Author's Chapter Notes:
Goku and Chichi accompany Gohan to take Videl back home. Thanks to Sarah Slutz for beta reading!
Naturally Gohan hadn't admitted to his parents the last part how he and Videl had reached home plate. He had truncated the story at them riding the Flying Nimbus. Goku's knuckles turned white as Chichi shouted, "Goku, get back on THIS Side of the road!"

"Sorry Chichi!" Goku swallowed as Chichi grabbed the wheel. Gohan and Videl gritted their teeth and felt their hearts pounding as the car jerked sideways. Chichi kept her hand on the wheel and Goku wiped his hand over his forehead.

"Are you SURE you want me to drive?" he asked.

"Shut up and keep your eyes on the road, Goku, please?" Chichi said as sweetly as she could, still having steel in her voice. Gohan shook his head laughing and Videl suppressed her own giggle. Something about their arguing struck a chord in her and she sensed she and Gohan would work out. After all if his parents marriage had survived Goku's repeated death and resurrection how hard could she and Gohan have it?

Goku's leather jacket's collar turned up in his efforts to keep the car on the road, and Chichi seemed eerily calm as she guided his hand with her own on the wheel. Finally Goku relaxed and managed to stay steady to the highway course. His black hair whipped behind him, pushing the spikes off his forehead and giving him a strange look almost like Gohan's.

"Turn left here, Goku!" Videl pointed. He did so, turning the angle of the car neatly, and Chichi uncrossed her fingers. Though he accelerated fast, he at least got them there in one piece.

"Not bad Goku, you're getting better each time you drive," Chichi said brightly. Gohan was relieved each time his parents managed to get through an argument without the usual fallout. Ever since Goku had announced to Chichi that they would live together from now on she was a lot happier. Things settled into a comfortable routine, even after the hot tub incident where Gotenks had blown up the bathing barrel and Chichi had broken her new frying pan over Goku's noggin.

Vegeta swore he'd NEVER attend a party at the Sons again after that. Goku thankfully had mellowed out and struggled in some vain attempt to get a job to try and supplement the family income. Chichi had studied and gotten a part time job as a midwife in the local village. Yamcha had invited Goku to try and be an instructor at a local dojo. But it was trial and error to find something he was good at that would last more then a few months. The summer lifeguard job had been a modest success, and oddly Goku had worked out well as a local food taster for an add agency. Mr. Satan had even given Goku one of the contracts to star in a commercial for Satan Sport Drink.

Even the local studios that had employed Gohan to star in a Saiyaman movie got wind of Goku's talents. He even did stunt work that would kill normal people. Chichi was glad of the sporadic yet substantial income. Goku as a stunt man was a logical choice since he had a penchant for smashing things. Even the local Capsule factory had offered him a job testing cars and other vehicles to see if they could withstand running into him full force.

The impression Hercule Satan had of the Son Family had improved when he learned Goku was relatively strong. Yet he still was reluctant to allow Videl to spend more then school related time with Gohan. Goku pulled up the family car to the gate, and Videl punched her code in. Chichi's eyes widened in wonder when she took in the vast complex of the Satan mansion. Videl could swear Chichi had a nostalgic look on her face.

"It's almost as big if not bigger then Pa's castle used to be!" Chichi gasped.

"You don't say," Goku started. They pulled up behind a large limo and several sports cars. Goku leapt out of the car despite Chichi's grimace. Fortunately he circled around the car to open the door for her. Gohan got out as well, doing the same for Videl. Both couples squared their shoulders and exchanged glances.

"Well, shall we?" Chichi said brightly, standing up with what was royal posture. Videl noticed the regal bearing present in Gohan's mother and Goku nervously offered his arm. Videl led the way, and Gohan walked behind his parents as they strode up the walkway. Once Videl opened the door she led them in. Quickly one of the butlers descended, showering her with questions.

"It's no big deal! This is just Mr. And Mrs. Son."

