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Dinner passed by with a minimum of damage to everything except the food. Videl chipped in to help with the vast amounts of dishes being shuffled back and forth. Fortunately, Trunks had brought some capsulated goods to contribute to the meal so it wasn't such a hit to the Son family finances. Goku's fishing often supplemented the vast needs for food because a family with three Saiyans and a guest equated black hole. Chichi shanghaied Goten and Trunks into doing the dishes till she remembered they often smashed them. Goku did his best not to break anything when he offered his services. Chichi forced him to dry while she washed.

After dinner was done, Trunks and Goten clustered around the video game console, a Capsuletron 4000, one of the top of the line game systems. Goku teamed up with them and tried to keep from smashing the controller with his overeager fingers. Fortunately, they were designed especially for strong Saiyan hands, made of reinforced plastic.

"It's late, why don't you stay over?" Chichi suggested. "We've just put in a guest room downstairs."

"Well I'm sure we won't need it, but thanks, I'll keep it in mind," Videl had said. Goku's next whoop broke the tension nearby in the living room.

"You and Gohan better get to studying then," Chichi winked.

"Mom, is it okay if we study upstairs in mine and Goten's room?" asked Gohan.

"Goten's going to sleep on the floor in the living room with Trunks, so I don't see why not," Chichi said. "But no funny stuff! You two had better keep to the books!"
"I promise mom! It's not LIKE that!" Gohan waved his hands.

"Kissy kissy, ooh!" Trunks and Goten teased. Even half Saiyans had a strong sense of hearing, being able to eavesdrop over the loud bleeps and chiming of electronic music.

"You'd better be quiet you two!" Gohan shook his fist at them.

"Don't EVEN go there!" Videl chimed in, face pumping hot with blood as a vein throbbed on her forehead.

"Enough video games! You two need to finish your homework! One hour on the video game was the deal!" Chichi tapped her foot.

"All right Mom," Goten pouted.

"C'mon Goten. The sooner we get your project out of the way the sooner we can get back to the game," said Trunks. "I'll help you with the math."

"I'm so thankful you're helping him out, Trunks. That's a good boy," Chichi patted his head. Trunks squirmed as Chichi ruffled his hair.

"Aww c'mon Mrs. Son that's embarrassing!" he grumbled.

"Mommy, do we haveta?"

"Yes you do, young man!" Chichi warned, glaring at him.

"Goten, you know I'd help you but I'm busy," Gohan said.

"I bet," Trunks chuckled.

"All right guys, mind your mom!" Goku interrupted. He unplugged the console to Trunks and Goten's annoyance. Chichi shot Goku a look of silent thanks. Lately he had been extra attentive to upholding the rules she laid down. Unlike in times past, he was backing her up when it came to discipline.

"Thank you Goku. Now I'm going to prepare the guest room, Videl. The offer still stands," Chichi nodded.


Gohan and Videl trotted upstairs, eager to separate themselves from Goten and Trunks' teasing. Luckily, their books were out and they'd spend the next few hours themselves under Chichi's watchful glare. As she had with Gohan, she tutored Goten in his studies. Yet she had been much more relaxed when she discovered Goten's strength lied more in fighting and martial arts than academics. On the opposite end of the spectrum was Trunks, who easily soaked up math and science under the tutelage of his mother and grandfather. Naturally he shared his expertise with Goten. At first it was to rub it in his friend's face, but since Majin Buu the two boys had relaxed their rivalry somewhat, focusing more on building their friendship.

Upstairs in Gohan's room, he piled books on his neat desk. Across from him was a futon that was folded up often used by Goten. Videl nervously sat down on the chair he pulled out from the desk while he arranged the supplies. He pulled up another chair to the side and positioned it next to his comfortable desk chair now occupied by Videl. She hadn't seen his room very often, and was struck by how tidy it was in comparison to her own. Gohan never had seen her room except for fleeting glances through the window when he'd fly her back in the middle of the night sometimes. It had become a bit of a game to elude her overprotective father.

"Now," Gohan began, cracking open his text.

Videl's eyes wandered all over the various posters and photos gracing his walls. One side of the room clearly was Goten's, for it was dominated with cartoon characters and sports heroes. Along the wall Gohan's bed was pressed against were maps of the night sky and a periodic table of the elements. Even a poster of some of the most famous scientists from the world looked down upon the young couple. Swallowing her nervousness Videl focused on Gohan's neat handwritten notes. She recopied as he arranged a set of note cards.

