Goku and Chichi sat side by side in Hercule's garden. Nostalgic visions danced before their inner sight, pulling them from the present moment. All the events of the past 24 hours could not help but trigger memories of themselves at Gohan and Videl's age.

"Do you remember, Goku-sa?" Chichi whispered, turning to face him. Gently Goku reached over to grasp the side of her face. He knew through years of experimentation what his wife liked and did not like. Reaching up with one hand Chichi unfastened the band that held her hair up in a bun. Goku watched closely it uncoiled like a snake then rained down into twin straight curtains framing her face. At that instant, she looked far younger and less severe.

"I like your hair down like that Chichi, you don't look so angry all the time," Goku said.

"How's that?" she blinked. "What do you mean, Goku?"

"You look like you did when we first got married," Goku answered. Chichi's pensive look melted into a fond smile.

"That's sweet of you to say love," she gushed, her heart melting at his simple and heartfelt words. He needed no fancy speeches to make his feelings known. Goku tangled his fingers through her silky black locks, loving how they glided like water over his rough hands. Chichi simultaneously cupped his face between her hands, caressing his smooth young cheeks. Her Goku never aged a day, and an old fear shortly surfaced.

"I don't care about that," Goku answered aloud. Chichi blushed, realizing because they touched flesh to flesh he could read her thoughts.

"But women DO care about their appearances, Goku."

"I know Chichi and that's silly. Because we are married. A promise is a promise you know," he repeated.

"My innocent lovely husband," she purred.

"I don't know the same things that some people you call 'smart' do. But that does not mean I'm stupid. You know that more than anyone else, Chichi. It's taken you years to see that, but I love you," Goku answered. "I know what love IS."

"I don't doubt that for a second Goku. You just show it differently. Whenever you asked me for a meal, or wanted to devour my cooking, that was one way I knew you loved and accepted me. I could be petty and think that's all you cared about, but food is a way of expressing love, and that's what it took to reach you… but all along you knew far more then I gave you credit for," Chichi answered.

"I know that already Chichi," he answered.

"Sometimes I just have to repeat it, so you know I accept you as you are, Goku. Don't doubt that," Chichi said. "I can feel what you're feeling too, when I'm touching you. Like you learned to read thoughts by touching me."

"It's not just a Saiyan thing," Goku answered.

"Goku, do you sense anyone nearby?" she whispered.

"No," Goku said, closing his eyes for a moment to sweep the area with his invisible probes of ki. Like radar, they bounced off every living thing. He hooked his arm around her waist, pulling her tightly to him.

"Do you remember the first time we did this, Goku love?" she whispered, tickling his ear with her lips. Chichi climbed into his lap, so their faces were the same height. She then swung her leg over so she was straddling him, glad she wore a skirt.

"Yes," Goku rasped, his blood pounding fast. "You thought I didn't know anything…"

"But you did. And I told you to just let go," she answered. Grasping his face, she pulled him towards her for a kiss. Goku often let her take the lead at first. However, as their lips opened and he tasted her in his mouth, he felt his instincts arising. They were very loud voices in his mind, for he had lived in the wild for at least 12 years and had seen his share of animals mating.

"And let me show you how to love."

"Wrestling," he joked, and she giggled like a child again. Making love to him made Chichi feel eternally young, and she felt the crackling surge of his ki rising around them. Like a mantle, it surged over her body, boosting her own ki. Chichi was glad that he had learned how to bolster her energy so, having heard from Bulma how Vegeta had done so. Both women had often shared notes on how the two full blooded Saiyans made love. Because of Bulma's confessions, Chichi had given Goku more ideas on how to not hurt her.

Goku quickly applied the techniques, and to their delight, there were far fewer bruises. He had first applied them the last few nights they had together. Before Cell took Goku away from her. Although she fussed at hating his Super Saiyan appearance, he would power down so she could be with him. However, there was that one night in the bath when he showed her the benefits of Super Saiyan anatomical changes.

"Someone's coming," Goku answered.

Holding tightly to Chichi with one arm, he pressed fingers to his forehead. She prepared herself for the snatching sensation of instant transmission. Reality fizzled and dissolved away around them only to crackle back into place a second later.

