"When did you first kiss?" Beryl nudged Videl.

"What?" Gohan spluttered a mouthful of his beverage across the table. The recipient of this spew of droplets this time was Sharpener, who cursed under his breath. Erasa's attempts to mop the food off his visage with a napkin soothed him for the time being.

Videl's blue eyed glare focussed annoyed at Beryl. With an expectant glance towards Gohan she asked,

"Excuse me?"

"No use asking him that stuff, Beryl. He's not going to answer THAT in a million years," Sharpener answered on Gohan's behalf. Erasa's eyes widened, as did Videl's at the unexpected intervention.

"I'm not asking you Sharpie. Aren't you going to answer the question, bookworm," Beryl further taunted, his eyes twinkling with the growing smirk poking one cheek into a fierce dimple. Judging from the angle of his crooked smile, Erasa felt the tension reaching boiling point. Uncomfortably she squirmed in Sharpener's lap, causing her date to feel blood rushing to a place he was both pleased and flustered to realize.

Dark eyes bottomless as midnight, Gohan lowly but firmly answered, "That's none of your business, Beryl."

"Like we want to know his business anyway," Sharpener added, tightening his hold on Erasa's waist to keep her from squirming so much. Not that he minded the result, but trying to stand up a few minutes later would cause many eyes to divert south of the equator.

"My first kiss was at the movies," Flair tittered.

"I remember that well, sweetheart," Bic said, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"Guys, get a room," Videl threw a piece of ice at them both. "Seriously! Can't we talk about something else?"

"It's not like we're asking if anyone's a virgin," Beryl began. "You are so uptight man… what's your deal?"

"Shut up," Gohan suddenly said, a low growl erupting from his throat. "That kind of talk doesn’t belong here."

"What's gotten you so uptight?" Beryl asked Gohan.

"Guys, simmer down," Bic said, playing moderator.

"It's no big deal, Gohan. He asked a simple question. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, so relax," Sharpener said, grabbing Gohan's shoulder.

"It's something that guys talk about in locker rooms and girls talk about at slumber parties," Erasa supplied. "Not something we talk about in mixed company."

"I agree with that," said Videl. "So if you don't mind I've got something else I'd like to do."

"Just answer the question, Gohan. I'm not the one making it a big deal," Beryl continued. Everyone wanted to slap him at the stupidity of his persistence. What was he trying to prove anyway?

Sharpener was not in the mood to have a fight develop simply because he wanted to explore the interest he had sown in Erasa. Alternatively, was it the desire to help someone that had now become important to the girl he once thought he loved? Whatever the case Sharpener found himself quickly blurting out, "Look Gohan, you could just say it's none of our damn business if you want. Beryl, that's his business okay?"

"He's right," Gohan chimed in, shooting Sharpener a grateful sidelong look. "Back off, Beryl. I'm not in the mood for this."

"Excuse me, sheesh," Beryl grimaced. "Aren't we a little touchy?"

"Look, buddy, some people want to think about other things, let them do it. However, our relationship is OUR private business everyone. NOT the subject of everyone's lurid fantasies. If any of you have anything you would like to ask, fine. But don't do it like it's something to brag and embarrass us about, because I won't stand for it," Gohan said angrily, nudging Videl off his lap. His dark eyes gleamed brightly, making everyone shiver.

"Oh, so we're not good enough to hang with you, is that it, bookworm?" Beryl asked, shoving his girlfriend aside and leaping to his feet.

Videl caught hold of Gohan's arm, leaning back a bit. Jabbing a finger in Beryl's direction she snapped, "Get lost Beryl. Gohan's right. It's NONE of your beeswax what Gohan and I do, got it?"

"Guys, enough, people are staring! Cool it," Bic interrupted, waving his hands.

"Um… he's right… sit down okay?" Flair contributed.

"I'm not the one making a big deal out of nothing! Bookworm's the one who has a stick up his ass, not me, Bic!"

"Shut up Beryl. It is not worth it. Gohan, if you do not want to talk about it just say so. Don't throw a fit!" Sharpener urged.

"Come off it sharpener, don't tell me you're sticking up for the guy!"

"Everyone shut up and listen to me!" Gohan raised his voice further. "I just don't like gossip that's all. It's rude and it's sophomoric and I REFUSE to play these games."

"He's right," Flair said quietly. Suddenly they felt the weight of dozens of eyes on them, burning like invisible heat.

"Sit down Beryl. You too Gohan. There's no need for this. Gohan has a right to his opinions. So drop it," said Bic. Suddenly Beryl plopped down on his chair, next to Prisma. Meanwhile Gohan and Videl gathered up their books and stuffed them back into their respective bags.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm sorry Flair, but I think I've lost my appetite," Gohan said. "Excuse me."