"WE brought Miss Satan back, sir," Chichi interrupted, stepping forwards. "I'm Mrs. Son. This is my husband Goku. We're Gohan's parents."

"I'll introduce you. The Master of the house is most anxious. He appreciated your phone call, Mr. Son," he said, facing Goku.

"Ah sure, you're welcome," Goku answered, feeling Chichi poke him in the ribs. Gohan bit his lip and Chichi cast him a wink.

"Trust me, boys. I know my element when I see it," she whispered. Videl drew in a breath and they fell in behind the butler.

"Mr. Satan, Mistress Videl has come home!" he called into the house. Gohan felt his skin go cold and clammy. Chichi seemed unfazed as they were conducted into a vast living room dominated by a wide screen television at one end. Leather sectional sofas and huge portraits furnished the lavish place, and pacing around the room wearing a track was Mr. Satan himself.

"Videl, what WERE you thinking! You scared me to death, little girl!" Hercule exploded, rushing up and grabbing his daughter in a bear hug.

"Daddy, stop it! You're embarrassing me!"

"Thank you for bringing my little girl home, Mr. Son! I was worried SICK!"

"Hello Mr. Satan, I'm Gohan's mother, Son Chichi," Chichi said, striding up and offering her hand. Dark eyes pinned him in an imperial glare and Mr. Satan set his daughter down.

"Nice to meet you Ma'am. Any pretty lady's welcome here, you know," he said, kissing her hand. Chichi looked at Goku's slight frown.

"I'm sorry we didn't call sooner, but we didn't want to wake you up. We know how much you need your rest so you can be the 'world champion'," Chichi continued.

"Daddy, don't freak. It's okay!"

"Well you know how worried I get about my little girl."

Chichi nodded, "I do indeed, Mr. Satan. Gohan's my baby boy, and I get worried SICK if he doesn't let me know EXACTLY where he is at EVERY MOMENT, right Goku?"

"Mom!" Gohan blushed.

"That's right, Chi," Goku laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. He threw a disarming smile that Videl recognized as non other then a 'Son grin'. Seeing Gohan do it was silly enough, but watching his father made it downright endearing.

"Sit down, sit down. Hey servant guy, bring them something to drink!" Hercule waved his hand. Chichi primly smiled and lowered herself to sit on the sectional sofa. Goku plunked down next to her, letting his arm drape around her shoulders and his legs hang wide open. Gohan sat on his mother's other side, while Videl sat in an armchair near her father.

Chichi's look of confidence blew Videl away. Indeed she seemed to have taken on all the elegance and sophistication her father wished he had and desperately needed. In her silk tunic and scarf she contrasted with the modern building, but Hercule seemed to notice that Videl was wearing a similar outfit. Gohan wondered if his mother could pull off things like she predicted. Noticing her determination he was sure nobody could defeat her at that moment.

As they sat in the Satan mansion's living room, Goku's mind spun back to a previous time he had nervously waited in Gohan's position. It seemed only yesterday and an eternity past since he had stuffed his face at the Ox King's banquet table, Chichi at his side. The newly married/engaged couple had arrived in Frying Pan village a short time after the World Martial Arts tournament for the Ox King's blessing. While Chichi was confident her father would not object to the match, Goku was becoming accustomed to what being married really meant.

"So, you know just what I go through every time my little girl runs off," Mr. Satan sympathized. Chichi swirled her tea in its cup and took a small sip. Goku tipped back a mouthful of Hercule Sport drink offered him minutes before, and pushed himself to sit up straighter.

"Yes I do, Mr. Satan," she nodded. "My Gohan and my Goten always demand my full attention. What parent doesn't worry about her little babies when they go off fighting?"