"You make flashcards?" she blinked.

"It's the best way. Now we can quiz each other," Gohan suggested. Videl smiled brightly, and they set to work. As the hours passed Videl shivered when Gohan would lean over her shoulder to point out a difficult fact. Or he would tremble slightly at the feel of her body heat when they pressed close to compare their notes. Tension grew slowly in the silence, respective hearts pounding during their survey through the human anatomy.

"Now, trace a drop of blood from your big toe to your brain," Gohan said.

"Okay," Videl started, squeezing her eyes shut.

"Think of it like a highway and a road map."

Videl rattled off the major veins and arteries, successfully tracing the imaginary trip through the heart to the lungs and then up to the head. Gohan listened, humming his affirmation that her route was correct. At that moment he found himself staring at the smooth curves of her neck. Concentration wavering, he mentally slapped himself for such poor focus. They had very little time to straighten out all the major bodily systems so Videl could ace her exam. If they finished with high marks it guaranteed them a placement in a university study program.

Satan City university was one of the best, privately funded by the world champion. Not only did he flood the city's gyms and dojos with his money, he spread the wealth among all the 'civic' institutions to increase his positive PR. Not that he needed any more positive publicity when it became known he saved the world. Videl was not unaffected by the silent tension building up in her stomach, pumping adrenaline through her body the longer she spent alone with Gohan.
Something had to break, or she couldn't stop the tingling in her toes and other parts of her body. Gohan's nose twitched slightly and she crossed and uncrossed her legs nervously.

A loud yawn interrupted her as Gohan stretched. "Excuse me! Sorry about that!"

"So even the genius needs sleep like the rest of us, huh?" Videl teased him.

"Don't start that again!" Gohan rolled his eyes at her. "Or I'm going to have to take action!"

"You or the Great Saiyaman?" she blinked. A playful twinkle crept into Gohan's dark eyes, and she knew he was letting his hair down. Her feet rested on the rungs of his regular chair.

"Ha ha," Gohan laughed.

Videl pressed her feet against Gohan's chair, propelling the chair across the room. Simultaneously Gohan's chair toppled over and he would have unceremoniously landed on the floor if not for his fast reflexes. The chair bearing Videl slammed into Gohan's bed and slipped out from under Videl. Before she could stop herself her hip crashed against the soft carpet.

"Whoops!" he gasped.

"Oww!" Videl grumbled. It was a minor bump to a trained fighter, but she made a mental note never to be so careless again. Gohan picked himself up off the floor and moved to her side, his hand extended. She glanced up at his dark eyes gleaming with concern.

"Are you okay Videl?" he asked.

"Of course I am, silly! The only thing damaged is my pride," she laughed up at him. Still she accepted the large hand he offered. When their fingers touched she jolted with the excitement which had reached fever pitch. He pulled her up easily, and then helped reposition her so she sat on his bed.

"You sure you're all right?" he asked.

"Don't fuss, Gohan," she urged.

"Well, I'm just making sure," Gohan innocently responded. He pulled up the chair and sat down on it, spinning himself so they sat face to face. His knee brushed hers, and she felt his hand reflexively moved towards her bruised hip. At the last moment he hesitated.

"What, do I look like I mind?" Videl blurted out.

Gohan turned his face away, displaying that shyness that drew him to her like a magnet. "I'm sorry, I don't want to seem like a pervert," he apologized.

Grasping his hand Videl sharply spoke, "Oh get over it Gohan! You act as like you've never TOUCHED a girl before!"

Anger flashed over his face. "Videl, I'm not that kind of a guy!"

"I never said you were, Gohan! But it wouldn't hurt once in a while if you WERE," Videl argued. His black vest rose and fell, and Gohan's eyes narrowed to angular slits under his prominent brows.

"You mean like Sharpener?" Gohan snapped.

Videl felt her face grow hot with anger. She yelled, "Dammit Gohan, what's your problem?"

"My problem?" Gohan responded, clearly upset. "What problem? He's a jerk Videl! I don't know WHY you hang out with him!"

"I don't hang out with him! He just happens to tag along when Erasa and I do our girl things together! Are you jealous or something?"

Awkwardly Gohan spluttered, at a loss for words, his mouth moving but no sound escaping. After a few seconds his mouth finally formed words, "Jealous... who me? Why the heck should I be jealous of that creep?"