"Later," Videl added, before disappearing into the hubbub of the whispering crowded cafeteria. Everyone exchanged awkward looks after such a conversation stopper.

"He's sure old fashioned, Beryl. You know how he was when he first showed up. Are you surprised,"

"I know Prisma, but still… he shouldn't have a cow for such a simple question," supplied Flair. "Even if it was direct."

"Flair, I admit he's a bit shy about such things. But that doesn't mean he's less of a friend."

"Bic… guys can we change the subject already?" Sharpener asked.

"What's gotten into you, Sharpie?" Beryl asked. "Suddenly defending Bookworm."

Sharpener tossed his head with a swirl of blonde hair. He started stacking his books and then reached over to grab Erasa's. She asked, "What are you doing?"

"Erasa, let's get out of here. The moods shot, and lunch is over," Sharpener said, extending a hand to her.

"Huh?" she asked, still sitting in the chair abandoned by Videl.

"You coming or what? I don't know about everyone else, but I've got some exams to pass," Sharpener continued.

"I guess you're taking after bookworm Sharpie?" Beryl snickered.

"Beryl, get the stick out of your ass. I don't have to explain my business to anyone!" Sharpener retorted.

"I think we should leave, Sharpener," Erasa suggested, lightly taking his hand.

"Hey, who put a bug in your shorts man? Why are you being so damn touchy?" Beryl demanded, standing up and glaring at his friend.

"This isn't the royal jerk competition you two!" Bic glared at both of them. "Now sit down because you're making a scene."

"Always worried about your image?" Sharpener glared. "C'mon… let's go."

Both of them quickly wandered off in the same direction as Gohan and Videl had gone. Leaving four other teens blinking oddly at each other under the scrutinizing watch of the onlookers.

"Show's over, butt out!" Bic shouted loudly. Quickly the rubberneckers looked away, mollified by the large football player's imposing bulk rising out of the chair. Nobody wanted any trouble. Especially when the lunchroom monitor orbited backs and marched right towards them.

"Excuse me, but you two need to come to my office right away. I don't want anyone else stirring things up Finals week!" Mrs. Harrison sharply interrupted. Sullenly Bic and Beryl were waved to follow her, their girlfriends gathering their own books up.

"Gohan, go easy," Videl whispered, tugging his sleeve. "What's gotten into you."

"Why should we have to put up with that garbage? We're graduating from high school, not continuing it!" Gohan complained, still marching along with Videl clinging to his hand.

"Hey, Gohan!" shouted Sharpener's voice.

"Now what?" Gohan mumbled.

"Hey, wait up! Listen!" Erasa called.

"What?" Videl asked, turning to look at them. Her quick tug on Gohan's hand stopped him, much to his irritation.

"If you don't mind I've got some studying to do," Gohan said, not looking at the other couple.

"Gohan, I just wanted to let you know Beryl wasn't being cool. In addition, that well…" Sharpener scratched his head.

"Where are you going with this?" Videl suspiciously asked.

"We were just talking and um…" Erasa said shyly. "Would you mind having a group study session with all of us together."

"No tests, just our own notes. How about it Gohan. Let us bury the hatchet. I mean we are all about to graduate and I um... I am the first to admit I've been an ass about this. So can't we all just be cool now?"

"What's in it for you?" Gohan asked.

"Look man, I'm sorry okay? I should not have been such a dork. But can we just start over? I mean we're all friends, and once we all graduate… I mean… you do have a point and all," Sharpener fumbled.

"Huh, that's news coming from you," Videl said.

"Give him a chance okay? He did stand up for you back their, Gohan," Erasa said sweetly.

"What do you have in mind?" Gohan asked, turning around to face them fully.

"Dinner on me? Truce? Then we all study at the place of our choice? Library or wherever. And there's NO catch, Gohan," Sharpener said quietly.

Gohan and Videl exchanged glances. Holding out her hand Videl said, "Okay. That's cool."

"Fine," Gohan said. Sharpener was nervous at first but was surprised when Gohan extended his hand as well. Bewildered Sharpener saw the frown fade from the dark features that softened, and reached over to shake hands with his once rival for Videl.

"See it's not that hard to behave, right boys?" Erasa giggled. Videl rolled her eyes and Sharpener actually allowed himself to relax from that permanent bad boy smirk.

"Wondered when you'd pull the stick out of your butt," Videl mumbled. Nevertheless, Erasa's giggle and quick hug to Gohan irked her before she could start. That strange look of jealously Sharpener shot in Gohan's direction was a refreshing change.