Imagine Goku's astonishment upon learning that he'd gained a father in one fell swoop. Not to mention Chichi as a wife, living in the same house for the rest of their lives. Although Goku had much to learn, Chichi had patiently been with him each step of the way, indoctrinating him into the mores of civilized life. While she couldn't completely tame his wild side, she at least added some polish to his rough edges. Enough so that he could comport himself without too much embarrassment. Both he and Chichi were diametric opposites that worked well together. Much in the same way that Vegeta and Bulma complimented each other.

"Uh yeah! She was worried SICK every time I went off to fight... um... in the tournaments," Goku hastily added. "I don't know how many times she refused to let me train Gohan to fight because he was supposed to STUDY first."

"Well, see, I don't want my daughter marrying anyone that isn't as strong as I am!" Hercule huffed. "He has to be able to beat me!"

"Gee, I know you're the champion of the martial arts tournament and all," Goku scratched his head. "But Chichi's always going on and on about how school's important for someone to get ahead... and that brawn is always nice and all..."

"With all respect ma'am, what good is a son who can't take care of her husband like her daddy can?" Hercule countered.

Chichi moved closer so her shoulder touched the armpit of his outstretched arm passing just behind her head on the sofa's back. His left leg angled wide pressed against her hip. Rather than shrinking away, Chichi inched closer to her husband. To his delight she seemed to want his physical presence rather than be embarrassed by it. Goku took a rare chance and transferred his arm to wrap around her shoulders. Ever so slightly Chichi leaned into it, and then regarded Mr. Satan sweetly. It occurred to Goku then and there she was rather proud to have a handsome muscular man as her husband.

"Gohan's the smartest boy in his class, and his father WAS champion of the world martial arts tournament years ago," Chichi interrupted. "And Gohan HAS learned some of his best moves from his father."

"I've seen you fighting and all, Mr. Son," Hercule looked at Goku. "And that's great and all, but she's my only daughter! I can't just marry her off to any old guy!"

"Gohan is not just any old guy," Chichi snapped. "He's the best boy you can ever find for your little girl! What more could you want?"

"Chichi, easy," Goku reassured her, squeezing her shoulder. Seeing his wife's temper flare he rubbed her back and whispered in her ear. Just how he had been lucky enough to keep Chichi from walking out on him dozens of times Goku had no idea.

Normally he gave no thought to such possibilities. However when he realized that a seven year absence often resulted in affairs for some married couples, he was astonished she had remained faithful to him, welcoming him back home when he informed her he was there to stay. All the years of pent up tears dissolved into a waterfall on his soaked shirt that day she sobbed into his arms on Kami's lookout. At that time all he wanted was a good home cooked meal and a nice soft bed. Then it occurred to him just how much he had missed her warm body next to him in that bed, plus the nocturnal activities that were part of the package deal.

Since the last wish restored his full power, Goku hadn't been as exhausted as before. There was time for him to pull her into the circle of his arms and show her to what degree he'd missed her in Otherworld. Then and there they proved lovemaking was one activity nobody forgot even after long absences. Hercule Satan's voice snapped Goku out of his introspection, "He's a nice boy, but Videl's my little princess!"

"Daddy please!" Videl blurted out.

"I know all that stuff's important," Goku interrupted, moving between his wife who had just leaned forward off the sofa. "But Gohan's even stronger then I am. Seriously. And he might not be a world champion. But when Videl was getting worked over by Spopovitch it was all we could do to hold him back from clobbering that jerk!"

Videl blushed and Gohan blanched pale as Mr. Satan started to grind his teeth. "It's true. I was there myself. You should have seen how pissed Gohan was."

"That was a fluke!" Hercule spluttered.

Her blue eyes wide with frustration Videl protested, "Daddy, he DID help me. Remember?"

"Now everyone just CALM down!" Chichi suddenly snapped. Having regained her self control she leaned further towards Mr. Satan. Her eyes gleamed brightly with controlled anger, channeling it into the tightest center she could without exploding.

"Who... what?" Mr. Satan stammered, seeing the fire in Chichi's eyes.

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