"You ARE jealous," Videl suddenly grinned. Her heart skipped beats, relief spreading over her body that her assumptions were correct. Judging by how uncomfortably he shifted in his chair at the accusation, she knew he was attracted to her. More than just as a friend. Both had skirted around the issue without giving a name to their relationship, deciding to live in the moment rather than worry about fate.

"What if I am, hmm?" Gohan suddenly interrupted. Again his eyes narrowed, focusing dark pupils that seemed momentarily bottomless. Videl's own eyes widened, caught inextricably in his gaze. For a moment the shy nerd vanished, replaced by a stern warrior she had remembered so long ago.

"Gohan," she began, but the next words failed her when he reached over and drew his chair so their knees touched one another.

His nose zoomed within inches of hers, so she could feel the hot surges of his breath on her own cheeks. Rarely did she see this side of him, and it excited her beyond belief. That warrior nature he abhorred had risen to protect what he considered needed rescuing, and it was both frightening and heartwarming. Raising his hand he lightly brushed her cheek, continuing to freeze her with that dark eyed stare. The thought of her dying because he did not act screamed through his brain and his every desire was to hold her close and never let her go if he could help it.

Fortunately she knew what to say and do. While she had dated other boys before, she had never come close to wanting to spend more than mere platonic dates with them. With Gohan that had all changed. She remembered their first kiss at the world Tournament. It had been Videl who had moved first, and Gohan had not known what to think then. From those brief touches grew a warm comfort that spread between them. Yet only in privacy would Gohan move to a more intimate kiss beyond a peck to the lips.

The moment she had long discussed with Erasa suddenly revealed itself and she seized the second of seriousness. Reaching over she grasped his shoulders and moved her face towards him. Gohan had no time to react when he noticed her eyes were shut, but he had no desire to pull back. Instinct overrode his need for caution, for he too had felt the pull of his own desires. They had kissed before, but it seemed like forever since they had a moment to share such an intimate gesture.

Because of this his hand grasped her cheek firmly when he felt the touch of her lips on his and Videl's arms sliding around his neck. A split second later he snared her body in his arms, pulling her in a tight embrace. Breaths surged between their lips, and Gohan opened his mouth at the same time Videl's lips parted. Videl's moan disappeared against his lips that turned on hers and answered the kiss she had initiated. Both of them relaxed with the familiar ritual, seeking to express in gestures what their words were too timid to voice.

Videl and Gohan broke their kiss at the same moment, breaths heaving and arms still clasped around one another. Pressing his forehead to hers Gohan whispered, "Videl, I don't want you to get hurt. Not when I can protect you."

"I won't get hurt... not with you around, Gohan. You're thinking it's your fault something horrible happened to me? It didn't. Because we're both safe," she whispered.

"But for how long?" Gohan asked. Energy tingled through her fingertips squeezing his muscles, and she marveled how they seemed to increase in size. For a moment he released her and Videl was disappointed he had lost his nerve. Yet she realized then from the shifting of the weight on his bed that he was sitting next to her so they were side by side.

Videl did not wish to answer in any way except with another hard kiss. Again her arms found their way around his neck, and she leaned the entire weight of her body into his. Gohan rather than fall off the bed, twisted his body so he could swing himself onto the bed so his legs were no longer touching the floor. He rolled her over so she was under her for a second, and then flipped so his back hit the wall and they were on their sides facing one another. Videl squeezed close to him, reaching around to rub the muscles of his back as he repositioned his hands around her waist. Their lips danced over one another's, as their hands quested to know more of the other's angles or curves. A groan surfaced between Gohan's lips, and Videl answered it with a soft sigh. Her leg slipped in between his, shifting against his crotch momentarily. He realized her right leg wrapped around his hip, pulling them so their fronts were flush against one another.

Frustrated, Videl twisted her hips and flipped Gohan on top of her. He grunted, breaking their kiss and pressing his hands on either side of her shoulders for fear of crushing her. Yet she kept a tight hold on him, whispering, "Gohan, it's okay. I like how you feel..."

"Videl," he panted, eyes darker then what seemed possible with a hunger she had long desired. "I..."

"Shh," she urged, cutting off his comment with another smooch. Gohan gave up protesting, realizing she had given her consent that she wanted far more from him. Impatient with his own reservations he allowed his desires free reign. Videl squirmed and he lifted himself off.

"Sorry," he gasped.