Piled into Sharpener's car, the four friends chattered quickly about the best way to study English Composition. Once they exited, they found their way into a shopping mall, where Erasa just had to look at the new dresses. There was a long wait at the restaurant Sharpener chose, and Gohan wanted to try somewhere less expensive. Therefore, the four teenagers all stood just inside the entrance of Escargot, mulling over their options.

It was Sharpener that spoke first, curling his arm around Erasa's waist. Casually he suggested,

"Hey I've got an idea, babe. Gohan and I'll wait here, and you ladies go off and shop a bit."

"But Sharpener…"

Erasa's blue eyes twinkled, which didn't surprise Videl in the least when she squealed, "Sharpener that's a GREAT idea! I saw the CUTEST dress we have to try Videl. And the nail parlor's doing a 2 for one deal… we'll get our nails done while we wait!"

"But Erasa…" protested the other girl.

The Matre D suggested, "Excuse me, but would you like to wait or come back? You can sit in the bar if you would like. There's a chance you can get a table more quickly…"

"The bar?" Gohan blinked, tugging at his collar as if someone had suggested he should jump in a shark infested lake.

Sharpener patted his shoulder comradely; "You are 18, right? In addition, you don't have to get anything leaded, bookworm. I just want a man to man chat with you that's all? I mean since the girls…"

"So that's your motive eh?" Videl glared at him.

However Erasa exuberantly cut off any further protests Videl or Gohan could offer, "How about it Videl? Which would you rather do? Shop or wait in some noisy bar?"

"We'll wait in the bar while the ladies go and come back?" Sharpener asked. "Go on Erasa, we'll keep the seats warm for you!"

"Thank you!" Erasa squealed. "But I forgot my credit card! I only have enough cash for dinner!"

"You can borrow one of mine," Sharpener said, reaching to take out his wallet and pass one of his credit cards to her. "Here, I'll write down the access code for you."

"Wow, that's generous of you," Videl looked at him.

"Anything for the lady. Now shoe, both of you, and have fun. Call it a study break, right Gohan?" Sharpener said, slugging Gohan on the back.

"But Sharpener… the whole point was to take them out to dinner."

Leaning close to him, he whispered, "Let them have their girl chat time Gohan. Play along will you?"

"But Gohan…" Videl started.

"No, it's okay," Gohan said with a smile. "I think it wouldn't hurt. And you two do need a break…"

Videl shrugged and then both she and Erasa went over to give their respective dates a hug. After all, Videl would hear all the details later. Sharpener seemed very relaxed while he and Gohan took seats at the long granite countertop. Both presented their Ids, and Sharpener ordered a West City Brew while Gohan settled for Capsule Cola. To his surprise and delight, Sharpener did not berate him on his beverage choice.

Light from the TV flickered over the patrons along with the neon buzzing signs spelling out West City Brew and Satan's Secret Ale. Patrons filed in from the waiting area, clustering around the already filling bar counter where the two huddled. Grabbing a handful of nuts, Sharpener tossed one into his mouth. Gohan picked up his fizzing glass, wet with condensation. He tossed the lemon wedge in, and raised it to take a sip. Seeing Sharpener hold up a hand and grab his beer, he hesitated.

"A toast, Gohan," he offered.

"What to?"

"Graduation, and friendships, new and old. And for making me pull the stick out of my butt and um…"

"Act like a human Being?" Gohan chuckled. Sharpener grinned, clinking their glasses together. Visibly they relaxed, and soon settled into talking like old friends. Gohan had to admit he liked Sharpener better as a friend than a rival for Videl's affections. Especially since he had suddenly decided to show his interest in Erasa.

Yet, his protective nature wondered what would result. Would Erasa be disappointed or not? He was interrupted in his thoughts by Sharpener's next question, "Um Gohan, I know it was stupid to ask about a first kiss. But was it because it was in front of the girls that you got all upset?"

"Yes," said Gohan. Occasional clinks of the bartender reaching for bottles and the murmur of patrons around them drowned out their conversation, proving sufficient masking noise.

"I see. Well you are an old fashioned person. But hey, that's cool with me. And you are right. WE are growing up. Videl is lucky to have you as a boyfriend. And I'm a dope for not letting it go sooner," Sharpener said. "Just treat her good okay."

"Or we'll take it outside?" Gohan smirked. Sharpener laughed, and they continued to sample their beverages. They swiveled their stools around to watch the ballgame. The female bartender aimed her remote at the TV, turning up the sound. Both of them chuckled to hear about the Taitains versus the Satan City Devils.

"They're nine ahead, and it's the fifth inning," Sharpener noticed.

"Yamcha's up to bat next!" his friend pointed up to the flickering screen, rife with images and the latest scores scrolling along the bottom.