Chichi yelped when she saw they were levitating high above the earth. "How do you navigate Goku without any minds to lock onto?" she asked.

"I sensed some of the ki of the birds up here. Nobody will bother us Chichi. Remember the last time we did this?" he whispered.

"One of these days I'm going to have to fly," Chichi realized. All those years of being married to the world's savior and she never learned. Mainly it was because she did not want to remind herself of how different they were. After all, she had nimbus to fly on, so why bother learning another skill she would hardly use.

"I always DID wonder why you'd never asked me to teach you," Goku laughed. "But it's easy! Especially since I've given you some of my ki."

“Wait a minute,” Chichi quirked a brow. Goku blinked in shock.

“Watch this,” Goku smirked. Chichi's ki surged, and gasped in shock to see her levitating quite easily under her own power.

"Wait… NO!” Chichi screamed, flailing her arms.

“Trust me, I won’t drop you!” Goku reassured her. Her yellow tunic billowed around her body as she spread wide her arms and shrieked. She pressed her hands over her face and then felt someone phase in from behind.

"Got you!" Goku laughed, catching her around the waist. She playfully writhed and then felt a golden energy crackling over her.

"What are you doing?" she gasped. "You're not turning… Super Saiyan are you?"

"Did you forget the fun we had with that?" he whispered. "I don't like it when you're scared of me, Chichi…"

"I know… but still… it does make me feel… scared… because you don't look like you… I mean you are my Goku… but you look so… not human…"

"I want you to turn around and see me," Goku whispered. Hands on her hips he spun her around in the air.

"What are you doing?"

“I don't want you to be scared of me in any form, Chichi. I don't want to hide things from you anymore. You need to see this so you won't be scared of me, if I ever have to go this far…"

Chichi's eyes round as saucers took in the latest development in her husband transformation. She stammered, “What… what the HELL is this?”

Teal eyes shadowed by a prominent brow ridge regarded her. A long gold mane swung past his waist, crackling with white-hot inner fire. His gi glowed like the surface of a furnace, the aura almost searing her with its intensity.

“Super Saiyan three, Chichi. Don’t be scared, please,” he pleaded, voice reverberating like an earthquake. Still she let him keep his hands on her hips, knowing that he would not let her fall.

Gold energies surged around him, extending to her, cascading in gold flames. Normally his hair was swept upwards into that tower of spikes she feared and once loathed. Now she tolerated it and even became fond of the terrifying Super Saiyan powers he kept tightly shuttered. However, to behold him now she threw up her hands when she felt the intensity of his power ringing in her soul.

"You needed to see this Chichi. I know you're scared of the power I wield. But you have to know I would never hurt you. This is why I spent years in Otherworld. Learning to tame the abilities locked inside. Because of this…"

"You don't have to prove it to me anymore Goku," she said loudly.

"I know," he said, opening his arms to her as she reached out to him. That golden cascade swirled backward, then surrounded them both like tendrils of an octopus wrapping around prey. Lost in the golden fibers Chichi felt momentarily frightened. Yet she was reassured the next moment because of massively strong arms enfolding her. Along with it traveled Goku's unique scent to her nostrils, telling her that this was indeed someone she should never fear. All irrational terrors evaporated when his lips covered hers firmly. Tasting his breath wafting into her mouth she sighed with desire.

Automatically Chichi tunneled her hands through the hair all around her once she folded her arms around his huge neck. As many years before his radiant aura never burned her. Rather it sparked the gulf in their life forces by providing a bridge anchoring their souls together. One might think that by drawing a mere human so close to a being of immense power would equate to a planet rim side of a supernova. However, the comparison was false. Instead, she felt like a flower flourishing under the branches of a vast oak tree, shading, and safe from the elements. They completed one another in much the same way all creatures in an ecosystem wove together to create a flawless balanced habitat where life could exist for millions of years.

Chichi drowned in the comfort Goku's kiss offered, never feeling so safe in all her life. His true essence permeated her being, and she reached out to the questing thoughts ghosting across her mind. As before through physical contact Goku could read her thoughts and she his. Emotion, thought and consciousness merged before parting at the same time Goku released her so she could breath. Terrifyingly handsome were the first words she summoned through her pleasure numb brain to describe the face of a Super Saiyan 3. Giddy with joy she spent long minutes admiring the visage of her husband, the world's hero, and savior of Chikyuu.

