Gohan threw the covers over both of them, and she found another reason to suppress her sounds.
They heard the sound of Goku’s off key singing just outside one window.  Videl's head shot out from under the covers. "Was that you dad?" she gasped, sitting up atop Gohan.

"I told you it wasn't a big deal," he laughed, reaching up to pull her down again.

"But I heard someone singing…"

"What?" he asked then shivered.

"Who was it?"

"It's my dad, in the bath," he chuckled, blinking. "Probably annoyed that there's no food yet…"

"What about your dad?" joked Videl, and then shivered. A loud alto voice called Goku’s name, and she shivered, glancing at Gohan. Both were panicking.

"Oh no, it's mom," Gohan groaned.

"Crap!" Videl gasped, realizing they had forgotten all about what Chichi might say.  Although Chichi needled Videl about settlign down and marrying her precious Gohan, seeing them together in his room might jinx the nice progression of their relationship.  As she well knew, Chichi was HIGHLLY protective of her elder son.  

"Oh no… it's impossible," Gohan groaned, sitting up and nearly knocking her off balance. He shot out his arm and steadied her, giving her the sheet to wrap around herself. He swung his legs over and stood up, grabbing a pair of boxer shorts from the drawer of his dresser.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, trying to tuck the sheet around her, and stand on wobbly legs. She stumbled, and Gohan steadied her against himself.

"They're calling for me, and if I don't come down for breakfast… Easy… here, let me get you a t-shirt or something… I think I have one… let's not freak out…" he muttered under his breath. She exchanged the loose T-shirt, which was a 2 x Capsule Corps thing, and caught the sweat pants he threw her from her gym bag. Inhaling the scent of him from the shirt she found she liked having a bit of her man with her in this way.

He shimmied into a pair of blue jeans, and a white T-shirt, before picking up his sneakers. Videl finished by dragging a brush through her hair, and looking at him in a panic because he seemed on edge. She flopped onto the bed, still unable to walk because she hurt like hell in some places, while she tingled with satisfaction in others.

"We'd better wash those sheets," she said, helping him pull them off and throw them into the hamper. They heard footsteps echoing as Chichi's voice shouted his name.

"Coming Mom… hold on!" he groaned. Turning to Videl he kissed her sweetly and briefly.

"I'll stay here," she said.

"Wait, I know… the twins should be waking up now… and since Goten had Trunks sleep over, they can fend for themselves. But if you know them they'll be screaming for breakfast soon… and that's the perfect opportunity to slip out…"

"Okay, but you'd better not run on me buster…" she mumbled.

"Well, I hear my little brother Goten asking for breakfast," said Gohan with a smile. "He may be a pain in the neck, but he's just saved you and me a lot of trouble…"
The arrival of Trunks and Goten distracted the two teenagers entering the living room. Both of them were struggling to get breakfast for themselves while trying to decide who got hold of the remote. Gohan glanced in, realizing they were too busy trying to grab all the cereal and toaster pastries to take into the living room to notice anyone coming in.

"Is the coast clear?" she asked.

"Yes, but why should you worry about what they think? It's not like they have any say… unless you're worried that my little brother…" said Gohan.

"I have no clothes…" she whispered.  "Except your t shirt and your mom might think TWICE about that!"

"I'll carry you to the guest room, so it will look like you slept there!" Gohan nodded. He zipped out, managing to only catch the view of Trunks and Goten wondering who it was. Goku puttered about in the kitchen with Chichi, both of them rushing back and forth to start enough food for four hungry male Saiyans.

"Have you seen Gohan?" asked Chichi. "I just heard him come in…"

"He's just probably hunting for some clothes… but I'm more worried about Videl…"

"I'm sure she's just fine," said Son Goku, blinking as he saw Gohan rush past carrying a woman in his arms. A sense of surprise and relief crept across him when he realized that ki blast he sensed wasn't his an enemy attacking.  Winking at Gohan he suddenly swung between Chichi and his elder son.
"Hyper speed is great," she whispered. "I think I saw some clothes in the guest room you could use…"

"Humph, good you thought of that…" he groaned, keeping his arm around her waist as he freed his other hand. They were both inside the guest’s bedroom again, trying to figure out a way to best exit without Gohan’s family pestering them with questions.

Because Chichi and Goku often were the first to rise, she'd exit first to start breakfast, soon followed by her. Yet Goten was a bit sneakier, and with the way things were going, the last thing he needed was everyone getting embarrassed.

"Don't worry, we'll figure something' out… to tell them…" Gohan grinned, grabbing the pair of jeans and a t-shirt she threw him.  If it were up to Videl he wouldn’t wear anything on those muscular legs of his, and he knew that she preferred seeing them. Until she could get him into some more normal clothing like very TIGHT jeans.

Seeing Videl staring, Gohan gave mock snarl, catching her around the waist before playfully dumping her on the bed. He pounced, and almost smashed the flimsy frame as he landed atop her.

"I'll go out first, and you can come when you've figured out what to do," she giggled, teasing him mercilessly as he blushed almost as bright red as his training outfits.

"Are you ashamed to be seen with me?" he asked quickly.

"No, Gohan, of course not. But I think that I don't want to draw too much attention. I just want to enjoy a nice breakfast with you next to me, and then just quietly slip off and you can show me more about this mating thing?"

"Don’t worry Videl.  No matter what Mom or dad says, I don’t regret what happened," he said in a low whisper.

"And I'm yours," she said, walking over to lean down and bite the welt on his neck. Gohan growled and did the same, lapping the blood.

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