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Over breakfast Gohan and Videl dance aroudn what happens while Chichi jumps to an odd conclusion and Goku tries to divert her attention.

Videl's face and body rose to that insanely molten temperature as it had many times in the last 24 hours. Dizzily she trembled at the memory of Gohan's lips gliding over hers. Despite his youth and strength Gohan has easily learned his way well enough around a woman's body.  Namely her body, Videl rejoiced.  Gohan's touch had been so gentle.  Now as her hand sweat in the heat of his, she trembled with fear at the thought of Chichi.

"Don't worry, love.  Just relax and we'll get through this.  Mom doesn't have to know," Gohan whispered.

"But she's going to find out…" Videl whispered.  Inwardly she trembled at the use of his endearment.

"If Dad knows, then we've got a chance.  Just watch and listen.  He and I are used to keeping secrets.  It's kind of a father son thing," Gohan whispered.  His lips tickled her ear tantalizingly.  

"I feel a little guilty sneaking around her, but I understand why," Videl nodded.  

Gohan and Videl walked towards the kitchen and sat down at the table. Son Goku was rapidly devouring his usual dozen or so bowls of cereal while Trunks and Goten sat at the opposite end, also stuffing their faces.  Son Goku sniffed the air tentatively and then realized what had transpired.  Noticing Chichi flitting about serving everyone food, he realized he would have to take action.  So he geared himself up for the right opportunity as he would in a fighting match.  Accustomed to helping Gohan keep secrets from Chichi, he knew it was up to him to spare his son and Videl a lot of necessary grief.  If Chichi could be enlisted in Gohan and Videl's cause it would make things far easier. The trick was how to pull one over on his clever wife.  For all his innocence and supposed ignorance in the ways of human nature, Son Goku knew far more then people gave him credit for.  After all, he knew Chichi and Gohan intimately.  Little did they know he often used his clueless nature as a pretense for hiding the true fighter within.  It was an effective way to bluff Chichi.  

"Ugh, I never get used to this," Videl groaned.  She did her best to help Chichi gather up the plates of food and serve Gohan and Goku.  

"Not a pretty sight, is it?" nodded Chichi, handing Videl the pot of coffee she found. In the background the sounds of laughter and shouts mingled as Goten and Trunks chattered about which one would get the chance to play their new game. Both were glad that the younger generation had found a suitable distraction.

"Hey Mom we're done!" asked Goten.

"Aren't we forgetting something?" Chichi asked, resting hands on her hips. Son Goku however shared a meaningful gaze with them both as Chichi turned her attentions to the gawking Trunks and Goten.  Both of them were presently making kissing noises and pointing.

"Can we be excused Mrs. Son?" asked Trunks, remembering his manners.

"Why yes you may.  Remember your manners Goten!" Chichi said sweetly, with an edge of steel.  Goku hid his face in his bowl, pretending he had his attention diverted.

"Thanks Mom!" Goten laughed, leaping up and kissing his mom's cheek while levitating.

"Goten, no flying in the house!" Chichi scolded.

"Gohan, are you okay?" Goku finally asked through his usual mouthful of food. "I heard some explosion last night... and I could swear..."

"Just a lightening bolt hitting the house, nothing major!" he answered way too quickly, Videl thought.

"Oho how lame can you get," she groaned, glancing at Gohan.

"And I suppose you're going to tell him that you fell asleep studying?" she whispered back.

"What was that?" Gohan asked, quickly glaring at them both. "Nothing happened I mean that shouldn't... I mean... we both got through everything... so..."

"You got through something all right," Videl rolled her eyes, then stifled her laughter.

"That's NOT what she means Dad..." Gohan waved his hands back and forth in an X motion.

"What on Chikyuu are you talking about?" Chichi glanced at Gohan in confusion.

Goku said through mouthfuls, "Are you sure you're feeling okay... you're pretty edgy this morning..."

"I was just worried, I mean when you said LIGHTENING hit the house..." Gohan blinked, burying his face in another bowl of food quickly with a flurry of chopsticks. "It's pretty serious... I mean you can get burned if you don't have the right kind of rod..."

At the sound of this, Videl spit her mouthful of coffee all over the middle of the table, showering Chichi with drops of brown mess. "You okay?" Son Goku asked, glancing at her from his early morning feast.

"Um... I think the coffee was a little too strong..." Gohan coughed, slapping her on the back.

"I'm SO sorry!" Videl laughed, throwing a napkin across and trying to dab the coffee off her friend sitting across from her.

"Not a problem... I needed to wake up with a daily coffee shower..." Chichi sighed, wiping her eyes because she started laughing for the very same reason.  

"I'm such a klutz Chichi!" Videl lamented.

Chichi shook her head, letting herself mop down her face, "Honestly, don't worry Videl, you fit RIGHT in!"

"Something you two want to share?" Son Goku asked, glancing in their direction.

"No dad, I'm sure it's NOTHING...." Gohan said quickly, frantically waving his hands at Videl.