"Incredible," she chuckled, deep rich laugher pleasing Goku's ears.

Voice deep with throbbing power, Goku answered, "Well I guess this means you're not afraid of me transformed like this anymore?"

"Goku, dear, just WHAT were you saying again about how you CHANGE with each transformation?" she blinked lasciviously. Goku laughed in great booming peals like a tolling bell of a city clock. Everything transformed to a force of nature, and Chichi felt as if she were bathing in the ocean, riding on its waves rather than fighting its force. One could survive a tempest if they succumbed and swam instead of fighting against its flow.

Goku smirked, his hairless brow giving his expression a primal smugness that pleased her even more. Fortunately, Chichi knew how to swim in circumstances metaphorical and real. Her husband would never intentionally hurt her. This she knew beyond any reasonable doubts at this time and onwards. Head tipping back she let Goku feed a steady stream of ki into her fragile body, reinforcing it for what was to transpire. Ever so carefully, he increased her natural life force level, knowing that pouring so much into a small vessel too quickly would destroy her. Because her trust was open fully she could receive his gift.

Goku tipped his golden mane head back, whispering her name. The energies of their kis erupted over the couple levitating a mile above Chikyuu. The explosion of light and ki swept like a tidal wave for a brief second, blindingly radiant. All beings capable of sensing ki blinked in momentarily alarm.

Miles away at Capsule, Vegeta blinked in irritation in his gravity room. "Dammit Kakkarot, only you could be so clumsy!" he growled. Suddenly his body tingled with the need for satiation. Shutting down his graviton, he mopped his still sweating brow. There was only one solution, and he almost flew down the hall to Bulma's lab.

"What brought that on, Vegeta?" Bulma shrieked in irritation as her Prince burst through the door.

"Thank that third class idiot friend of yours," Vegeta snickered, leaning in for a satisfying kiss. Scooping her up in his arms, he turned around. Bulma's laughter joined Vegeta's on the way up to their bedroom.

Piccolo on Kami's lookout saw Dende blushing profusely. Shaking his head, he tried to return to his meditation. Neither figured it would be easy.
Trunks and Goten smiled in mutual knowing that only young boys could. "Mommy just kissed Daddy," Goten giggled.

"You're such a toddler, Goten! Don't tell me your daddy didn't tell you," Trunks teased.

"I know all about that stuff, Trunks! It's just that if I say anything else, Mom would wash my mouth out with SOAP for a week!" Goten glared at him in return.

"As if she could hear you," Trunks chuckled.

"Your parents must be kissing too, cause I feel a big burst of ki just now," Goten started.

"Ugh, GROSS! Mom and dad kissing…" Trunks protested. "Let's get OUT of here!"

"Whatever you say," Goten laughed. Both boys rocketed off to fly somewhere away from the massive surges of ki.

Inside the Satan Mansion, Hercule hid behind the sofa. The whole world outside seared with blinding light and he cried, "What's going on? HELP!"

"Daddy…" Videl gasped.

"Videl, it's okay, it's not an attack!" Gohan grabbed her arm. Peering around the back of the sofa Hercule blinked at Gohan shifting uncomfortably where he sat on the sofa. He had moved apart from Videl a bit, and she could see him breathing deeply.

"Gohan, if it's not an attack," she trailed off, seeing the hungry gleam in his dark eyes.

"Videl… it's getting… hot in here…" he rasped.

"Someone wanna tell me what this is all about?" Hercule asked.

"Yes. And that's why they wanted to… hem be alone," Gohan admitted, mortified for the third time that day. Gohan and Videl fiercely blushed; sweat pouring down their foreheads to feel the massive ki surge. It did not take a genius to figure out just who and what caused the temporary ki flare. Especially when Gohan sensed another following it of almost equal intensity from West City.

"Gohan… was that…"

"Uh huh," Gohan blinked, glancing away in embarrassment. "Mom and Dad…"

"Is that from your parents, Gohan?" Hercule realized. He ducked out from behind the sofa and made his way back to his recliner. Sitting down again, he reached for a cigar and his lighter.