"You know Yamcha the Slugger, Gohan?"

"Of course! He's one of my dad's oldest friends!"

"Heh, cool. Maybe you could twist his arm and get season tickets, Gohan?"

Setting his Capsule Cola down, Gohan said, "Hey Sharpener."

"Yeah, Gohan?"

"It was in West City. My little brother and his best friend saw us though, and I tried to stop them from telling Mom…"

"Oh? What's this that you're talking about, bookworm?" Sharpener wondered, mouth still half full of mixed nuts. His voice cleared through the application of more beer.

"My first kiss… I mean my first… well… French kiss," Gohan said with a blush.

"You didn't have to tell me man. But thanks," Sharpener said with a smile. "Are you sure this wasn't the Great Saiyaman you saw kissing her?"

"I…" Gohan stammered.

"Relax. I know who you are. I mean Erasa figured it out. And we all saw you at the tournament," said Sharpener. "But it's not like I'm going to blab it to the world. Most of us didn't draw the correct conclusion after that whole thing… I mean it was like something came over us all that we wanted to forget but didn't."

"Oh… so how…" Gohan trailed off. HE realized part of the wish to forget Majin Buu included the words 'and the Great Saiyaman's true identity'. Tacked on as an afterthought by Goku, he was grateful. Yet, Erasa had still figured it out so it hardly mattered. It was the reason he continued with his superhero identity despite his 'unmasking' at the tournament.

"I mean maybe you WISH it was you and Videl kissing when you two REALLY saw Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyawoman smooching," Sharpener winked.

"Oh," Gohan blinked, realizing they were in a public place. "Yeah you figured it out! Silly me!"

"So what did you see them doing? The Great Saiyaman and the Great Saiyawoman?"

"Mmm, they were um fighting a bunch of zombies. When the city was invaded by the living dead, remember?" Gohan ran with Sharpener's 'cover'.

"How could I forget that. Man it was creepy. Having a whole bunch of tanks rattling over your car during rush hour!"

"Well that wasn't all that went weird. I saw these alien monsters running around the city. Then I saw the Great Saiyaman right there. He defeated the monsters in ONE punch… and then Videl… she um… got really excited and cheered him on…" Gohan continued.

"One lucky guy," Sharpener sighed wistfully.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Gohan chorused his friend's sigh.

He remembered that day well. Both of them had gone from eating dinner to fighting crime, side to side. Gohan had shed his disguise and beaten Freeza with a swing of his fist. Seeing Videl's look of admiration he felt the urge to show off with a crazy series of poses. Caught in the moment he remembered her stop clapping to catch his gaze.

"You were amazing Gohan!"

"Aww you're just saying that!" he laughed wiping the sweat from his brow with a gloved hand. Still he wore his green vest overtop very tight spandex. Reaching down Videl grabbed the discarded sunglasses and turban. She shyly handed them back to him.

"You'd better put these back on. I see some citizens nearby, and you don't want to blow your cover, right?" she winked.

"Oh yeah, that's right…" he realized, quickly sliding his sunglasses back into place, then blushing when Videl tugged the turban over his head. She reached around his neck to secure its knot at the base of his scalp where his hair started. This brought them close together, and Gohan's hands were poised half at his sides, half in midair.

"We can't let evildoers know who your secret identity is, right, Great Saiyaman?" she winked.

"Um no! You are right, Miss Videl," he answered in his stage voice. Her blue eyes twinkled, and then he felt her arms tug his neck and head along with it. Caught off guard, he grabbed her by the waist to steady her and himself from falling forwards. Especially when Videl levered herself up with her arms and caught his lips in a kiss. Gohan froze stiff; amazed she would be so bold in his superhero getup. Rather then, protest, he allowed himself to fall into the sensation of her mouth gliding over his, and her tongue brushing light teasing strokes between them.

Nervously Gohan parted his lips to allow her, feeling their breaths merge. A wave of heat shot over him, his gloved arms locking her in place so she could not escape even if she wanted. At that moment, he was extremely thankful to his Saiyaman guise enabling him to be far bolder then his mere Gohan self would dare. Dramatically he leaned her down over his arm, dipping her in a theatrical pose he had spotted in one of his mom's favorite movies. By the time Videl ended her side of the kiss, she panted heavily with eyes half shut.

Gohan responded licking his lips, and initiating the first of many long kisses. While the city still echoed emptily around them, he held Videl protectively in his arms. Her feet left the ground while the Great Saiyaman himself swept her off them. Through the soft motions of her mouth and the soft gasps he swallowed, he knew this was not the kiss of a girl, but that of a woman. Exactly the type that his mother would give his father when he arrived back from a fight and she was worried sick for his life.

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