"I meant the two ladies sitting right there wiping those grins off their faces," Son Goku clarified. "But you really look nervous, Gohan... something I should know?"

"Depends on who wants to know what," Videl said in a hushed whisper, and nudged Gohan under the table. Swallowing hard, Gohan reached across and took his girlfriend's hand.

"Gohan, have you and Videl been conspiring?" Chichi raised a brow.  Her eyes gleamed with a dark sparkle.

"Um Dad... I um... Videl and I... we were sort of thinking that we REALLY like each other... and um... I think you'll figure it out sooner or later... how do I put this..."

"My dad's gonna call here and I don't' know what to tell him!" Videl blurted out. "You know how he is, Goku-san! Please don't tell him..."

"Tell him what?" Chichi gasped, slamming her hands on the table.  "Gohan, did you ask her to marry you? Are you two FINALLY going to settle down?"

"Mom… I…" stammered Gohan.  

Goku shook his head and then held a finger up to his lips.  He interrupted, "That you two are gonna be getting married sooner rather then later?"

"Oh Goku isn't it WONDERFUL?" Chichi squealed, leaping up from her chair.  She wiped away tears as she squeezed Videl's shoulders.

"But Chichi I…" Videl stammered, cheeks bright crimson.

"Oh I can't WAIT to help plan the wedding!  Of course you'll have my help if you want it dear, I am sure you'd only want the best!" Chichi laughed.  

"But we didn't…" Gohan groaned.  Goku rose from his chair opposite, moving over and leaning down to kiss Videl on the cheek.

"I'm very happy for you two," he whispered.

"Dad?" Gohan groaned.  "If they know…"

"Trust me Gohan," Goku winked, squeezing his son's shoulder.  "It's better this way…"

"Know what?" Chichi asked, releasing Videl from a crushing embrace.  The young girl exhaled in relief, silently thanking Kami that Goku had diverted Chichi's attention.  Whoever said Goku was an idiot was wrong in many regards.  He was far faster on the uptake then he realized.

"Aw MOM!" Gohan groaned.  Again his cheeks flushed light pink.

"Are you worried about what  your father will think, Videl?" asked Chichi sympathetically. She sat down next to Videl, and took the girl's hand.  Nervously Gohan and Videl exchanged glances and Goku nodded, giving them another subtle wink.

"Who, Mr. Satan?" Goku chuckled. "I don't think so."

Videl ran with Goku's secret plan, hoping that he was faster on the uptake then they gave him regard for.  She blabbed, "Are you kidding? He thinks Gohan here's a dweeb, and he couldn't' be MORE wrong! You don't know my daddy!"

"Who's gonna mess with the champion of the world? Don't worry, I'll talk to him for you if you want, Gohan," Son Goku promised.

Chichi philosophically said, "I'm sure he'll come round... especially when you tell him you're going off to college and taking that job that Ms. Briefs says she's giving you..."

"Thanks so much, you're terrific!" Videl grinned, getting up and going over to kiss him on the cheek. She tried not to show how stiff and sore she was, but she caught his odd look with a shiver.

"Least I can do, for a future daughter in law," he winked at her, and nudged her over in Gohan's direction. Automatically he caught her as she stumbled with the force of Goku's shove. Landing awkwardly in Gohan's lap she caught his neck.

"Dad! Be careful!" he gasped, struggling to both steady her and sit her upright.

"Goku, you KNOW better then to go showin' off like that!" Chichi cried with a horrified look.  

"Oops," Goku giggled, rubbing the back of his neck.  "Sorry."

"Honestly!" Chichi clicked her tongue. "Are you all right Videl… don't you two go doin' anything naughty!"

"I'm not here," Gohan groaned.

"Oh you two are so cute.  As long as your clothes stay on, a little closeness is all right.  But nothing indecent," Chichi waggled her finger at them.  Exchanging odd glances Gohan and Videl felt the mutual hot blood spreading over their cheeks.

"Let me know when he calls... I'm sure by then we'll think of something to tell him," Chichi blurted out, and glanced at him with an amused smile. He nodded, scrunching his nose ever so slightly. Both Videl and Gohan stared at them as if they'd sprouted multiple heads.

"Looks like I'm not the ONLY one with something to tell someone?" Gohan whispered to her. She nodded, feeling the reaction of desire creeping over at sitting in the lap of the man she loved and had just made love to for the first time.

"Ah... well..." Son Goku laughed awkwardly, scratching his head. "You could say that..."

Both teenagers shared a smile of relief, and then glanced back at the two adults sitting on the other side of the table. "Um... well... I guess you two might want to have some more... study time before Mr. Satan wants Gohan's head on a platter?" Goku joked weakly.

"Oh yeah... yeah... of course..." Gohan stammered.

"Well I'll have a chat with the man myself! Nobody's going to think my Gohan isn't good enough for his daughter, humph!" Chichi sniffed. She crossed her arms over the chest of her yellow silk tunic, turning her nose up a bit at the thought.  "I'll deal with your father, young lady. He'll be putty in my hands…"

"Mom!" Gohan cried.