"Sometimes I wonder if it was a good thing you taught me to sense ki," Videl mumbled, suppressing a hot blush of her own.

"Wow, that lucky sunofagun," Hercule guffawed, his mind making the connection.

"Dad, give me a break," Videl moaned, sharing Gohan's mutual discomfort. The mental image of anyone's parents doing something so natural tantalized those not related, and repulsed those who were.

"I think this is a good time to say that we'll WAIT a while before we… go THAT far…" Gohan broke the awkward silence.

"Yeah. Um… I think you and I get what I'm trying to say here," Hercule cleared his throat.

"Videl and I will make the decision in our own way, and in our own time," Gohan reassured him. Both he and his girlfriend took deep breaths, trying to calm themselves from the feelings they had just received from Goku and Chichi's energy surge.

"Um, how about the Taitans?" Videl brightly tried to change the subject. Hercule lit another cigar and shouted for a drink.

Bulma and Vegeta glanced at one another, sharing a satisfied smile. Bulma reached over to light a cigarette tucked between her lips. Vegeta folded his arms behind his head, sighing in the afterglow of an entertaining afternoon. He would have to thank Kakkarot for the sudden inspiration, even though he would express it with a punch next time they sparred rather than a thank you.

Bulma set her cigarette in its ashtray, and then turned over to face her purring husband. Vegeta reached down and stroked her belly thoughtfully. "You said Goku was responsible," she started, yet Vegeta's finger touching her lip silenced the rest of what she had to say.

"Not another word. Let me enjoy the rest of this without mentioning that idiot's name," Vegeta chided her. Reaching over, Bulma playfully ruffled his spiky cone of hair flaring over the pillow he rested his cheek in.

"Vegeta, are you trying to tell me something?" she asked.

"I'm half dreading the next nine months," Vegeta answered cryptically, giving her a frown.

"What was that, buster?" she said, pulling her hand back. Vegeta caught her wrist, and then pulled it up to nibble on the back.

"How would you like another brat, Woman?" he smirked.

"Vegeta, give me a straight answer… you told me that it took a lot for Saiyan males to…"

"How about a daughter," Vegeta asked.

"You mean…" Bulma asked.

"And you'll probably give her another underwear related name," Vegeta snickered.

An hour or so later, Hercule led him Gohan to the front door, Videl walking partly behind him. When they arrived in the front lobby of the mansion, they saw Gohan's parents already waiting.

Chichi was tucking stray bits of hair into her usual bun while Goku ran his hand over the back of his neck. Both of them had that slight flush still indicating they had been having a lot of fun in Hercule's garden. Mortified, Gohan slouched a bit. He had not gotten much sleep the last night and knew he would be dead to the world. Although he wished he could see Videl again, he would be glad for the break. Both of them needed to cool off and reflect on what had happened.

Saying their good-byes, the Son Family took their leave of Hercule Satan. Once they pulled away, Hercule turned to his daughter. "Dad, you're okay with him, right?"

"I wouldn't have let him get away without a broken leg if I hated the guy, Videl," Hercule laughed. "His dad's a Boy Scout, and his mom's pretty feisty. But she's old fashioned, and I like that. I think I'm cool with you two getting more serious, only if you know WHAT you're getting into. I don't want you two getting into trouble…"

"Dad, I know what you mean," Videl blushed. "I'm 18 years old."

"Even though, you're still my little girl. No matter how grown up you are," Hercule reminded her. "And I want you to be happy, but I also want you to be careful. That kid's family is fine, but you two are going to get pretty distracted from college if you rush into this so fast!"

"Gohan's parents won't let that happen," Videl said. "His mom would have a stroke if Gohan fell behind in his studies. And she won't let that happen to me either. And Goku's a Boy Scout, like you said before."

"True. But that doesn't mean I won't still be watching you two as much as I can," Hercule said.

"I'm going upstairs to study some more, Dad, if you don't mind," Videl said.

"That's fine, sweetie pie. You do that. Daddy has a press conference this afternoon, so you're on your own for dinner. Cook will fix you up something nice if you let her know in time what you want," Hercule said, giving her a big hug and a kiss to the cheek. Videl nodded, glad her father understood. He could have been far worse, but luckily, he had a lot of respect for Goku.

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