"No, this is just in the way," she laughed, and her eyes gleamed with mischief when she unfastened his vest. Its clasp was poking into her, and he shrugged it off.

Both of them had kicked off their shoes at this point, and he realized she was reaching around him to tug his shirt out of his pants. Without thinking twice about it, he let her tug it up and then sat up to let her unbutton it. It landed on the floor next to his vest. He loved how her fingers danced over his muscles and groaned when she began to nibble down his neck to his collarbone. He only stopped when Videl grasped his hand and placed it on her breast.

He half expected her to slap him like Bulma would with anyone touching her. Yet as she guided his hand he knew it was fine. He knew from talks with his father that he needed to be careful lest his Saiyan strength cause injury. Though his mother was a trained fighter sometimes Goku's exhuberations had caused a bruise here and there. The sofa had collapsed on more than one occasion from their lovemaking, and Gohan knew better then to enter the room when he heard laughter and Chichi's cries.

After walking in on his parents in bed together when young, and running out, Goku had explained to him what was going on. He in his own limited way had fumbled to describe how 'mom and dad wrestled for fun'. His persistent questions resulted in Goku's halting explanation, "Mom and I were wrestling like we did when we made you, Gohan. And it's what a husband and wife do."

Chichi was annoyed, but relieved when Goku reassured her he had 'explained the birds and bees' to him. Gohan also read about human reproduction in his textbooks, and Chichi explained that such things were only what married people did. Goku might seem to be childlike but he did know well where babies came from. Nobody could escape that knowledge living under Master Roshi's roof.

"You sure?" he wondered.

"Shut up and help me with this Gohan," she growled. Shrugging he shifted so she could cross her arms and shed her T shirt. Again she guided his hands to her chest, filling out the contours of a black lacy bra. Unlike his mother she was smaller, but comparable with Erasa. It was a bust minimizer, and he remembered seeing her once changing clothes between their sessions. Often, she wore a tighter sports bra when working out. Another frenzied second later and he felt her hands unfastening his belt.

"Videl?" he cautioned, struggling to keep his control before they both ventured further.

"It's cutting into me," she rationalized. She made no move to undo his pants, so he no longer questioned it. Gohan helped her to snake it out of his belt loops and toss it on the side with the ever increasing pile of clothing.

Somehow they made it under the covers, and her miniskirt and his pants lay commingled with the other garments. Now Gohan nuzzled the groove between neck and shoulder while she massaged the massive muscles of his back. Automatically, he grabbed her hand and placed it on his shoulder, worried she would touch a sensitive spot. He knew they were rounding the bases to third from second. Fortunately he hadn't worn any embarrassing underwear, rather having worn boxer briefs that were crisp white in contrast to the soft pink silk of her high cut panties. They were soft and warm against his hip.

"I..." he whispered, half growling it. He had seen the kisses his parents shared, and he recognized the feeling he shared, for Videl matched it.

"I need you, Gohan," she whispered. "Please..."

"Videl, I need you too, but are you sure?"

She could only nod, her eyes and body giving him her answer.


Later, Gohan lay half atop her, panting and kissing her neck. Videl was rubbing his scalp. He was aware of two thoughts: first that they would be in trouble if Chichi and Goku walked in, secondly, that he would have to thank Krillin for his thoughtfulness. From the way Videl was beaming up at him he knew she had enjoyed it as much as he had.

"Gohan, you feel so warm," she whispered.

"Videl... that was so..." he stammered. "Wow!"

"So incredibly awesome, and way better then I imagined it would be," Videl answered for him, kissing his ear. He wondered why he felt hot tears in his eyes and felt a soft sob choking his throat.

"I guess we did it," was all he could say, but Videl's chuckle reassured him that she didn't mind whatever he said.

"And I wanted it. I wanted you Gohan, and now you're all mine, and I'm all yours," she coed. Though he moved, she pulled him back down.

"Just where do you think you're going, buster?" she asked. Carefully he curled up around her back so they spooned.

"I... uh... nowhere I guess," Gohan laughed awkwardly, and then sighed deeply at the well being surging through him.

He was thankful for the tight control Piccolo had taught him for he half feared he would go Super Saiyan. Then he remembered that was no longer a fact. Indeed his muscles had bulked up and Videl was glancing up at him with wonder. As he leaned down to ask another question he heard soft breathing, and realized Videl was fast asleep. Beneath the covers they felt suddenly cold, and Gohan welcomed the embrace of slumber.

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