"Uh Chichi, maybe I should go too, you know?" Goku suggested.

"Don't be silly Goku!  These things require a woman's touch.  You'll go along, but leave the talking to me," said Chichi.  "We're going to have to decide just HOW to delicately phrase this…"

"Congratulations you two," Son Goku smiled warmly at them. Both Gohan and Videl inwardly groaned and sighed with relief.  Having Chichi on their side was a definite plus.  Unfortunately Gohan sensed it was contingent on the assumption that he and Videl were platonic.  

"Why doncha check out the guest house?" Goku whispered.

"You're awful, Goku! Don't go givin' em any ideas! They're not married yet!" Chichi groaned, throwing a piece of paper napkin at him. Mortified, the two teenagers stumbled out of their chair and rushed off to take care of some very pressing business. When they were alone, she felt him reach over and sweep her onto his lap with a strong muscled hand.

"I was waiting for those two to get together... but I didn't figure it'd be this soon," he murmured next to her ear.

"Guess we have no more excuse then they do?" she asked, nervously shifting on his thighs. He wrapped his arms around to hold her there, and she lay her head against his shoulder in resignation that people would know about their son's situation sooner rather than later. While her arms went around his neck, he angled his face for a kiss he particularly desired after a filling meal of some thirty plates of breakfast.

Half-thrilled at the possibility of getting caught by her children she tunneled her fingers through unruly Saiyan hair, marveling at its flexibility contrasted with its wiry stiffness. Though she was worried about setting a bad example, she didn't mind Gohan or Goten sneaking glimpses of her and Goku making out.  Every chance she could get close to her husband she cherish and latched onto.  Seven years was far too long without his touch.   Something tightened around her waist before then loosening and wrapping itself around her upper thigh.  She blushed and then realized Goku's hand was sliding steadily higher.

"Mmm," she whispered as Goku lightly blew in her ear.  Leaning down she slid cool fingers under the top of his orange gi.  Goku chuckled and the chair creaked under their combined weight.

"Mo-om!" shouted Goten from outside.  "Trunks says he hasta go home NOW!"

Chichi released herself from his kiss, panting with a bit of frustration that mirrored itself on his face. "It figures," he gasped.

"What did you expect in the middle of a dining room?" she half laughed.

Goku groaned, "You're going to make me regret getting up, aren't you?  Chichi, wait a minute, you didn't eat ANYTHING! Is that ALL you've eaten? How in the world are you going to be able to..."

"Cause I'm not a big silly loveable Saiyan like SOME people around this place, and I mean it in the NICEST way possible," she chuckled into his ear, both of them trembling with their mutual laughter and awkwardness.

"Mom! Are you in there? Are you sick or something?"

"Who wants to know?" Goku called out.

"Just a minute Gohan!" Chichi cried, trying to climb off his lap but failing miserably because his hand had still latched itself around her thigh and refused to let go. Groaning he caught her against his shoulder and struggled to will his wayward desire to do what he wished.

Sighing in frustration Goku rested his head against Chichi's chest.  "Gohan, what's the hurry?"

Trunks voice answered, "Cause my mom and dad want me back before the late afternoon, Mr. Son," he called.

"Trunks, just wait and we'll give you a ride!" called Chichi. Finally releasing her, Chichi managing to stand up while panting heavily in turn.

Goku steadied her with an arm around her hips, while she trembled on suddenly weak knees. Both of them felt the temperature climbing in their bodies, and suddenly memories flooded back.  Of how Gohan and Videl reminded them of another hopeful couple frightened to admit to a father that he would have a new son in law.

In complete understanding Goku nodded and said, "And after that we'll swing by Satan City and drive Videl home!"

"That'd be awesome, cause my Dad's always saying he wants you to come by and spar so he can see if he can still kick your butt!" Trunks called. Chichi squeezed his shoulder, nodding her relief.  
"He did NOT!" Goten called out. "My daddy can kick your daddy's butt any day of the week, got it?"

"Sure, right, whatever," Trunks laughed. "I'll bet you... two of my video games, any of your choice... that my dad challenges your dad the minute we arrive!"

"Really? Do I get to pick?" Goten asked.

"So Goku, are you going to follow my lead on this one?" called Chichi.

"Absolutely!" he nodded.  The enigmatic smile crossing his face however held a double meaning.  Things were going according to his plan.  Both he and Chichi managed to reign in their sudden urges to take one another in the kitchen.  They shared a last look, both comprehending that the reality of Gohan and Videl's impending marriage had awakened once giddy desires of youth.  Chichi could swear she smelled the masculine musk added to Goku's normal smell.  Naturally, it indicated his desire, and she realized she had forgotten just how she missed it.  His own unique pheromone hung thickly in the air, causing her to tremble in the knees.  

"Later," Goku nodded, his voice thick with the same hunger, having nothing to do with food.  Chichi inhaled deeply and led the way out to the living room.

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